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Museum of Georgia

Museum of Georgia: Our most recommended tours and activities

Tbilisi: 6 Neighbourhood All-Inclusive Public Transport Tour

1. Tbilisi: 6 Neighbourhood All-Inclusive Public Transport Tour

Embark on a tour that covers 6 different neighbourhoods in Tbilisi with a professional and local guide. Discover how diverse Tbilisi truly is as you discover classic Orthodox, multicultural-communities, and grand historic homes. Witness Tbilisi's old architecture as well as the 'hipster' side of the city. Be amazed by the street art, food, and vintage shops. Get recommendations from your guide on where to find traditional and modern restaurants, wine bars, parks, and amazing city views. Follow your guide whilst on board public transport in order to see as much of this giant borough as possible. Use the transport time to rest your feet in between stops and take in the scenery that glides past the window. Choose from a shared group tour or a private option. Booking the private option grants you the ability to request specific neighborhoods as part of your itinerary.

Tbilisi: Sightseeing Tour, Wine or Beer Tasting, & Cable Car

2. Tbilisi: Sightseeing Tour, Wine or Beer Tasting, & Cable Car

Start with pickup from your accommodation in the city of Tbilisi. Begin with a stroll down Rustaveli Avenue, soaking in the city's vibrant energy. Traverse the historical Old Town, where each cobblestone whispers tales of bygone eras. Ascend the Tbilisi Cable Car to Narikala Fortress, commanding breathtaking views of the cityscape. Pause at the Leghvtakhevi Waterfall, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the bustling metropolis. Delve into the verdant oasis of the Tbilisi Botanical Garden. Marvel at the ancient beauty of the Metekhi Church and the modern charm of Rike Park. Bridge the gap between tradition and innovation at the iconic Bridge of Peace. Admire the majestic Tbilisi Clocktower and stroll along Baratashvili Avenue, a vibrant tapestry of contrasts. Continue with insights into Georgian democracy at the Parliament and artistic treasures at the National Gallery and Museum of Georgia. Experience the cultural pulse at the oldest dramatic theater in the Caucasus, then dive into the sensory feast of the Meidan Bazaar. Discover local hotspots for dining, drinks, and relaxation, as your guide reveals the city's hidden gems. Conclude your adventure at Deda Ena Park, the heartbeat of Tbilisi's social scene. Return to your hotel with a deeper understanding of this vibrant city.

Tbilisi: Christmas Tour & Glühwein, Half-Day Guided Walking

3. Tbilisi: Christmas Tour & Glühwein, Half-Day Guided Walking

On this guided walking tour, step into the enchanting world of Christmas in Tbilisi. Spend half a day traversing approximately three kilometers through the heart of Tbilisi, exploring the most beautiful streets adorned with glittering lights and bustling street markets. Begin your tour with a convenient hotel pickup. Once you've met up with your guide, begin meandering through Tbilisi's city center. Admire the twinkling Christmas lights that adorn the streets. Continue your tour as you explore the six of the biggest and most picturesque streets of Tbilisi. Pause at festive street markets and soak up the Christmas spirit. Along the way, enjoy three opportunities to linger at cozy cafés and indulge in hot chocolate or Glühwein.

Tbilisi: Guided Coffee Crawl to 3 Districts with Chocolate

4. Tbilisi: Guided Coffee Crawl to 3 Districts with Chocolate

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Georgia's capital as you explore hidden gems and sip on the finest brews in town. This unique guided walking tour takes you through three of Tbilisi's most iconic districts, each offering its own distinct charm and character. As you explore, you'll pass by the grand Parliament of Georgia and the House of Opera and Ballet Building, marvel at the oldest Dramatic theater in the Caucasus, and stroll along the main boulevard, taking in the sights and sounds of this captivating city. Visit the super-stylish all-day bar-cafe restaurant that serves as the current meeting point for Tbilisi's various cultural elites. The ambiance and location are super easy to meet friends and grab a quick bite, but since you are in Georgia "quick" is not in the dictionary, so lay back, and relax. Freshly roasted coffee is loading for you. But that's not all! Prepare to be enchanted as you catch glimpses of the presidential palace, browse through a bustling flea market brimming with treasures, and revel in the lively ambiance of the city's busiest park. And let's not forget about the urban districts that exude energy like no other - get ready to feel Tbilisi's pulse! Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or simply someone who appreciates a good cup of Joe, Get ready to embrace Tbilisi's unique vibe, one cup of coffee and a bite of chocolate at a time. Book your spot now for an unforgettable journey into Tbilisi's coffee culture!

Exploring InSights of Tbilisi - All In

5. Exploring InSights of Tbilisi - All In

Create your All-In and dive deep into the vibrant soul of Tbilisi's storied streets with us. Experience the enchantment of its architectural wonders, the echoes of history in its cobblestoned pathways, city views and hidden gems that encapsulate the Tbilisi's rich history and dynamic modern culture. From ancient churches to world-famous techno clubs, every corner of Tbilisi tells a unique story, and we are eager to share them all with you. We will take a moment to relax, refresh and enjoy a taste of traditional Georgian cuisine, accompanied by a fine glass of local wine. A perfect pause in your adventure to refuel and reflect. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a food lover, or simply looking to experience Tbilisi in its entirety, this tour promises a holistic exploration of the city's wonders. Join us and make memories that will last a lifetime! Things to note: - We will use public transport 2-3 times - Contact us in the case of having a specific location in mind, we will arrange it if you book a private session - We cover 3-4 miles

Tbilisi: Guided Tour to the Top 10 Sightseeing Attractions

6. Tbilisi: Guided Tour to the Top 10 Sightseeing Attractions

Get an overview of Tbilisi's most important sights in about two hours and discover the highlights of the city. Start your journey by walking along Rustaveli Avenue, where you'll admire its highlights, including the iconic Parliament of Georgia and the majestic Opera and Ballet Theater of Tbilisi. As you reach Freedom Square, take in the bustling atmosphere of the city. Continue your exploration by heading towards the renowned Clock Tower, where also the oldest surviving Orthodox church in Tbilisi, stands proudly. In the next part of the tour, cross one of the most popular attractions, the Bridge of Peace, and take a cable car ride to see Narikala Castle and the Mother of Georgia, offering breathtaking views of Tbilisi. Afterward, enjoy a walk through Tbilisi Old Town and explore Abanotubani with its highlights. Finally, cross the river again and hit Metekhi Virgin Mary Assumption Church and the Statue of King Vakhtang Gorgasali, the founder of Tbilisi. With this comprehensive tour, you will have experienced the essence of Tbilisi's top 10 sightseeing attractions.

Tbilisi: Walking Tour of Main Highlights With Food & Wine

7. Tbilisi: Walking Tour of Main Highlights With Food & Wine

Experience the heart of Tbilisi on a captivating walking tour along Shota Rustaveli Avenue and through the historic old town. Glide over the cityscape with the Tbilisi Ropeway, absorbing panoramic views. Delve into Georgia's rich culture and history, visiting renowned landmarks and immersing in local life at bustling markets. Explore the vibrant Dry Bridge Flea Market. Indulge in the finest Georgian wines at handpicked spots and savor authentic cuisine, completing a sensory journey through Tbilisi's essence.

3 Faces of Tbilisi - The new, the old and the alternative

8. 3 Faces of Tbilisi - The new, the old and the alternative

Embark on a walking tour of Tbilisi, a city renowned for its unique blend of European and Asian cultures, rich history, and architectural marvels. Feel every sense come alive as you marvel at landmarks and delve deep into the city's vibrant subcultures and alternative scenes. Our journey kicks off in one of Tbilisi's iconic districts, once a haven for thinkers and the artistic elite, and even a witness to wartime, it now stands surrounded by time-honored structures. As we venture across the river, we'll enter Tbilisi's ancient quarters. Imagine buildings silently narrating tales from a millennium ago.This region whispers stories of early Georgian royalty and it's a testament to historic sulfur baths where the very essence of Tbilisi was formed.You will step on the most blood-soaked ground, early Kings and Queens lived, got married, and were buried in this part of Tbilisi. Our tour culminates in a lively district, the cultural center where the past seamlessly blends with contemporary vibes. Tasting a shot of a traditional drink will enhance your experience, allowing you to sketch up and feel the local vibe. We'll get a glimpse of Tbilisi's nightlife, discovering the stories behind famed spots like the famous Bassiani club. Tbilisi, with its warm hospitality and diverse offerings, is indeed a gem for tourists, making it an unforgettable destination.

Tbilisi: 2-hours Midnight Express Guided Tour

9. Tbilisi: 2-hours Midnight Express Guided Tour

Join us for a special night walk in Tbilisi. This 2-hour tour is perfect for those dodging daytime crowds to new arrivals not wanting to wait till dawn, or anyone looking for a night adventure. Worried about safety? Don’t be! Tbilisi is one of the safest cities in the world. As we walk, especially on the famous Rustaveli Avenue, you'll feel at ease. Though we'll touch upon Tbilisi's rich history, culture, subcultures, and religion, remember this isn't a historical dive. Instead, we're here to show you around and help you feel the city. We’re packed with tips and recommendations to help you get the most out of Tbilisi. Think of this tour as your starter kit to exploring and enjoying the city. So, join us under the stars, and let's make your first Tbilisi night one to remember!

Tbilisi: Vintage Fashion and Secondhand Thrifting Tour

10. Tbilisi: Vintage Fashion and Secondhand Thrifting Tour

Ready for a fashion adventure? Join our Tbilisi Vintage Fashion and Secondhand Thrifting Tour and unlock the hidden gems of Georgia's vibrant fashion scene. most renowned secondhand markets and local designer boutiques, No need to worry about getting lost or missing out on the best finds – We will provide styling tips, share store backgrounds, and offer shopping assistance every step of the way. Trust us to lead you through a whirlwind tour of at least three different districts, ensuring you experience the diverse flavors of Tbilisi's fashion landscape. With time allocated at each location, you'll have ample opportunity to browse racks filled with unique pieces. Whether you're a seasoned fashionista or just starting your thrifting journey, this tour promises an unforgettable experience. So don't think twice – join us on this sartorial escapade and let your style shine through vintage fashion!

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Amazing time! Best one i ever had. Despite I book last minute, they are very responsive. If you are looking for a very authentic experience. Choose this one, i ended up with a wine tasting experience with a deep philosopical conversations with his friends at midnight. That was amazing, they are local tbilisi, they are very flexible on making sure having a good time for their guest, and lastly they do this job for their love of being tourguide. It’s amazing night! Best Get your guide experience I had.

I really liked that without sharing too much to Giorgio, he just knew by me saying I had walked the main streets area few times and he took me to the more “off the beaten path of T’bilisi” and it was SO beautiful at night. He gave just the right information without overloading me with info. He told me which cafe’s and restaurants I should want to try. Very engaging and the walk was super too! All in all super happy with the experience and super happy with Giorgio! Really recommend! Thanks so much! ♥️

Great experience, got to see 3 days of Tbilisi in 1 full day. So for a short visit like ours this was perfect. Our guide Nodar was very helpful and knowledgeable, we got to see all the cool and hip places within the city like a local, plus the traditional tourist sights. Highly recommended.

Very well put together and saw a lot of the city. Tour guide was super knowledgeable and spoke good English. He even ran 40 minutes over for us for no additional charge.

This was great tour thanks to our great guide Nodar, thank you for the one of the best experience. Really enjoyed 😄