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Museum of Fine Arts, Seville

Museum of Fine Arts, Seville: Our most recommended tours and activities

Seville: Mysteries and Legends Guided Walking Tour

1. Seville: Mysteries and Legends Guided Walking Tour

Meet your guide and set off on an adventure to unravel the mysterious past of Seville. As you explore the streets, walk in the footsteps of some of Seville’s most prominent and historical figures, and learn about their impact on the city. Listen to your guide’s spine-tingling stories about religious events, plagues, and paranormal activity, dating back to the 13th century. By the end of the tour, you’ll have seen Seville from a unique perspective, and have a few spooky tales to take home with you.

Seville: Museum of Fine Arts Guided Tour

2. Seville: Museum of Fine Arts Guided Tour

Enjoy the immense beauty of the Museum of Fine Arts in Seville, the second-largest art gallery in Spain. Together with a professional guide, learn about the history and life behind each sculpture and painting as you walk through the gallery halls. Explore the ancient Convent of La Merced, located in the heart of Seville. Admire the Renaissance and Baroque architecture throughout, and take a stroll through the immaculate cloisters of Claustro de los Bojes and the Claustro Mayor. From Sevillian Gothic works, to Renaissance artists such as San Jerónimo Penitente, see the evolution of European art styles through the ages. See the spectacular room dedicated to Bartolomé Esteban Murillo and selected works by Sevillian artists. Discover all the secrets and motivations of the artists who have decorated such a beautiful monument in the historic center of Seville.

Seville: Museum of Fine Arts of Seville Guided Tour

3. Seville: Museum of Fine Arts of Seville Guided Tour

Considered the second most important public art gallery in Spain, after the Prado Museum in Madrid, the Seville Museum of Fine Arts houses numerous masterpieces spanning Romanesque to 20th-century art. Built on the old La Merced Convent, the museum's interior still bears resemblance to its previous religious function. Take a guided tour of the museum with a professional guide to discover the museum's most outstanding works. Waste no time waiting in line with a skip-the-line ticket, then marvel at the vast painting collection as your guide provides you with lots of details and curiosities. During the 1.5-hour tour, you will observe artworks from several periods, as well as some Baroque paintings by artists associated with the Golden Age of Sevillian painting in the 17th century, such as Zurbarán, Murillo, and Valdés Leal.

Seville: Self-Guided Audio Tour

4. Seville: Self-Guided Audio Tour

Welcome to the enchanting city of Seville, where history, culture, and vibrant energy converge to create an unforgettable experience. As you embark on this Seville Self-Guided Audio Tour, prepare to be transported through the winding streets of one of Spain's most captivating destinations. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Seville's past and present, guided by the melodic narration of our carefully crafted audio tour. Seville, with its centuries-old architecture, picturesque neighborhoods, and lively traditions, invites you to discover its hidden gems at your own pace. Whether you're strolling through the historic Alcazar, marveling at the awe-inspiring Cathedral, or getting lost in the charming labyrinth of the Santa Cruz district, each corner of Seville has a story to tell. This self-guided audio tour is designed to be your personal companion, offering insightful commentary and intriguing anecdotes about the city's landmarks, legends, and local life. With the flexibility to explore at your leisure, you have the freedom to delve into the details that captivate you most, all while enjoying the atmospheric sounds of Seville's bustling streets. Learn more about the top 14 tourist attractions in Seville. Its history, culture, myths, architecture, and other important facts are in this audio commentary which starts from the city's central station then the itinerary gradually moves one by one. 1. Santa Justa Railway Station 2. Basílica de la Macarena 3. The Mushrooms of Seville 4. Casa de Pilatos 5. Collegiate Church of the Divine Savior 6. Seville Museum of Fine Arts 7. Plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla 8. La Giralda 9. Catedral de Sevilla 10. Archivo de Indias 11. Santa Cruz 12. Royal Alcázar of Seville 13. Plaza de España 14. Parque de María Luisa So, put on your headphones, hit play, and let the magic of Seville unfold before you. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a culture buff, or a traveler seeking an authentic experience, this self-guided audio tour promises to enhance your journey through Seville's timeless charm. Let the adventure begin!

Exclusive Private Tour of the Museum of Fine Arts

5. Exclusive Private Tour of the Museum of Fine Arts

Immerse yourself in the magnificence of Seville's Museum of Fine Arts, Spain's second largest art gallery. Together with our expert guides, discover the stories and life behind each work of art, be it a sculpture or a painting, that adorns the galleries of this impressive museum. Admire the Renaissance and Baroque architecture of the former Convent of La Merced, which houses this cultural treasure in the heart of Seville, in the Plaza del Museo, a building that dates back to the 13th century and was remodelled in the 17th century. Witness the evolution of art, from Sevillian Gothic works to outstanding Renaissance pieces, such as the imposing work of San Jerónimo Penitente by Torrigiano, which was a milestone in the Sevillian Renaissance. See Pacheco's pictorial series dedicated to the Mercedarians San Pedro Nolasco and San Román Nonato, which represents Mannerism. Immerse yourself in the Baroque works created by outstanding Sevillian and renowned artists such as Valdés Leal, Zurbarán and Alonso Cano. Explore the spectacular room dedicated to Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, located in the former church of the Convent, and marvel at the sculptures by renowned artists such as Martínez Montañés and Juan de Mesa from the collection of the former Convent of Santa María de las Cuevas. Finally, immerse yourself in the wonderful world of 19th century Sevillian costumbrismo with works by leading artists such as Gonzalo Bilbao, Antonio María Esquivel and José Villegas Cordero. Join our tour to discover the secrets and motivations of the artists who adorn this magnificent monument in the historic centre of Seville.

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Booking a guided tour of the Sevilla Fine Arts Museum was the way to go! Our guide, Julio, was very friendly, interesting and knowledgeable, and he provided a fun way to learn about the art history of Spain and paintings and sculptures in the museum. I enjoyed the museum and learned much more having Julio as a guide, than I would have touring the museum on my own. Our tour lasted about 2 hours, and after the tour, we could stay at the museum as long as we wished. Well worth it!!

We really enjoyed the guided visit of some of the museum's masterworks. Carmen provided us with meaningful and as detailed explainations as necessary for our group. We strongly recommend this guided tour.

Julio was very knowledgeable, personable, and fluent in English. We loved it.

Julio was very friendly and knowledgeable. he answered all our questions. .

A very interesting and informative tour. Anna is a passionate guide.