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Native American Ruins, Arizona

Native American Ruins, Arizona: Our most recommended tours and activities

From Phoenix: Full-Day Sedona Small-Group Tour

1. From Phoenix: Full-Day Sedona Small-Group Tour

This Sedona full-day tour gives you a chance to explore the rich culture and history of the area's ancient Native American civilizations. Travel in a 9 or 13-seat vehicle on this small-group tour and enjoy a more personalized experience. The tour features one of two Sinagua Indian ruins that existed along a busy trade route over 1,000 years ago. You'll also have 2 exploration options - either the ruins at Tuzigoot National Monument or Montezuma Castle National Monument. While in Sedona you'll have approximately 2-3 hours to explore on foot, visit galleries and shops, or get a psychic reading. Hiking or jeep tours are also available. Guests will be guided to unique photo spots and your guide will help you choose from an extensive list of scenic options, including The Chapel Of The Holy Cross, Bell Rock Vortex, Oak Creek Canyon, and Airport Mesa.

Flagstaff: Grand Canyon, Wupatki & Volcano Christian Tour

2. Flagstaff: Grand Canyon, Wupatki & Volcano Christian Tour

See the very best of the Grand Canyon National Park, ancient Native American ruins at Wupatki National Monument, and guided exploration through the lava fields and explosive landscape of Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument on a guided day trip from Flagstaff. Departing Flagstaff at 8:00 a.m., begin the morning with a scenic drive to the Grand Canyon. Once there, we will visit spectacular locations along the South Rim as we learn about the events of the Creation and the Flood with geology teaching at some of the best overlooks in the park. During our time at the Grand Canyon, we will have a lunch stop at Desert View on the east end of the park. You may bring a sack lunch with you, or buy items from the Desert View Market. Leaving the Grand Canyon, we drop down into the lands of the Navajo Nation, with stunning views of the Little Colorado River Gorge, Painted Desert, and sagebrush grasslands dotted with volcanic peaks. Next, head to the Wupatki National Monument and explore ancient ruins nearly 1000 years old, as you continue learning about the events of Genesis 10-11 and migration from Babel to the Americas. At Sunset Crater, discover lava flows and volcanoes while discussing the post-Flood Ice Age, as well as delving into the mountain-building activity seen in Northern Arizona and around the world. After Sunset Crater, return back to Flagstaff to conclude the day. You may bring lunch with you, or purchase from the Desert View Market and Deli during our lunch stop.

Blue Ridge Parkway Driving Audio Tour (Asheville ↔ Roanoke)

3. Blue Ridge Parkway Driving Audio Tour (Asheville ↔ Roanoke)

Start by downloading the Action Tour Guide app, which will function as your personal tour guide, audio tour, and map all in one. Embark on a mesmerizing drive along the iconic Blue Ridge Parkway, spanning from Asheville to Roanoke, your digital companion. The Action Tour Guide app guides each step of your odyssey. Every twist, turn, and overlook becomes a chapter in nature, heritage, and captivating folklore storybook. Your voyage kicks off in the art-centric city of Asheville. From the start, the Blue Ridge Parkway mesmerizes with tales that capture the essence of the human spirit and nature's bounty. Asheville's rich history, intertwined with stories of pioneering souls and Native American tribes, sets the stage for your journey. Your first major rendezvous is the spectacular Craggy Gardens. Here, nature has painted a canvas of wildflower meadows and panoramic vistas. You're not just witnessing a sight; you're living a moment in time where the Appalachian air whispers ancient legends. Progressing onward, the path leads to the Linville Gorge Overlook. Often revered as the "Grand Canyon of the East", this magnificent terrain offers breathtaking views. Its majestic presence is accompanied by tales of the early settlers and the indomitable spirit of the Appalachians. Mabry Mill emerges as a testament to the region's rustic charm. Here, the water's dance and the hum of the historic gristmill take you back to simpler times. Surrounding this, tales of moonshiners, coal miners, and hard-working hands resonate. Your eyes will then feast upon the serenity of Rocky Knob and the magic of the Roanoke River Overlook. These spots, draped in nature’s finest, offer solace and a connection to the deep-rooted history of the region. As the journey progresses, behold the majestic beauty of the Peaks of Otter. This natural triad of peaks, surrounded by pristine lakes and virgin forests, is more than just a sight. It culminates nature's artistry and centuries-old tales of explorers, warriors, and lovers. Further down the route, witness the tranquil allure of the James River, the longest river in Virginia, which serves as a lifeline to myriad species and a witness to countless historical events. Your sojourn eventually reaches the poetic landscapes of Shenandoah Valley, leading to the gates of Roanoke, the Star City of the South. The city, steeped in rich history and culture, emerges as a perfect finale to your journey. But the Blue Ridge Parkway, in its essence, is more than the sum of its parts. Every overlook, every whispering wind, and every silhouette of the setting sun is a testament to the timeless bond between nature and humanity. Your journey along this Parkway is not just a scenic drive. It's an intimate dance with nature, history, and legend. It's a symphony of stories and heartbeats that resonate long after the journey concludes. Dive deep, let the vistas enchant, the tales mesmerize, and let the Blue Ridge Parkway be your timeless storybook.

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The trip to Sedona was great. The landscape is simply beautiful. Our guide was also in a good mood. The small downside was that we weren't picked up from our hotel. Otherwise absolutely recommended!

Great trip. Our guide Diane was really knowledgable about nature, history and geography and explained things on a really interesting way. Recommend.

The guide gave us a lot of valuable information! Very good tour! Recommendable!

it was cold very much, but everything was good except the weather.

Our guide Jeff was great. Very knowledgeable and fun!