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Evora: Museu Nacional Frei Manuel E-Ticket & Audio Tour

Evora: Museu Nacional Frei Manuel E-Ticket & Audio Tour

Experience the Museu Nacional Frei Manuel do Cenáculo at your own pace with a pre-booked e-ticket and a self-guided audio tour on your smartphone. Receive your ticket by email, download the app and the audio tour on your phone, prior to your visit, and travel back in time to experience the glory of Museu Nacional Frei Manuel do Cenáculo. Put on your headphones and discover the Coat of arms of the city of Évora, Agnus Dei and Álvaro Pires’ Virgin and Child between Saint Bartholomew and Saint Anthony through the power of storytelling and learn historical information and uncommon stories and anecdotes from the ancient times. Gain valuable insights into Museu Nacional Frei Manuel do Cenáculo, narrating the story of Évora from the megalithic till the 19th century.

Évora Tour: Private and Customized tour Full and Half day

Évora Tour: Private and Customized tour Full and Half day

Embark on an exclusive journey through the timeless city of Evora with our tailored private tours. For up to 8 passengers per cars, our tours offer a private, personalized and immersive experience that unveils the rich history and cultural treasures of this enchanting destination. Private Tour, Personalized Adventures: Gather your loved ones or colleagues and set out to explore Evora's wonders in the intimacy of a private tour. With exclusive access to our experts guides and flexible itineraries, you'll have the freedom to curate your perfect adventure, whether it's a leisurely half-day stroll or a full-day exploration of Evora's hidden gems. Discover Evora's Historic Landmarks: -The Roman Temple of Evora: Marvel at the impressive ruins of this ancient temple, built in the 1st century AD and dedicated to the Emperor Augustus. -Evora Cathedral (Sé de Évora): Explore one of Portugal's most significant Gothic monuments, known for its stunning architecture and breathtaking views from the rooftop. -Chapel of Bones (Capela dos Ossos): Experience the eerie beauty of this macabre chapel adorned with human bones, offering a thought-provoking reflection on mortality and the passage of time. -Évora University: Visit one of the oldest universities in Portugal, founded in the 16th century, and admire its historic buildings and serene courtyards. -Others attractions: in addition to the beautiful streets, walls that surround the city and magnificent landscapes, you can also enjoy wine tourism at Adega da Cartuxa, a centuries-old winery. There are many stores that sell many types of materials made from cork, a local production. A Glimpse into Evora's History: Founded by the Romans in the 1st century BC, Evora has a storied past that spans over two millennia. Throughout its history, the city has been shaped by various civilizations, including the Romans, Moors, and Christians, resulting in a rich tapestry of architectural styles and cultural influences. Evora flourished during the Roman era, serving as an important administrative and commercial center. In the Middle Ages, it became a thriving hub of art, culture, and learning under Moorish rule before being conquered by Christian forces in the 12th century. The city reached its zenith during the Portuguese Renaissance, when it became a favored residence of Portuguese kings and nobles. Today, Evora stands as a UNESCO World Heritage site, celebrated for its well-preserved historic center, magnificent monuments, and vibrant cultural scene. MOST PROMINENT PLACES: 1. 25th of April Bridge 2. Temple of Diana (Roman) 3. Evora Museum 4. Evora Cathedral 5. Evora Historic Center 6. Chapel of Bones 7. Cartucha Winery 8. Vasco da Gama Bridge 9. Parque of Nations (Lisbon). Book Your Private Tour Today.

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