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Naples: Street Food Tour with Local Guide

1. Naples: Street Food Tour with Local Guide

Experience the flavors of Naples on a guided street food tour. Follow your guide through the winding streets of the historic center and savor delicious local specialties. Visit a limoncello factory and enjoy a gelato. Meet your guide in Piazza Bellini to start your journey into the flavors of Neapolitan cuisine. Follow your guide down 2 of the main streets of the historical center, telling you the legends and stories of one of the city. Enjoy the taste of pizza a portafoglio and the unique pizza fritta.  Try frittate di pasta and arancini. Stop in Piazza del Gesù before sampling taralli and some delicious babà and sfogliatelle – dishes that originated in Naples. Pass by the Santa Chiara Church - made famous all around the world by Anne Radcliffe in her gothic novel The Italian - piazza Bellini and the Conservatory of San Pietro a Maiella.  Enjoy the taste of the fresh mozzarella, served in the salumeria - a small shop of typical products, where you will be captured by the smell of the fresh cheese, ham, salami, mortadella and more! Sip a limoncello shot while visiting a limoncello factory and choose to end your tour with a gelato. You will enjoy this tour bite by bite.

Naples Street Food Tour

2. Naples Street Food Tour

Wander through the historical heart of Naples and taste traditional delicacies as you discover the amazing street food scene. Venture into a stunning maze of ancient palazzos, and discover the most loved restaurants and food stores along the way.  Sample local specialties such as tarallo napoletano (a salty, crumbly biscuit with a dash of black pepper, almonds, and lard). Try the folded pizza a portafoglio loved by the locals, an authentic crocche (potato croquettes with melted provola or mozzarella cheese), or the humble cuoppo napolitano.  Satisfy your sweet tooth with a mushroom-shaped baba dessert, served with an unforgettable Italian coffee in one of the city's best cafes.

Naples: Private Food Tour – 10 Tastings with Locals

3. Naples: Private Food Tour – 10 Tastings with Locals

Eat your way through Naples's culinary scene on a private food tour. Go on a delicious journey as you try 10 of the best food items beloved by the locals: from savory to sweet and local drinks; this tour leaves every foodie satisfied. Enjoy a bite of the ultimate classics limoncello and Pizza Portafoglio and taste them in their authentic, local flavor. Each tasting is typical of the local cuisine and hand-picked by a local guide passionate about food. Visit Piazza del Gesu, Pignaseca Market, and University Federico II, plus other remarkable spots in between food stops and learn about their history and cultural relevance from your knowledgeable guide. 

Naples: 3.5-Hour Pizza & Co. Food Tour

4. Naples: 3.5-Hour Pizza & Co. Food Tour

One cannot enjoy Naples without having tried its Pizza. Everybody knows it, everybody eats it everywhere in the world, and yet the original pizza is from Naples and so can only be eaten here. On this Pizza & Co. Tour, you will enjoy the most loved variations of the pizza in the stunning beauty of the historical city center in addition to the well-known Neapolitan omelets, a fabulous dessert and, of course, an espresso coffee. The best dishes will always be chosen, aiming to introduce you to the traditions, suggest the best restaurants and make you live the best culinary experience ever. Make your visit to Naples an unforgettable experience of eating Italy's best preparations. Taste some of the following specialties on this Pizza & Co. Food Tour in Naples (according to products availability): handmade Neapolitan tarallo, fried pizza, pasta omelet, pizza marinara or margherita, snowflake and caffè espresso. The Neapolitan tarallo represents the most traditional street food in Naples. A salty and crumbly biscuit with a dash of black pepper, almonds and lard, the latter being the basic ingredient capable of granting the unique taste. Fried pizza is also known as the “people’s pizza” because it used to be sold on the streets by women in the aftermath of WW II to supplement wages. It is often presented filled with tomato, ricotta and provola (traditional Italian cheeses). The tour will unveil to you the most typical ones, in the oldest chip shops known only by the locals of Naples. Pasta omelet is a fried pasta known as 'frittata ‘e maccarune' and a must try of Neapolitan traditions. Simple in preparation yet unbelievable in taste, you will definitively love it. Pizza marinara or margherita is the true traditional pizza which alone is worth a visit to Naples. Then get ready to enjoy one of the best dessert you have ever tried called snowflake. Its recipe is strictly a secret and you will not believe your mouth when you try it. The best coffee in Italy is in Naples. Try a caffè espresso in the most historical bar in Naples, considered gourmet all over the world.

Naples: The Spanish Quarter and Local Market Guided Tour

5. Naples: The Spanish Quarter and Local Market Guided Tour

Meet the local guide in Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, the real heart of historic Naples, and embark on a 3-hour guided tour of the city's narrow and winding streets. Admire the Church of Gesù Nuovo, the Obelisk of the Immaculate Conception, and the Basilica of Santa Chiara while learning about their history. Next, visit Pignasecca, a colorful local market buzzing with food and clothing shops. Take in the sights and smells of the market and try some typical Neopolitan street food along the way. Enter the bustling Quartieri Spagnoli (Spanish Quarter), the most densely populated and characteristic part of the city. Look up the hill at its grid of alleys and stairs and take in the street art and hanging linins decorating the balconies. Finish in the monumental area of Naples and admire the elegant Caffè Gambrinus, the San Carlo Theatre, the Galleria Umberto, and the Piazza Plebiscito framed in the background by the Royal Palace.

Naples: 2-Hour Walking Tour w/ Food Tasting Experience

6. Naples: 2-Hour Walking Tour w/ Food Tasting Experience

Meet your licensed tour guide and enjoy a 2-hour guided tour among the narrow streets of the city of Naples. Visit Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, the Spaccanapoli area (a complex of streets that split the city in two) and Piazza Dante. Enjoy the art of street food flavors during your guide's explanations. During your guided walking tour, taste typical Neapolitan street food such as pizza a portafoglio (a small pizza Margherita folded like a wallet), panzarotto (a fried potato with mozzarella cheese) or frittatina (a sort of little omelette with sauce, peas and pasta). In Naples, the street food isn't like in other cities. Street food isn't synonymous with junk food. Here, the street food is a culinary art and after a taste of the salty, you'll get to try the desserts such as sfogliatella (a sweetie with ricotta cheese, candied fruit and semolina) or babà (the famous sweetie with rum and, sometimes, chocolate and panna) accompanied by the inimitable Neapolitan espresso (the real coffee). By the way, ask your guide what a caffè sospeso is (suspended coffee) - it’s a funny anecdote.

Naples: Guide City Street Food Tour

7. Naples: Guide City Street Food Tour

Let's meet and greet in piazza Dante. Get to know your tour guide and the other travelers before you all dive into a memorable experience off the beaten paths. Explore the food market of Pignasecca with a local Neapolitan guide. You will be surrounded by scents, colors and sounds, you will feel and taste real Naples. On this tour you will try a selection of about 7-8 different traditional street foods: from crunchy veg and meat fritters to soft a juicy cheese and cured meats. The fried pizza made by Madame Fernanda is an unmissable stop for foodies traveling to Naples. During the walk we will give you insights on Neapolitans' daily life and unveil the secrets of the local cuisine. Surprises never end! This is the only walking tour in Naples that takes you into the hood to see the football "sanctuary"" of Maradona, a real local idle for Neapolitans. We will take our time at this place to have a traditional local aperitive: beer and taralli! The exploration of the labyrinthic Quartieri Spagnoli is a proper day in the life experience. We will take our time to interact with people in the streets, to stop and admire elegant old buildings. You will be amazed by the creativity and the beauty of the eclectic city of Naples! Tour ends with a mandatory bite and the most delicious (and unknown) local dessert! Surprise!

Naples: Private Food Tasting Walking Tour

8. Naples: Private Food Tasting Walking Tour

The food tasting walking tour will take you to discover the city of Naples by trying its real local gastronomic excellence. Departing from the meeting point, you will walk in the old and lively street market of Pignasecca, full of flavors and calls from the hawkers and through the well-known Spaccanapoli, where you’ll reach the historic center. Guided by our city trainers, you will have access to the best pizza places, fry places, taverns, confectioneries and bars. You will fall in love with Naples before you know it. Get access to places where food is made and which are usually not accessible to the public. It will be a unique chance for you to walk on by churches and palaces of the historic center, taste genuine food and have a word with chefs and pizza makers, they may even tell you some of their secrets. “Cuoppo” di frittura (a “cone” of fried food), Buffalo mozzarella with Parma ham, Taralli (small bagles) with almonds and black pepper, Parmigiana eggplant, a good glass of typical red wine from Campania, Pizza Margherita, Babà, Sfogliatella and Neapolitan espresso will accompany the most culinary day of your vacation. You will walk along the Decumano Inferiore (lower decumanus), better known as "Spaccanapoli" because it's a long road that literally cuts the city into two parts. You will visit the Church of Gesù Nuovo and will discover fascinating legends and the magic of the mysterious alchemist symbols on its facade, before entering in the Church of St. Clare. You will reach the Square of San Domenico Maggiore and will walk through the Christmas Alley with entry in the most ancient workshop where they make the famous Neapolitan crib to discover an art old as modern, between the historical personages of the ancient Neapolitan crib and newer ones like Michael Jackson, Pope Francesco or Lady Gaga.  Through the pedestrian alley of Via d'Alba with its shops selling music instrument, books and restaurants, you will reach Piazza Bellini and will cross Port'Alba, the remnant of one of the city gates in Naples that leads to Piazza Dante, where the tour ends.

Naples: Local Street Food Tour

9. Naples: Local Street Food Tour

Taste the most delicious food in Naples on this tasty three-hour, guided food tour. Stroll through the streets of this colorful city and explore its myriad street vendors and food markets. Sip a strong espresso, sample Neapolitan delights like warm "sfogliatella" (a layered pastry), "trippa," and "soffritto." Enjoy personalized conversation and tips from your local, friendly guide.

Naples: City and Street Food Market

10. Naples: City and Street Food Market

This walking tour starts every day from Naples in Piazza Municipio by the Neptune Fountain. Take the chance to visit the city of Naples with a local guide that is not just a guide, but is also a true Neapolitan traditions believer! With your guide you will discover the real heart of Naples, full of the artistic influences left by the different domination suffered by the city after the Greek and Roman ages. Visit the Piazza Plebiscito with the magnificent Royal Palace, walk along the seaside to enjoy the view of the bay and Mt. Vesuvius, stroll inside the food market Pignasecca and taste different typical dishes, and walk through the narrow roads of the historical center and in the famous "Spaccanapoli". In the historical center take the chance to enter into a craftman shop to learn about the tradition of the handmade statues of the Nativity (called “Presepe”), a tradition deeply felt in Naples during the Christmas time that goes back to 1000 years ago. Walk along the central nave of Naples Cathedral also known as “Duomo”, and be fascinated by the history of Saint Gennaro and the liquefaction of his blood.

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We thoroughly loved this tour and our guide, Alex, was amazing. He taught us so much about Napoli, the history and culture in the context of the streets and the food. He made the tour so fascinating and the time flew by. We had the opportunity to try many different dishes tied to Napoli, and the portion sizes were larger than expected. He accommodated others on the tour who were vegetarian as well. We expected to only have small bites, but we’re more than satisfied with the generous sample sizes. Naples was a stop for our Mediterranean cruise and this was a perfect excursion. Only 30 minute walk from the ship, it was very convenient. This tour enabled us to see Napoli through the eyes of locals and understand the city in a different way. In comparing experiences with others on the ship, the city seemed frenetic; chaotic and when they heard about our tour, they wished they had taken it too. Whether you are staying in NaplesI highly recommend the tour and Alex as an exceptional guide.

Our tour guide, Alex, was phenomenal. He swiftly guided us through Napoli, and shared with us a plethora of interesting facts and history about the city along the way. The food was delicious. I was expecting to only receive a bite of a few different foods, but the portions were extremely generous. I left feeling I had really experienced the best of Napoli! Thank you!

Great evening. Loved the tour. The guide, Sara, was great. The food was so tasty and the stops were all very different and lots of fun.

Highly recommend this tour! Our guide Daniella was amazing!!! Lots of food to taste and very informative! A great evening!

A great tour with tasting of most significant napoletanean food. You can skip dinner afterwards