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New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

New Orleans Pharmacy Museum: Our most recommended tours and activities

New Orleans: Haunted Ghost, Voodoo, and Vampire City Tour

1. New Orleans: Haunted Ghost, Voodoo, and Vampire City Tour

Walk with your 5-star local guide through the haunted, historical French Quarter on this haunted historical tour. Explore the historical French Quarter, as you indulge in stories of magic, ghosts, vampires, and Vodou practitioners from your expert guide. Meet your local guide and set off on a journey through New Orleans’ haunted history at a hidden gem of an oddities shop. Pass outside well-known sites such as Muriel’s Restaurant and the Old Ursuline Convent. See the exterior of the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, where bloodletting and leeching took place in the 19th century. From the outside, see the house where Jacques Saint Germain — who was rumored to be a vampire — once lived. Plus, hear chilling tales of LaLaurie House and its mistress, Madame LaLaurie. Let your guide entertain you with local folklore as you continue past the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum. The final stop of your activity is outside Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar, where your spooky experience will end. Don't miss out on an experience you won't soon forget.

New Orleans: Go City All-Inclusive Pass with 25+ Attractions

2. New Orleans: Go City All-Inclusive Pass with 25+ Attractions

No other New Orleans sightseeing package can compare to the incredible choice, convenience, and value of a Go City All-Inclusive Pass. Your New Orleans pass includes admission to a variety of the most popular things to do in New Orleans, including French Quarter attractions, as well as surrounding Louisiana attractions. When you visit each location with your All-Inclusive Pass, the admission has already been taken care of. You simply follow the instructions in the guide and present your pass to enter. You don’t have to wait and pay over and over again. The low price of the New Orleans All-Inclusive Pass includes savings off of the admission fees you’d pay if you purchased your New Orleans attraction tickets individually at each location. Activities, attractions, and tours included with the New Orleans All-Inclusive Pass: Tours and Cruises • Paddlewheeler Creole Queen • Adventures in New Orleans Bus Tour • Ghost & Vampire Combo Tour by French Quarter Phantoms • Ultimate Swamp Adventures • Saints and Sinners by French Quarter Phantoms • Cajun Pride Swamp Tour by Boat • Garden District Tour by French Quarter Phantoms • Tremé Tour by French Quarter Phantoms • Cities of the Dead Cemetery History Tour by Haunted History Tour • French Quarter History / Voodoo Tour • Walking Scavenger Hunt Museums and Places of Interest • The National WWII Museum • Mardi Gras World (with transportation) • Cooking Demonstration Class/New Orleans School of Cooking • Longue Vue House and Gardens • Edgar Degas House • Southern Food and Beverage Museum • The New Orleans Jazz Museum at the Old US Mint • 1850 House / The Louisiana State Museum • Cabildo / The Louisiana State Museum • New Orleans Pharmacy Museum • Presbytère/The Louisiana State Museum Attractions and tours are subject to change. Check your included digital guide for an up-to-date attraction information including opening times and instructions on how to access each attraction with your pass before you go. *Savings based on itineraries on Go City website.

New Orleans: Killers and Thrillers Walking Tour

3. New Orleans: Killers and Thrillers Walking Tour

Experience a ghost tour that's off the beaten track. Discover a glimpse of the French Quarter's notorious history. Discover the dark side of human nature. Immerse yourself in New Orleans' vivid past on this unique and sometimes gruesome tour. Learn about a murderous young prince, and other stories of crimes and ghosts from your guide. Visit the scene of some of New Orleans' most infamous crimes and murders. Hear about the events which haunt the locations, and the ghosts which were left behind. Stop by the Pharmacy Museum and other spooky locations as you enjoy the dark side of the Big Easy.

New Orleans: Self-Guided Audio Tour

4. New Orleans: Self-Guided Audio Tour

Welcome to the New Orleans Self-Guided Audio Tour, where preferences, freedom, and flexibility reign supreme, allowing you to explore the vibrant tapestry of this historic city at your own pace and according to your interests. Embark on an unforgettable journey through the enchanting streets of New Orleans, where every corner holds a story waiting to be discovered. With our audio tour, you have the freedom to choose your own path, lingering at attractions that pique your curiosity and bypassing those that don't. No longer bound by rigid schedules or fixed itineraries, you can tailor your experience to suit your preferences, ensuring a truly personalized adventure. As you wander through the heart of the Crescent City, immerse yourself in its rich history, culture, myths, and architecture. Learn about the diverse tapestry of cultures that have shaped New Orleans into the captivating metropolis it is today, from the indigenous peoples and early European settlers to the vibrant African diaspora and French influence. Each tourist attraction you encounter on this self-guided tour offers a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the soul of New Orleans. Discover the haunting beauty of the city's cemeteries, where elaborate above-ground tombs stand as silent sentinels to centuries of history. Explore the storied halls of iconic landmarks such as the St. Louis Cathedral, a testament to the city's enduring faith and architectural prowess. Uncover the secrets of the French Quarter as you stroll along its cobblestone streets, where jazz melodies float through the air and hidden courtyards beckon with their timeless charm. Delve into the city's culinary heritage with a visit to renowned eateries and street food vendors, savoring the flavors of Creole and Cajun cuisine that have tantalized taste buds for generations. Learn more about the top 15 tourist attractions in New Orleans. Its history, culture, myths, architecture, and other important facts are in this audio commentary which starts from the city's central station then the itinerary gradually moves one by one. 1. New Orleans Union Station 2. New Orleans Public Library - Main Library 3. St. Louis Cemetery No.1 4. Preservation Hall 5. French Quarter 6. St. Louis Cathedral 7. Jackson Square 8. New Orleans Pharmacy Museum 9. The National WWII Museum 10. Mardi Gras World 11. Garden District 12. Magazine Street 13. Audubon Park 14. New Orleans Museum of Art 15. City Park Whether you're captivated by the legends of voodoo and haunted lore or fascinated by the intricate ironwork adorning the city's historic buildings, our self-guided audio tour promises to provide a comprehensive and immersive experience. So grab your headphones, set out on your own adventure, and let the magic of New Orleans unfold before you.

New Orleans: Historic French Quarter Exploration Game

5. New Orleans: Historic French Quarter Exploration Game

Explore the history of New Orleans’ French Quarter and see landmarks while playing this engaging phone game. Discover St. Louis Cathedral, Café du Monde, Jackson Square, and more. Start the game at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar. Play the role of a security guard on a mission to retrieve a stolen artwork from the thief. As you solve challenges, the story will unfold and directions on your phone will guide you to the next location.  It will take between 2-3 hours but you should explore at your own pace: simply pause the game and resume when you want from the location where you paused it.  You can play on your own, in a large group, or in several smaller groups that compete against each other before meeting at the final stop of the game, Central Grocery and Deli.

The Local's Guide to the French Quarter Tour

6. The Local's Guide to the French Quarter Tour

Experience New Orleans past and present on this evening walking tour. See all the sights of the French Quarter and get the inside track from guide on what New Orleans has to offer. Enjoy an evening experience that includes a walk through Jackson Square. Marvel at the iconic St. Louis Cathedral, as well as taking a stroll down Bourbon and Royal Streets. Stop by the Pharmacy Museum and learn about all kinds of odd medical history. Walk to the Vieux Carré (meaning "old square"), and experience a one-of-a-kind location that people from throughout the world flock to. Learn all about the district and city's unique culture as you go. Immerse yourself in its unique charm from the Mississippi River to buildings old and new as you explore it under the Louisiana moon.

Haunted New Orleans Walking Tour

7. Haunted New Orleans Walking Tour

Discover the enigmatic charm of New Orleans on our mesmerizing Best of Ghost & Voodoo Experience Walking Tour Italy. Traverse the historic streets as our expert guides unveil centuries-old tales of spirits and voodoo rituals. From the haunting atmosphere of the French Quarter to the mysteries of the Garden District, immerse yourself in a tapestry of captivating narratives. Feel the pulse of the city's supernatural legacy as you encounter lingering spirits and unearth the secrets woven into its fabric. The voodoo experience adds an extra layer of intrigue, offering a glimpse into ancient traditions that continue to shape New Orleans' cultural landscape. Engage with the spiritual energy and witness mesmerizing demonstrations that breathe life into voodoo practices. Our tour uniquely blends Italian influences, enriching the journey with a fusion of cultural flavors. Experience the resonance of Italy in the architecture and traditions, creating a seamless integration of two vibrant worlds. Embark on this extraordinary adventure where the Best of Ghost & Voodoo Experience Walking Tour Italy invites you to unravel the mysteries of New Orleans in a way that transcends the ordinary, connecting you with the mystical realm.

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Tony was very knowledgeable, told The stories with character and some dark humour. If your drinking you can drink on route also with a little bar stop In between. If you like the spooky kind of things I highly recommend. Thanks again Tony you were great!!

It was awesome! Chris did a great job of guiding us through the city and it's history, and his timing on his stories was impeccable!

Chris was great! Had a great time and learned so much about Nola amd its ghosts, vampires and voodoo. :)

fun stories told with conviction by our infectiously pleasant guide

Tony was such a great guide, very exciting and informative