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O Chateau has offered wine tasting in English for 7 years in Paris.. And now has just opened a Bar a Grands Vins in the very center of the French capital. You know how all wine companies tell you they’re different. Well.. we’re the same… we’re going to tell you we’re different. Tons of reason though: different because we are a young company started by young people, different because we don’t see wine as something we should worship (how about drinking it for starters), different because we happily acknowledge that everybody in this company gets drunk regularly (too much?), different because we hire our sommeliers based on their personality just as much as their wine knowledge, different because in the end… teaching foreigners about French wine is really a different job! But let’s face it, it’s a great job. We love what we do. We are fully aware of how lucky we are. So we want to live up not only to our clients’ expectations but also to what we believe is so great about French wine: its quality, its diversity, its history… We want to give each and every one of our clients a better understanding of the wines of France. We are ambassadors to French wine and as such, we have an obligation not to suck. O Chateau is a place that is open to everyone. To people who like wine, who love it, who are intrigued by it, who have no clue about it… Open to all those who feel some sort of an attraction to wine. O Chateau is a cool wine tasting company. We just want our tastings to be informative and fun. That is how we see our job: making wine fun and interesting. O Chateau was started in 2004 by young and crazy sommelier Olivier Magny. Since 2004, O Chateau has taught French wine to more than 80,000 people from all over the world. We have arranged events for a vast portfolio of corporate clients. And we have opened and tasted for you tens of thousands of bottles of wine (glug glug glug…). Quick landmarks: 2004: O Chateau runs its first tastings in a restaurant near the Seine. Not chaotic but close enough. 2005: We move into our Wine Loft. (we as in Olivier really at that point). Start to work with corporate clients. Open our first bottle of Château Margaux for some Australian clients. Exciting! 2006: First event organized on the French Riviera… good wine, sunshine: tough. Nicolas joins Olivier to try to turn O Chateau into a real company. Not an easy task! 2007: After a fierce selection process (we wore suits), O Chateau is a laureate of the Paris Entreprendre group! Prize is ten million euros. No, just kidding on that one. Prize was actually a drunken cocktail party. Works for us. 2008: We launch our Champagne Cruises on the Seine. In May, a client proposes his girlfriend on one of the cruises. She said… yes!! We’re completely broke but we have good stories to tell. 2009: We move into an old wine cellar near the Louvre. All of a sudden, all our friends invent a new concept and apply it to our cellar: “renting out for free”. Severe negotiations and glorious parties ensue. We wrap up the year organizing somewhere between Paris and Barcelona the Highest Wine Tasting in the World. (by the way, did you know that at 36,000 feet, you get drunk three times faster?) 2010: January 1st 2010: Good resolutions to start drinking less. Jan 6: Really, that was not realistic. We launch successively our “Grands Crus Tasting” and our “Day Trip to Champagne“. We get written up in The New York Times and in Time Magazine. In November, Olivier releases his first book: Dessine-moi un Parisien, based on O Chateau’s blog. Book becomes a best-seller in a few weeks. 2011: We finally open our brand new home. Fantastic endeavor for us – the place is beautiful: we are beyond broke but excited like never before. Probably because when we conceived the new place, we thought putting a wine bar in the middle of it would be a cool thing to do… No matter what the trials and tribulations of operating a small wine tasting company in Paris may be though… Day after day, tasting after tasting, our greatest pride is still that our clients tell us that their wine tasting at O Chateau was one of the highlights of their trip to Paris. And that means the world to us.

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