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Old Salem Jail Lot

Old Salem Jail Lot: Our most recommended tours and activities

Discover Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials Self-Guided Tour

1. Discover Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials Self-Guided Tour

Start by downloading the Action Tour Guide app, which will function as your personal tour guide, audio tour, and map all in one. Salem Armory and trace the footsteps of a time when witch panic gripped this town. First, you’ll pause at the 1692 Memorial, paying respects to the victims whose names became synonymous with fear. Know the pivotal figures and their tragic fates. Walk to the Old Burying Point next. Amidst centuries-old graves, hear of Giles Corey's brave defiance, a man immortalized in "The Crucible". His story, like many others, is a testament to the trials' chilling legacy. You’ll then wander past eerie landmarks like the Joshua Ward House and the Old Town Hall. These aren’t just architectural marvels; they bear tales of secret tunnels underneath, remnants of a bygone era, with some still lurking in shadows. The old jailhouse stands next, echoing whispers of the innocents who faced unspeakable horrors. Rumor has it, some never left. As you ponder their fates, recognize familiar sites and tales of Hollywood's renditions - think "Hocus Pocus" and "Bewitched". They all draw inspiration from this very ground. Onward, the Witch Museum awaits, chronicling the trials' climax and end. Finally, the Salem Common offers a reflective stop, revealing aftermath tales and revelations. For the curious souls, detour options include Nathaniel Hawthorne’s residence and a notorious 18th-century tavern. Embark on this immersive journey and unravel Salem’s darkest chapters.

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