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From Santiago: Finisterre, Muxia & Costa da Morte Excursion

1. From Santiago: Finisterre, Muxia & Costa da Morte Excursion

After getting picked up from your hotel in Santiago de Compostela, begin your journey along the Galician coast. Your first stop will be at a traditional Galician village. Here, head to the top of a Roman bridge where you can admire breathtaking views of the river. Next, head to Muxia Lighthouse, where you can visit the famous sanctuary and head to the top of the lighthouse for a unique coastal experience. Continue your tour with a visit to the region's most important lighthouse, Finisterre. From atop of this picturesque lighthouse, admire panoramic views of what was considered by the Roman's to be the end of the earth. Break for lunch in the town of Finisterre before heading to the Ezaro Waterfall, the only waterfall that arrives directly into the ocean. Later, head to Carnota, where you can see the largest horréo, an old granary suspended by pillars, in existence. Finally, head to the village of Muros, a traditional coastal village. Enjoy some free time for a coffee or stroll around the main square before heading back to Santiago.

Santiago de Compostela: Finisterre, Muxia & Costa da Morte

2. Santiago de Compostela: Finisterre, Muxia & Costa da Morte

Begin the tour with a visit to Ponte Maceira, a charming little town that is an obligatory stop for pilgrims who travel on their journey towards the “end of the world”. Admire its 14th-century bridge over the Tambre river and see the picturesque sets of medieval mills. Travel along the beautiful coast of the Muros e Noia estuary to the historic town of Muros. Stop here for a short visit to admire your surroundings. Next, head towards the coast and enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the coast of Carnota. Drive by the beautiful coastal landmarks of Lira, Carnota Beach, Boca do Río, Mount Pindo and Cape Fisterra. After, arrive at Ézaro, where the river Xallas falls into the sea forming a waterfall, the Ézaro waterfall, is probably the most famous in Galicia and unique in Continental Europe. Continue to Cape Fisterra (Finisterre) once believed to be the westernmost point in Europe, where the lighthouse and kilometer zero of the Camino de Santiago is located. Here, eat lunch and take free time to walk around the town and its fishing port. Resume the itinerary and head to Muxia where you will be met here with a beautiful Sanctuary at the foot of the Atlantic and with three stones considered sacred by the Galicians.

From Santiago: Finisterre, Muxia, & Costa da Morte Day Trip

3. From Santiago: Finisterre, Muxia, & Costa da Morte Day Trip

Buckle up for a whirlwind of wonder as we embark on the ultimate Galician escapade! Picture this: it’s the crack of dawn, and you’re setting off from the vibrant Plaza Galicia, primed for a day stuffed with history, mystery, and mouthwatering munchies. First stop? Pontemaceira! Imagine crossing a picturesque medieval bridge, the gateway to the awe-inspiring Cabo Finisterre. This isn’t just a bridge—it’s your portal to the past, teetering on cobbled glory. Next up, brace yourself for Muxia, where the mighty Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Boat stands tall, its stones whispering centuries-old secrets as waves crash dramatically nearby. Feel the legends seep into your soul, stirring tales of ancient pilgrims. And just when you think it can’t get any better, we’re off to Cape Finisterre—the ‘End of the Earth’ for those ancient Romans who had a flair for the dramatic. Here, catch your breath with a 180-degree panorama of the endless ocean, feeling the spiritual vibe that’s soaked this rocky haven for ages. Post-lunch, your senses will get another treat at the stunning Ézaro waterfall, a spectacle where the Xallas River dances directly into the sea. Prepare for the enchanting splash and spray—it’s a rare European gem you won’t want to miss! Still buzzing? There’s more! We’ll explore the mammoth Hórreo de Carnota, challenging you to unravel why it's so grand. Then, wander through Muros with its historic nooks and charismatic crannies, where the essence of the seafaring past lingers. Join us for not just a trip, but a full-blown festival of the senses! Discover Pontemaceira’s charms, the sanctity of Muxia, the dramatic ends at Finisterre, and beyond. Our expert guides are itching to share irresistible stories and legends that will plunge you deeper into the Celtic and Roman vibes of the region. And oh, the seafood! Prepare your taste buds for a symphony of flavors that only Galicia can offer. Grab your spot now for this not-to-be-missed Galician gala! It’s more than a journey; it’s an explosion of culture, history, and beauty waiting to be discovered. Let’s make memories that will twinkle in your mind forever. Are you in?

From Santiago de Compostela: Finisterre and Muxía Day Trip

4. From Santiago de Compostela: Finisterre and Muxía Day Trip

The guided day tour to Finisterre, Muxía and the Coast of Death runs along the west side of Galicia and it has 7 visits, which are discovered in 9 hours. The bus tour will start at the time you choose from the tour start options available to you at the already stipulated starting point. The Finisterre and Costa da Morte tour from Santiago de Compostela will begin with a visit to the wonderful village of Pontemaceira which, day after day, sees how pilgrims pass by who are amazed by its visual appeal full of stone and with a natural environment out of a movie. Its river, its small waterfall and its bridge of Gothic origin will transport us back in time. After enjoying Pontemaceira, it is time for Muxía. There are many reasons why we love to visit this beautiful area. From the mysticism emanating from the Sanctuary of La Barca to the visual magic of Cabo Touriñán, the westernmost point of the province of La Coruña. Back to the bus and southwest direction. Finisterre has something you will never forget. A beautiful fishing town with great local products but, above all, with views that leave their mark. Its horizon, known as Finis Terrae in the ancient world, will be one of the images you can never get out of your head. The unmistakable Finisterre lighthouse, the closest to America, was built in 1853, it has witnessed shipwrecks and stories that you should know. The tour of Finisterre and Costa da Morte from Santiago de Compostela heads to the incredible Ézaro waterfall. Coming to the light of tourists with the cycling tour of Spain, this wonder will surprise you when you see its enormous waterfall that comes from the Xallas River. If this Finisterre excursion has something, it is that the history and secrets that our guides will tell you are complemented by some places of interest to understand all the Galician traditions. The Carnota granery will lead you to understand the reason for this peculiar but functional construction. This giant granery, endowed from the 18th century, is one of the main exponents of religious power of the moment. We will get on the bus to reach the last stop of this beautiful excursion through Finisterre and Costa da Morte from Santiago de Compostela, the beautiful fishing village of Muros that, day after day, sees tourists passing by enjoying its gastronomy. You can watch the unloading of fish or go to one of the stalls. Without a doubt, a wonderful place to end an excursion that you will not forget. We will return to the bus to end our tour that will take us back to the Galician capital. If you still have doubts about taking the excursion to Finisterre and Costa da Morte from Santiago de Compostela and need more details, we will be happy to help you.

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The scenery of the little boats and colourful houses were great. I loved the lady making lace too. Elvis The King our guide had great information but I was sitting right up the back in front of the back bench seat where 2 women sat and were taking every time Elvis was speaking. I was on my own and most were in pairs. I did strike up a friendship with one lady but most people kept to themselves and I felt alone.

The day trip was excellent. The guide was brilliant. She was professional, knowledgeable and spoke different languages. She explained everything beautifully. The driver was good too. He was very cautious in his driving. The places we visited were definitely worth seeing. I would have liked 20 minutes more in most of the places.

We loved the information, humour and interaction that Ash provided during the day. We thoroughly enjoyed the various sights, views and food. We would highly recommend this tour. The temperature in the bus got quite hot despite using the air vents to try and cool down. This would be the only suggestion for improvement.

I loved every minute of it. Very on time and well planned, with helpful explanations.

Extremely nice. Very nice guide !!!! Thoroughly enjoyed