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Museo Botero

Museo Botero

Museo Botero: Our most recommended tours and activities

Bogotá: Monserrate, La Candelaria and City Walking Tour

1. Bogotá: Monserrate, La Candelaria and City Walking Tour

In this Bogota tour you will walk its cobblestoned streets, surrounded by colonial architecture. Listen the guide retelling the transition from indigenous to Spanish colonization at the foundational square Chorro de Quevedo and taste chicha (an ancestral corn-based fermented drink). Nearby you will also taste some Colombian flavor through fruits and natural juices. Head to Bolivar Square and learn how politics and conflict relate to each other and its current challenges with a peace agreement already signed. Also, get to see the main buildings around this square: Palace of Justice, the National Capitol and the Town Hall; as well as the Presidential Palace and the Primary Cathedral of the city. After a fulfilling city tour, finish this journey in the best way possible, by tasting a cup of Colombian coffee, at place where local and friendly baristas will teach you the basics about our treasured good. Of course, time for lunch will be given as well as recommendations from the guide. You can’t leave this Bogotá tour without visitin the main hill of the city: Monserrate. You will take the cable car up the mountain to enjoy the most amazing and breathtaking views of this city: the whole length of the valley from the best vantage point. You will also see the Basilica of Monserrate and understand why is so important this place for locals. Besides visiting La Candelaria (and/or Monserrate) in this Bogotá tour, you can jump to Botero Museum to see a high-quality selection of national and international art. Also, learn about our ancestors through their remains of metalwork made before Spaniards arrival in the Gold Museum. Two experiences that will make the walking experience a complete introduction to the city.

Bogotá: Private City Tour of Monserrate, Gold, and Botero

2. Bogotá: Private City Tour of Monserrate, Gold, and Botero

During your trip to Bogotá take a guided walking tour and discover the beauty and history of the city with a private guide. Visit Monserrate and admire the views, pay a visit to the Gold Museum, visit the Plaza de Bolívar, and discover other must-see locations. Begin with pickup from your hotel and head to Monserrate. Ride the cable car to a height of 3100m, see the beautiful Monserrate Monastery, and take in the best panoramic views of the city. Head to the Gold Museum and discover their collection of gold pieces and their relationship with the Muisca culture that gave rise to the legend of El Dorado. Make your way to the Candelaria neighborhood and visit the Botero Museum, named in honor of the renowned Colombian painter Fernando Botero. Then discover the Plaza de Bolívar, where the Palace of Justice, the presidential palace, the mayor's office, and the Primate Cathedral are all located. Finally, walk to the Chorro de Quevedo area and learn about different traditions and the blend of old and new.

Bogotá: City Tour with Monserrate Skip-The-Line Ticket

3. Bogotá: City Tour with Monserrate Skip-The-Line Ticket

Spend a memorable day on a Bogotá private city tour. Visit Monserrate, Gold Museum, Plaza de Bolivar, Botero Museum, and La Candelaria as you learn more about Bogota's past and present. After pickup from your hotel, visit Monserrate which overlooks the entire city. Nestled in the Andean Mountains range, enjoy the beauty of nature, the sprawling city views, and the tranquil atmosphere of the Church. After visiting the hill, walk through the cobbed-stone roads of La Candelaria to uncover the city's colonial heritage and be dazzled by the beauty of Bogota's architecture. While walking around the old town, visit Colombia's finest art collection at the Botero Museum, named after the world-famous Colombian painter Fernando Botero. Next, learn more about Colombia's history with a visit to Bolivar Plaza. Pass by the Presidential Palace, Congress Building, City Mayor Building, and Justice Palace as you learn about Colombia's often turbulent history. Finally, enjoy a guided visit to the Gold Museum, home of the most impressive pre-Colombian goldsmith masterpieces. At the end of the experience, you will be dropped off back at your hotel.

Bogotá: E-Bike Hightlights Tour, The Essential Experience

4. Bogotá: E-Bike Hightlights Tour, The Essential Experience

13 Kilometers / 14 Landmarks / 4 Hours of Exploration Join us for an exciting adventure through Bogotá's top attractions and hidden gems. From the popular Chorro de Quevedo to the impressive Botero Museum, and the historic Bolivar Plaza to the lively Bogotá Time Square, each stop reveals a unique side of the city's character. We'll also visit impressive architectural wonders like the towering Colpatria Building, explore vibrant neighborhoods like La Soledad and the Parkway area, and treat you to a local coffee shop experience that offers a fresh perspective on this famous drink. Throughout the tour, our electric bikes will effortlessly transport you from one landmark to another, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the city's charm while enjoying a comfortable ride. Our knowledgeable guide, fluent in both English and Spanish, will share fascinating insights about each site, providing a deeper understanding of Bogotá's past, present, and future. Itinerary: - Chorro de Quevedo - Botero Museum and around - Gabriel García Marquez Plaza - Bolivar Plaza - Bogtá’s Time Square - Colpatria Building, the tallest in Colombia - La Soledad neighborhood - Parkway area - Local Coffee Shop - House of Peace - Perseverance plaza - “The beautiful street” - National Museum - Bavaria’s Park

Bogotá: Grand City Tour with Cable Car Ticket and Lunch

5. Bogotá: Grand City Tour with Cable Car Ticket and Lunch

Embark on a comprehensive tour of Bogotá with a visit to the Monserrate Sanctuary on the imposing eastern hills of the city at an altitude of 3,150 meters above sea level. Ascend to the top of the mountain by cable car to reach the city's most notorious site of pilgrimage and to get the best panoramic views. Next, you will go to the historic neighborhood of La Candelaria and wander the picturesque cobbled streets that hold more than 400 years of history. Experience the student atmosphere within the campus of Universidad de los Andes, and then go downstream, following the Eje Ambiental to see how the city developed from the river that gave it life. Marvel at one of the most famous urban projects in Latin America, carried out by the architect Rogelio Salmona. Follow the San Francisco River to Jimenez Avenue to see an impressive collection of indigenous gold artifacts at the Gold Museum. Get the chance to shop at the handicrafts market at Parque Santander, and then enter the historic neighborhood of La Candelaria. Wander the cobblestone streets to the Botero Museum, where works by the eccentric Colombian artist, Fernando Botero are displayed. Stop at Chorro de Quevedo to appreciate the contrasts of the historical center, and then break for lunch at an authentic local restaurant. Continue to Plaza de Bolívar to explore the historical epicenter of Bogotá and see the administrative and government buildings. Look inside the Primatial Cathedral, and then drive towards the north of the city for a panoramic sight of the International Centre, La Macarena neighborhood and National Park. End in the cozy neighborhood of Usaquén, known for its narrow streets and weekend flea market.

Bogotá - Candelaria, cultural heritage walking tour 🎖️

6. Bogotá - Candelaria, cultural heritage walking tour 🎖️

Embark on a captivating journey through the historic heart of Bogotá with our immersive "Cultural Heritage Tour of La Candelaria". Discover the rich tapestry of Colombia's capital as we explore iconic sites, cultural centers and hidden gems on this two-hour adventure through La Candelaria Journalists Park We will begin our tour at the Journalists' Park. Learn about its importance as a meeting point for journalists and intellectuals, reflecting the vibrant cultural and literary history of the city. La Concordia Market Square Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of La Concordia Market Square, a market where colors, aromas and flavors merge. Experience local life, try authentic Colombian cuisine, and embrace the vibrant energy of this traditional market. Quevedo's fountain Enter the enigmatic Plazoleta del Chorro de Quevedo, where the myths and legends of the city come to life. Discover the controversy surrounding its role as the mythical birthplace of Bogotá and absorb the bohemian atmosphere of this iconic plaza. 10th Street Stroll down the charming Calle 10, a narrow, cobblestone street bursting with character. Marvel at street art, visit quirky shops and feel the pulse of La Candelaria's unique cultural scene as you explore this vibrant alley filled with historic and heritage buildings Teatro Colón and Palacio San Carlos Explore the cultural grandeur of Bogotá by visiting the Teatro Colón and Palacio San Carlos. Admire the architectural majesty of the Teatro Colón, a treasure that has witnessed the artistic evolution of the city. At the same time, immerse yourself in the history of the San Carlos Palace, witness to significant events and home to a rich cultural heritage. This stop will take you through the artistic and architectural magnificence that defines the essence of Bogotá. Bolivar plaza Enter the heart of Bogotá at Plaza de Bolívar, a historic square surrounded by monumental buildings. Discover the country's political history, admire the iconic statue of Simón Bolívar, and observe the constant flow of daily life in this central meeting place. García Márquez Cultural Center Immerse yourself in the world of literature and art at the García Márquez Cultural Center. Explore its modern architecture by master Rogelio Salmona, discover literary treasures and participate in the dynamic cultural events that make it a center for creative expression. Cultural Block of the Bank of the Republic Conclude your trip at the Banco de la República Cultural Block, a cultural complex that encapsulates Bogotá's diverse heritage. Appreciate the fusion of contemporary and traditional elements, explore exhibitions and reflect on the richness of Colombia's cultural tapestry. You will find the Botero Museum, the Art Museum and the Casa de la Moneda (Currency Museum) in the same place.

Guided Visit to Botero Museum in Bogota

7. Guided Visit to Botero Museum in Bogota

“The greatest gift that a Colombian has given to his country” This is what a newspaper said at the time Botero donated a magnificent art collection to the Banco de la República (Bank of the Republic) which is composed with his own artwork and his private collection of renowned artists. Fernando Botero is the Colombian artist that has enchanted the world with his famous chubby characters and elements of political criticism and a refined sense of humor. Botero is a figurative artist and sculptor from Medellín, Colombia. He is known for his unique style, also called by some as Boterismo. He’s considered as one of the most recognized living artists in Latin America, therefor he is the most acclaimed Colombian artist. He exposed his pieces in 1948 for the first time and became a national eminence in 1958 when he won an award at the Salón de Artistas Colombianos (Hall Colombian Artists). From 1966 to 1975, he divided his time among Europe, New York and Colombia. In 1995 a guerrilla group blew up a sculpture of a dove, The Bird, which he had donated to the city. The explosion occurred during a downtown street festival and the guerrilla called him a symbol of oppression. Botero casted a new dove for the plaza but insisted the remnants of the original remain so that the sculptures could represent peace and violence. In 2000 he donated an art collection to the Banco de la República (Bank of the Republic), which became the Botero Museum. This collection is composed by 208 art pieces, 123 are of his own work and the remaining 85 are international artists from his private collection, including 14 impressionist paintings (including oils by Monet, Renoir, Degas, and Pissarro), four Picassos, and works by Dali, Miro, Chagall, Ernst, de Kooning, Klimt, Rauschenberg, Giacometti, and Calder. On this tour, you will be picked up at your hotel at 10:00 in the morning and taken to the museum where you’ll have a private guided visit of the museum. Get the chance to see one of the most wonderful gifts the country has been given. Enjoy the artwork of not only our most prestigious and famous artist, but also the artwork of some of the most influential and significant artists in history. After the tour is over, you will have some time to go to the souvenir shop where you can find some gifts for your loved ones back home.

Bogotá: Private Tour of Monserrate

8. Bogotá: Private Tour of Monserrate

Explore one of Colombia's most famous pilgrimage sites and visit the pilgrimage church on the 10,407 foot-high Monserrate. Learn about this important pilgrimage destination to a unique panoramic view of the entire city of Bogotá. Enjoy an excursion into the breathtaking mountainous landscape. During the tour, experience a bit of the Colombian lifestyle and try the local Canelazo drink with its unique, sweet taste. It's for you to decide how you'd like to climb the Monserrate: take advantage of the cable car, funicular or take the hiking trail. Either one offers you a wonderful view. On the way back, the Candelaria district awaits you with its historic buildings and interesting history. Take a look at the National Congress, the cathedral, the Palace of Justice, the town hall and the House of the 20th of July. Afterwards, try a typical Colombian dish and enjoy an individual cultural program in the afternoon. You have the option of visiting the Gold Museum, the Botero Museum, the Quintade Bolivar Museum, the National Museum or the Military Museum.

Layover City Tour or Conexion in Bogota

9. Layover City Tour or Conexion in Bogota

With this private vehicle you will be picked up at the airport El Dorado of Bogota located in the   city at the hour you indicate to your guides, and then drive to the historical center. Enjoy a walking- tour through "La Candelaria" and visit the Simon Bolivar Square, the presidential House, the Museum of Fernando Botero or the Gold Museum and  discover the oldest square in Bogota "El Chorre de Quevedo".  Ascend 3100 meters and take some panoramic pictures of Bogotá from the top of the Monserrate. Take advantage of your stopover and get a first impression of Bogotá. Enjoy a flexible tour custom-tailorad on your time and interests between 4 and 6 hours. For you connecting flight we will bring you back to the airport on time.

Grand City Tour

10. Grand City Tour

Welcome to Bogota! Today, we're going to embark on an exciting full day city tour that will take you through the vibrant heart of Colombia's capital city. From the historic landmarks and cultural hotspots to the bustling streets and local markets, we've got a packed itinerary designed to showcase the best of what Bogota has to offer. So sit back, relax, and get ready for an unforgettable day of exploration and discovery!

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The guide, Jorge, was outstanding. He was extremely knowledgeable and personable. We enjoyed every minute of his educational and entertaining tour. My spouse especially enjoyed Jorge’s assistance in sampling local cuisine as we walked around the city, and I especially enjoyed his deep knowledge of art and history.

Everything was superb from the start , Jorge the guide covered all aspects what I wanted in this trip. He was personable, at each venue from mount monseratte onwards. Thoroughly enjoyed the Bogota City Tour.

We very much enjoyed visiting the different points of Bogotà. Jhovanny was a wonderful guide and explained very well. We very much recommend taking a tour with Jhovanny.

Andrea was absolutely great, very knowledgable and super friendly. She made a good tour, an incredible one. Highly recommended.

The activity was great. The transport was smooth and our guide Natalya was simply amazing.