Österreichische Galerie Belvedere

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The unique, overall complex, with its two palaces, the Upper and Lower Belvedere, and their extensive gardens, is one of the most stunning Baroque architectural ensembles in the world und UNESCO World Heritage. Ever since its inception, the Belvedere has been a house of art. At first, it accommodated the collections of Prince Eugene; from 1781, it was home to large parts of the imperial collection and open to the public. The opening of the Modern Gallery in the Lower Belvedere in 1903 paved the way for today's collection. It currently boasts 18,500 works covering 900 years of art history. The Belvedere in Vienna is one of the leading museums worldwide. Its famous art collection includes works ranging from the Middle Ages to the present day. Austrian art in an international context is presented in three locations. Highlights at the Upper Belvedere include the world's largest collection of Gustav Klimt paintings as well as prominent works from the periods of Viennese Biedermeier, Austrian Baroque, Vienna around 1900, and French Impressionism. The Lower Belvedere, formerly the residence of Prince Eugene, is home to illustrious exhibitions. The modern pavilion of the Belvedere 21, by architect Karl Schwanzer, sets the stage for contemporary art.

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