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Nikos Kazantzakis Museum, a moral entity since 1983, is an non-profit organization and gives a variety of cultural centered services to the public. The Museum exhibits the life and the work of one of the most important modern writers in Greece and abroad, Nikos Kazantzakis. The Museum holds manuscripts and notes by the author, samples of his correspondence with major thinkers, politicians and authors of his time, first editions of his works in Greek and other languages, rare photographic material, souvenirs from his travels; personal effects, models, costumes and other material from theatre productions of his works in Greece and abroad; portraits and sculptures of the author, dozens of foreign-language editions of his works from all over the world, all a legacy that brings alive the memory of Nikos Kazantzakis and promotes his work and personality. It also owns a rich archive from the creator of the Museum, Yiorgos Anemoyiannis, a pioneer set and costume designer in Greek theatre. The Museum collaborates with many national and international organizations and institutions and carries out research, dissemination and activities regarding not only the life and work of Nikos Kazantzakis but also many cultural and historical aspects of Crete and Greece in general. The Nikos Kazantzakis Museum has made full use of the collections, promoting them through print publications and it also extends to multimedia publications drawing on and promoting the museum's digital resources. Since its full renovation in 2009 it has implemented new multimedia tools to its exhibition and to the educational projects designed for museum learning purposes.

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