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Alternative Berlin Experience

1. Alternative Berlin Experience

Take a 4-hour walking tour and discover Berlin's dynamic culture and lifestyle, and see why it fascinates so many visitors year after year. Creative, tolerant, multi-cultural, and liberal; no other city balances tradition and trends, density and open space, underground and cosmopolitan areas, quite like UNESCO's first "City of Design." On this premier alternative tour you will step off the tourist trail and explore the entire cultural landscape from a local perspective. From alternative underground, to urban and cosmopolitan, your guide will compare the many flavors, colors, and vibes of the East and West Berlin neighborhoods. Stroll through landmarks of the city's subcultural and countercultural history, and see some of the world's most breathtaking street art and graffiti up close. Stop at the Turkish neighborhoods in Kreuzberg, and visit Berlin's African and former Jewish communities. Take a peek at the city's colorful gay community, with a stop at one of Berlin's extravagant neighborhoods. Then, find out more about Berlin's hiphop and reggae scene at a delightful African beach bar and market. Listen to some amazing stories of the many different cultural movements that have taken hold in this unique city over the years, and discover the true identity of the city as you explore and experience the real Berlin.

Berlin: 2.5-Hour Neighborhood Tour of Neukölln

2. Berlin: 2.5-Hour Neighborhood Tour of Neukölln

Set off on a journey through time on this fascinating walking tour of the Neukölln neighborhood in Berlin. Hear about how this part of the city has developed into the multicultural hub that it is today. With the approval of Wilhelm II, Rixdorf was renamed Neukölln in 1912. The reason for this was a simple image problem, for the city south of Berlin was the epitome of frivolous entertainment. However, the origins of Rixdorf can be traced back much further than this and provide a very different picture. Religious faith and puritanism shaped the everyday life of the Bohemian Exulanten (Protestant refugees) who settled here alongside the German population as early as the 18th century. Explore the heart of Neukölln around Richardplatz, which still radiates a village-like atmosphere today, and embark on an exciting journey from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Neukölln: Walking Tour

3. Neukölln: Walking Tour

Discover the alternative side of Berlin on a walking tour through the multicultural and trendy neighborhood of Neukölln. Learn about the rich history of the area and see how different cultures live together in this buzzy corner of the city. Set off on a journey through time on this fascinating walking tour of the Neukölln neighborhood in Berlin. Hear about how this part of the city has developed into the multicultural hub that it is today. The exact itinerary will vary based on the option chosen, so you could be exploring the village-like atmosphere around Richardplatz, the tree-lined streets of Schillerkiez, the young and trendy Reuterkiez, or the leafy area around the Körner Park. No matter what itinerary you end up following, you'll be able to see buzzing Arabic restaurants and barbershops, and chic cafes and boutiques. Listen and look as your guide points out the hidden treasures found along the route.

Berlin: Old Neukölln Private Walking Tour

4. Berlin: Old Neukölln Private Walking Tour

On this tour, guests will get to experience a very individual mix of history and modern day. Your guide, Reinhold Steinle, will impart all the interesting secrets behind Neukölln. Reinhold Steinle – Born in the south of Germany, but a Berliner at heart: "Since 2008, I have regularly guided tour groups through Neukölln. The negative image of Neukölln needs to be forgotten. According to my motto, "someone has to do it", I have taken it upon myself to correct this bit by bit." Guests will get to see a whole range of sights on this tour: • KGB44 • Bethlehemskirche (Bethlehem Church) • Böhmischer Platz (Böhmischer Square) • Jan Hus • Popraci • Richardplatz (Richard Square) • Fires in Rixdorf • Renaming in Neukölln • Evacuation of the Bohemians • Czech partnership • Friedrich Wilhelm I Memorial • Richardstrasse • Old Bohemian school house • Comenius Garten (Comenius Garden) • Bohemian villages Let Reinhold Steinle introduce you to Neukölln in a truly unique way. According to the motto of the well–known local mayor Heinz Buschkowsky: "Everyone is a Neuköllner at heart!".

Berlin: Kreuzberg or Neukölln Food Tasting Tour

5. Berlin: Kreuzberg or Neukölln Food Tasting Tour

Take a culinary journey through one of Berlin's hippest neighborhoods on a food tasting tour. Try multicultural dishes and local favorites from 3-4 different spots. Have the option to tour through Kreuzberg or Neukölln. Meet your guide in a central location of either Kreuzberg or Neukölln depending on the tour option you choose. From Kreuzberg's alternative vibe to Neukölln's vibrant diversity, get to know one of Berlin's most trendy neighborhoods through the perspective of food. Your tour takes you to 4-5 restaurants, cafés, or off-the-beaten-path tasting spots. Share signature dishes from around the world, get to know the specialties of different countries, and feel like a local at neighborhood favorites. Enjoy a selection of savory dishes, sweet desserts, and selected drinks. Learn from your knowledgeable guide with useful insider information during the course of your tour.

Berlin: 48-Hour or 72-Hour Bike Rental

6. Berlin: 48-Hour or 72-Hour Bike Rental

Pick up your bike at the Kulturbrauerei, an old industrial brewery complex in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg. Meet the staff who will provide you with your bike and adjust it to your requirements, ensuring a comfortable and safe ride. Receive a personal lock, a map, bike baskets, tension belts, helmets, trouser clips, sunblock, and rain ponchos so you can explore Berlin in all weather conditions. Then, explore Berlin at your own pace. Ride along the banks of the River Spree and explore both the former Western and Eastern sections of Berlin. Discover beautiful parks including Tempelhofer Park and Treptower Park which are perfect for cycling. If you need assistance simply contact the bike depot crew by phone who will be happy to help. You can return the bike after closing hours if you need some more time to explore.

Berlin: Schillerkiez and Rollberg Walking Tour

7. Berlin: Schillerkiez and Rollberg Walking Tour

Meet your guide and get an introduction to the historical origin of the Schillerkiez neighborhood. Discover how Schillerkiez was built at the beginning of the 20th century as a residential area, however, transformed with the opening and closure of the nearby Tempelhofer Feld airport.  Stroll through the tree-lined streets where you can find numerous restaurants and cafes and learn about the famous residents of the Schiller Promenade. Follow your guide to the neighboring Rollberg district and the changing reputation it has had in recent years. Learn about the Captain of Köpenick and what he had to do with the Rollberg district.

Berlin Private Photo Shoot and Professional Images

8. Berlin Private Photo Shoot and Professional Images

Experience Berlin like never before, and hire a professional bilingual photographer for an exclusive photo session at some of the city's most beautiful locations. Your personal photo guide will create stunning images of your time in Berlin as you discover its local charms. The documentary style is unobtrusive, natural and perfect for capturing those special occasions, or simply as a record of the everyday moments of your vacation. Held in some of the most picturesque neighborhoods in the city, the sessions last either 1 or 2 hours and can include the gritty Neukolln district, a wander around the palatial gardens of Charlottenburg, or admiring Berlin's most iconic buildings in the Mitte. You are free to choose a location that best suits your style and personality. At the end, you will be provided with access to a private online gallery to view your photos, and a portfolio of up to 60 poster size and quality pictures to keep.

Berlin: Castle Britz Gardens Private Tour

9. Berlin: Castle Britz Gardens Private Tour

Explore Castle Britz in the district of Neukölln on a private tour. Learn about its many uses throughout the centuries since the times of the Count of Hertzberg in the Prussian era, right up until the present day. Enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of city life with your guide. Discover the beautiful exterior of the buildings and the lush gardens. Wander through the famous rose garden and see various farm animals which have been introduced to the area in recent years.

Berlin: Neukölln Walking Tour

10. Berlin: Neukölln Walking Tour

Explore the beautiful and untouristic, vibrant Berlin district of Neukölln. Your private tour guide talks you through everything you need to know about this exciting part of town. Even locals who have been living here for decades report that, after a tour, some things had not caught their attention before. The tour guide has been described as an “Ambassador for Neukölln” as he seeks to point out all the positive aspects of this Neukölln district. On this tour you learn about the history of “Glory Halls of Neukölln” and find out who Will Meisel was. And how there is also a link to David Bowie here. Moreover, you will visit the Ilsenhof, a residential complex from the 1920s. On the way to Körner Park, the highlight of the tour, the guide will show you an archeological discovery from 1912.

Other Sightseeing Options in Neukölln

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This was an awesome tour. I’m so glad I booked it over the other bike tours. It was very refreshing to see more alternative things about Berlin that are fascinating and relevant and not so much related to the war (which of course is interesting, but this had a lot more culture to it. It allows you to get to know Berlin of this day and age). The route is flat, easy, and very enjoyable. There were the perfect amount of stops with a well places snack break. And the tour guide, Tio (…or something of the sort— I forgot to double check) was a very good guide. He was laid back but attentive and shared the information well.

cool tour and guide, unfortunately only bookable in English, German would be better for us and in Berlin, tour and guide were great, from alexanderplatz, prenzlauerberg, berlin center to kreuzberg, guide Rhys conveys the city lively, dynamic, great knowledge, conveys funny, motivated and engages his chosen place of residence*********

An inspiring, friendly and extremely knowledgeable guide was really into Berlin's street art and alternative culture. The tour gave a lot of new things even to someone who has already been to Berlin several times! Warm recommendation!

Great trip - I learned a lot and can't wait to get back to Berlin and do some exploring on my own - helped by all the things I saw and learned.

En virkelig interessant tur , som klart kan anbefales !