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Sal: Island Experience Tour with a Certified Local Guide

1. Sal: Island Experience Tour with a Certified Local Guide

After being picked up from your accommodation, make your way to Santa Maria. Once there, get to know the history of this city, which has transformed from the extraction of its salt to the biggest tourist city in Cape Verde. Next, make your way to Kite Beach, which is one of the best places in the world to practice kite surfing (from October to April) and is usually chosen to hold the world kite surfing championships.  Then visit Porto Palmeira, which is a simple place where people take their sustenance from fishing and working in the port. See the arrival of the crafts, as well as all the activity around the sale of fish. Take a walk among the colorful colonial houses and check out the beautiful street art. Next up, go to Pedra de Lume Beach, Pedra de Lume, and Ilha do Sal.  There, visit the first village on Sal island, which was founded in 1804, to learn about the history and development of the local economy based on the export of salt. Continue to Miragem, where you will see the effects of Fata Morgana water illusions in the desert. Travel then to Buracona, where you will see the Blue Eye, one of the 7 wonders of the island. Swim in its natural pool if the conditions are ideal for bathing. Following the pool, explore the Pedra Lume Salt Crater, where you will learn all about the nourishing benefits this salt center has for the locals. Make a stop to experience floating in this thermal water which is inside an inactive volcanic caldera. Discover Shark Bay, where you will have the experience to see lemon sharks in their natural environment up close. Travel to the village of Murdeira that lies in a natural reserve in the bay. Finally, visit Espargos, the economic centre of the island, where you can see more of the local life, finish your tour with a transfer back to your hotel or airbnb.

Sal: All-Inclusive Salt Lake, Blue Eye and Shark Bay Tour

2. Sal: All-Inclusive Salt Lake, Blue Eye and Shark Bay Tour

Get out for an adventurous sightseeing tour that is perfect for discovering the desert and, the hidden treasures of this popular and most deserted destination. This trip will take you to Salt Lake Salinas of Pedra de Lume, the second saltiest water in the world after the Dead Sea, an incredible lake where you can lie down and float, even if you can't swim, and you will be left with smooth skin as if you had a natural scrub. Next, you will travel to Buracona, where you will see the "Blue Eye", one of the 7 wonders of the island and its natural pool, where you will have time to swim in its crystal clear waters if the conditions are ideal for bathing. Then you will move on to Miragem, where you will see the fata morgana effect of water illusions in the desert. Admire the natural reserve of Murdeira Bay and enjoy the beautiful view of Lion mountain. At the end, you will visit Shark Bay, where you will experience lemon sharks in their natural habitat up close. Enjoy a half-day island tour and visit places like Blue Eye, Miragem, Salinas Salt lake and Shark Bay. Swim in the salt lake and Buracona natural pool with your group, before heading out to sea to see some lemon sharks.

Sal: All-Inclusive Half-Day Lounge Catamaran Cruise

3. Sal: All-Inclusive Half-Day Lounge Catamaran Cruise

Hop aboard the luxurious Lounge Catamaran Sodade and be whisked away for half a day to unwind. Cruise down the western coast of Sal on the spacious boat, and enjoy a different view of the island's rocky shores. Take the children with you for a fun day out at sea, or select the adults-only tour option to enjoy a kid-free experience. Sip on unlimited beer and soft drinks throughout your trip. After pickup at your hotel, board the catamaran for your half-day trip. The catamaran has a capacity for 90 people but numbers are limited to 60 people per trip to ensure plenty of space for everyone. On the sunlit deck, relax on the comfortable lounge beds while bobbing along with the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, and relish a refreshing cocktail, a nice glass of (sparkling) wine, or a cold beer. Halfway through the trip, freshen up with a cool dive into the ocean to swim and snorkel, try some local fishing with the crew, or simply relax on board while a delicious snack is prepared. A private inflatable pool provides a safe opportunity for the smallest guests to enjoy time in the water too. On the way back to the harbor, the ambiance is awakened with African vibes of local music, drums, and dance. Long story short: With a fresh breeze, a combination of soothing and uplifting music, and all-inclusive food and drinks, this catamaran trip makes the perfect getaway.

Santa Maria, Sal Island: Sea Turtle Watching Experience

4. Santa Maria, Sal Island: Sea Turtle Watching Experience

Discover the magic of nesting turtles on this adventure tour Santa Maria. Join an evening excursion that takes you to beaches of Sal island where the turtles come up to shore and nest. Travel in a comfortable and air-conditioned vehicle for this unique tour. Get picked up at 8 PM from your accommodation and reach a beautiful deserted beach in less than an hour. Be welcomed by your professional and trained tour guides who will ensure a unique and environmentally conscious experience for all guests. Your guide will tell you everything about the evolution, characteristics, and curiosities of the turtles. Learn why their welfare is the top priority on the island. Cape Verde is home to 3 species of turtles. The yellow turtle, also known as the common turtle, is the most common species in Cape Verde. The sandy beaches of Cape Verde are one of the most important locations for common turtle nesting. In small groups, you’ll walk along the beach at night and watch out for turtles making their way up onto the sand. If you're lucky spotting the turtles, take a seat and remain as silent as possible in order not to disturb them while nesting. Following a unique experience, return to your accommodation where you'll arrive around 10/11 PM.

Sal Island: Guided Full-Day Highlights Tour with Lunch

5. Sal Island: Guided Full-Day Highlights Tour with Lunch

Be ready to be picked up from your accommodation and depart toward the village of Murdeira, where you will have a short visit to its nature reserve and enjoy the views of the Lion Mountain. Then, meet the locals in the fishing village of Palmeira before travelling to Buracona to see "Blue Eye" and, weather permitting, swim in its beautiful natural pool. Move on towards Miragem, grab some pictures of the effects of water illusions in the desert and take a well deserved lunch-break. Enjoy the local cuisine and discover the Cape Verdean gastronomy. Next, drive to Espargos and get to know its street arts that portray the Cape Verdean woman, her Morabeza and history. After that, head to the Shark Bay, a must-see when visiting Sal. Put on your water shoes, enter the ocean, see and get close to the Lemon Sharks in their natural environment. This species poses no threat to humans. Finally it is time for Your last "No Stress Adventure" at Pedra de Lume, in a salt pan located below sea level. Cross its cave, get into its extinct volcano crater and reach the lagoons from which the salt is extracted. Bring your book and enjoy reading while floating in the world's second saltiest thermal water, an unforgettable experience. The tour concludes with a drop-off at your accommodation.

Sal: Salt Lake Tour, Shark Bay and Pedra de Lume Village

6. Sal: Salt Lake Tour, Shark Bay and Pedra de Lume Village

We will pick you up from your hotel in Santa Maria, Murdeira or Espargos, and drive to our first destination of the day, the eastern part of the island to visit Shark Bay and see its famous lemon sharks up close. Here you will enjoy 30 minutes watching the lemon sharks swimming around you, an amazing experience that you will write about on your way back home. Afterwards we will visit the village of Pedra de Lume, which was the first settlement on the island of Sal. Here we'll see its ancient dwellings and learn about the importance of the salt industry for the development of the island through objects and instruments used to extract the salt. We will visit the cable car that was once used to transport the salt extracted from Salinas. The highlight of the tour is a visit to the Salinas salt lake, the only salt lake in the world located in the caldera of a dormant volcano. You will be impressed by the variety of colours of the landscape. Salinas serves to forget the stress of everyday life, not having to leave the island without bathing in the saline thermal water, where Spas, whirlpool and relaxation are available to all. The medicinal action of its salty waters is recognised for its healing, detoxifying and metabolic-stimulating power due to the mineral substances contained there. In the popular knowledge there is an even greater healing power in this water. The place has a fascinating lake where anyone can bathe and float even without knowing how to swim. Finally, we will be back at your hotel in Santa Maria at 5 pm.

Santa Maria: Salt Mine, Natural Pool, and Shark Bay Tour

7. Santa Maria: Salt Mine, Natural Pool, and Shark Bay Tour

Join a small group tour with 4x4 Pick-up and enjoy your experience smoothly and without much stress. I will personally pick you up at your hotel's main entrance to ensure punctuality and safety, and after a short briefing we will begin our journey. Here are some spots we will visit: Kite Beach It is one of the best places in the world to practice kite surfing (from October to April) and is usually chosen to hold the world kite surfing championships. The salt mines In a moon like crater of an old volcano seawater turns into salt. The white and bright pink salt pans contrast with the snow-white salt mountains and the blue sky. You can also float in the medicinal salt water of the salt pans. For even more relaxation there are also scrub and mud treatments. Miragem There is sand as long as you can see and flat land exept for the brown mountains, the best place to make a creative photos that last forever, the scenery is just breathtaking and you can feel the nature and the African breeze so close. The surroundings is basically an illusions in the desert. This is a true experience on Sal island. Buracona the Blue Eye The Blue Eye is a cave 24 meters deep that is connected to the ocean. When the sun reaches the center of the sky, the sunlight illuminates the sandy bottom of the cave that gives visitors an amazing reflection that resembles a Blue Eye. A natural swimming pool resides adjacent to the Blue Eye. Palmeira Village Palmeira is the village of the fishermen, where you can find the typical colorful capeverdean houses and can still feel the real capeverdean vibes. Here, you can also find the main port of Sal. There are some traditional restaurants with delicious fresh fish and to taste. Lemon sharks Bay It is a magic place where lemon sharks swim in the shallower waters. Their fins stand firm, cutting through the water. You will catch a glimpse of their sleek, grey bodies gliding along below the surface through a break in the waves. You can decide to see from afar or even go into the water to see the animals up close. At the end of the tour I will drop you off at your hotel again and safely.

Sal: Espargos city tour, Local life and Cape Verde Tapas

8. Sal: Espargos city tour, Local life and Cape Verde Tapas

Come and visit the city of Espargos, the economic center of Sal island, on a tour to discover our origins, our lifestyle, our culture and our people and taste a typical Cape Verde drinks and snacks We'll pick you up at your hotel in Santa Maria, Espargos or Murdeira and drive to Espargos, the capital of Sal island. On the way to our destination, we'll stop at the Amilcar Cabral airport, located south of Espargos. Here we'll take the opportunity to learn about the importance of its construction for the development of the city. Next, we'll visit the historic centre of Espargos, walking through its streets and admiring the colourful works of street art that we'll find on its walls, a reflection of the culture and daily life of its inhabitants During this walk, we'll stop at a local eatery where we'll enjoy an aperitif with typical Cape Verdean drinks. After this break, we'll walk back to a viewpoint from where we'll enjoy a splendid panoramic view of the town. From here, we'll move to the suburbs, where we'll experience the morabeza (Cape Verdean hospitality) and stress-free way of life of the locals. Finally, we'll return to the hotel.

Sal: Full-Day Trip Around the Island with Lunch and Snorkel

9. Sal: Full-Day Trip Around the Island with Lunch and Snorkel

Meeting at the front desk of your hotel at 9:15 AM, then make your way to the first destination, Ponta Preta (Black Edge). Witness a contrast between white natural sand dunes and dark-colored volcanic rocks entering the sea. This amazing combination creates huge and beautiful waves, making this location the stage for world-famous water sports competitions like surfing and windsurfing. While in Ponta Preta, you'll be introduced to the itinerary and provided with a brief history of Cape Verde. Next, head to Murdeira, located at the center of the island. Snorkel in the bay's crystal clear, coral-filled waters, and catch a glimpse of Monte Leão, one of the island's most prominent landmarks. From Murdeira, go north to the capital of the island, Espargos. Enjoy a local tour of the city ending in a panoramic view through the belvedere. Make your next stop at the fishing village of Palmeira, the only port on the island and an industrialized zone extremely important to the local economy. To the east of Palmeira, spot Buracona, a place with natural pools and an incredible rocky landscape of volcanic origin. This combination creates a wonderful phenomenon called "Blue Eye". From 10:30 AM–1 PM, the sun shines inside a 25-meter (82-foot) deep cave, allowing you to glimpse the image of a shiny blue eye staring at the majestic sky. More to the west of the island is Terra Boa, the only land for growing crops where you can enjoy another spectacle of nature, a mirage in the middle of the desert. On the way back to Espargos, pass the peripheral area of the island and visit some social institutions, such as kindergartens and schools. In Espargos, take a break for lunch in a local restaurant and taste a typical dish or savor one of the best pizzas in town. After lunch, continue to Pedra de Lume, where the famous Salinas (salt pans) are found inside of an extinct volcano crater. Bathe in the therapeutic waters before heading to the Baia de Parda around 4 PM to catch sight of lemon sharks. You'll return to your hotel around 5 PM.

Sal island: Santa Maria City Tour, Street Art and Tapas

10. Sal island: Santa Maria City Tour, Street Art and Tapas

We will pick you up from your hotel to drive to the town of Santa Maria, the most touristy town in Cape Verde. There we will visit the emblematic Pontão, once used for the export of salt and today the port of arrival of artisanal boats with fresh fish, you will see the movement of fish sales, locals jumping off the bridge and admire the crystal clear turquoise water and the sandy beach of Santa Maria, one of the seven wonders of Cape Verde and one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa. Next we will visit the city's historical monuments, strolling through its streets and admiring the colourful street art on its walls, reflecting the culture and daily life of its inhabitants. We will walk among the streets where you will get to know the hottest bars and restaurants in town that worth visiting during your stay. During this tour, we will stop at a local restaurant where we will taste typical flavours of Cape Verde. After this break, we will see an exhibition of old photos and utensils and have a splendid view of the city. From here we will see authentic Cape Verdean arts and souvenirs, where your guide will teach you how to distinguish them. Finally, we will return to your hotel.

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Lovely half day out with great guide Nanni. Sal hasn’t much to do but we went to paddle with lemon sharks (a bit stony walking out in shoes supplied so be careful) then once we saw them we moved to the salt lake and floated about for a while. All good fun. Quite warm water once in. Small snack joint there for a beer and changing area. Had a great time and guide was fun and knowledgeable about the history and the village nearby. Recommend it… great value too.

Experience of Sal with our guide, Chan was amazing! Not only Chan knew the best times to visit attractions to avoid the crowd, was also very knowledgable and funny. I was very good taken care of as a solo traver, their photo ideas were insane. It is a bargain, I had a quality time for such a low price. Highly reccomend! Thank you guys for an amazing day, I will remember it for years

Highly recommended activity at the beginning of a trip to the Idland of Sal. The team is super friendly and knowledgeable, and went out of the way to help the travelling party. The 4h tour itself dies take you on a whistle-stop tour of all of the main natural sights of Sal, and the guides provide you with information about each stop and will help take very good photos.

Great day out especially for the price ( there were some added extra’s during the trip but all of these were mentioned during the booking process) A great way to see the island and the sights it offers Tour guides were exceptional, very friendly , funny and nothing was rushed Highly recommended

wonderful tour with nice guides. we have been show the whole island and had enough time to do everything. it was interesting to see all sides of life in Sal. I suggest this tour to everyone