World Experience


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Om aktivitetsleverandøren

We are an agency creators of unique leisure and tourist experiences in Barcelona and Madrid for those who wish to live unique, memorable and transforming experiences. World Experience is redefining the way people think and behave during their free and leisure time. We want to highlight the value of those things that make life and travelling worth and offer you something as important as the same life, the desire to enjoy it. World Experience is very fond of having the most amazing experiences and we want you to live yours. Our aim is to inspire and enrich your life as a traveller, seeking the most exciting way to explore your potential, because the real value of every experience lies in your ability to tell stories about yourself, what you can get from us. World Experience wants to be your host of Barcelona and Madrid and their surroundings. We want to achieve that aim seeking the more authentic places where you can be the main star so that you can feel the true genius loci, the spirit and the local authenticity. You will experience what others haven't seen, you will reach a state of mind from another world, and you will feel that you are doing something really special. You know that when you do something really unique you just need to talk about it and tell everybody. As Junt said “The live which is not lived is an illness that can kill you”. So, be brave enough, come in, ask, be curious and feel it. Welcome to Barcelona. Welcome to Madrid. Welcome to World Experience.

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