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The story begins in 2011 when Martin Bareš was asked to take care of the Belgian national jeep club due to his knowledge of landscape, history and geology. In 2015, Martin quit his job and founded the company Offroadsafari. Originally the selection of trips was aimed at 4WD owners, but interest grew and today we focus on trips for foreigners, Czechs and companies from more than 60 countries around the globe. The selection covers many topics such as tours about wine, Czech crystal, Czech garnet, WWII, open cast coal mines and the Czech countryside in general. Food and drinks also belong to the landscape, so we take guests to authentic pubs to taste the local food and products like cheeses and sausages. Drinks include great Czech wines and beer from local microbreweries. Our goal is to introduce Bohemia to everyone, including seniors and large guys. The trips are physically unchallenging and packed with experiences and engaging storytelling and top approach. We provide a honed over years catalog trips, but we are also happy to offer tailor-made trips. What could be better than shared experiences? Book your trip in advance, we strive for the highest quality guides and therefore Martin's team includes only a few highly qualified colleagues. Please accept the personal invitation to the Czech countryside from Martin Bareš

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