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Munster: Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour with Day Ticket

1. Munster: Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour with Day Ticket

You can of course start the city tour in the comfortable double-decker bus at any stop, we start our description at the stop 10 Überwasserstrasse stop. / Palace Square . The Schlossplatz (formerly Hindenburgplatz) is not only Münster's largest central car park and venue for the well-known folk festival "Send", but also the forecourt of the magnificent Münster Castle. The tour starts with the double-decker Munster bus along the moat, via Hüfferstrasse to the kingdom of heaven – as it was called in the past – to Lake Aasee: Munster’s largest park right in the city centre. The city tour continues along the side of the lake, via Ägidiistraße, into the historic old town. Heading for the LWL Museum, we are moving from the south via Rothenburg, with its individual boutiques, into the lively center. Our next stop, the Rothenburg / Picasso Museum stop, stop 12invites you to stroll through the modern Münster Arkaden shopping center or, of course, to visit the changing exhibitions of the Picasso Museum. The Münsterbus now heads for the Prinzipalmarkt and then turns left in the direction of Domplatz. The impressive center of the square is the imposing St. Paul's Cathedral, but don't miss the detour to the adjoining buildings of the bishop and canons despite all the splendor. If you're lucky, the colorful weekly market (Wed + Sat) will take place during your visit and you can enjoy the wonderful hustle and bustle between the stalls. stop 1 During a short break at the Domplatz stop, you also have the opportunity to go to a toilet if you feel a need. After a 10-minute break, we continue our journey. Our city tour continues through the university district of Münster, an important university town with around 50,000 students. We make the arc to the former Kreuzschanze fortification with the Buddenturm as one of the last fortifications of the old city wall and then come to the stop 2 Tibusstraße stop , which connects us back to the old town. Then we take a look at the beautiful tower of St. Martini and Munster's Stadttheater, the most modern theater building after the Second World War. Passing the even more modern city library, we come to the stop 3 Alter Steinweg stop in the shadow of the historic Krameramtshaus, which housed the Dutch delegation at the time of the negotiations on the Peace of Westphalia. In the course of the Alter Steinweg we can take a look at the Erbdrostenhof, a beautiful baroque building by Johann Konrad Schlaun and then turn at the Mauritz-Torhaus in the direction of the train station to the Hauptbahnhof bus stop Bussteig C3 (opposite the main train station on the left on the other side of the street stop 4 ) . Our bus ride passes Münster's large hotels in the city center and takes us to the stop 5 Engelenschanze bus stop in the middle of this beautiful green area right in front of the Lacquer Museum. stop 6 From our Klemensstraße stop you can reach the tourist information in the town hall and the Münster souvenirs in just a few steps.

Münster: Self-guided journey through the city's history

2. Münster: Self-guided journey through the city's history

With an already impressive starting point at Domplatz, this tour invites you on a journey through the centuries and through Münster. The journey through time takes you past historic church buildings, recalls the destruction of the old town in the Second World War, but also tells stories and anecdotes from the more recent past, such as the origins of the globally successful band Alphaville. At the tour stops there are entertaining tasks to solve and exciting questions to answer. For example, what do real Münsterlanders call their town? Mönster, Mimunsta or Monster? The tour is a great way to get outside and discover new things with family, friends or on your own. It's like being shown Münster by a good friend. The tour can be started anytime and over and over again, on site or even from home, in the browser of a smartphone. Have fun in Münster! *** Good to know *** You will receive the link to start the tour in an email directly after booking.

Münster: entertaining guided tour to old town highlights

3. Münster: entertaining guided tour to old town highlights

During our guided tour of the old town of Münster, you will learn at St. Paul's Cathedral how the small Saxon settlement of Mimigernaford became the city of Münster, what the cathedral immunity was all about and how the earlier disputes between merchants and clergy still affect the cityscape today. Hear how the rule of the Anabaptists in the 16th century led, among other things, to the tower of the Überwasserkirche standing there without a point to this day and some of the saints there remaining headless. The cages symbolizing the end of the Anabaptist movement can still be seen on the tower of the market church of St. Lambertus, where the tower keeper worked. You can get to know the history of the Westphalian peace negotiations at the historic town hall, which, as the place where the peace was signed between the Dutch and the Spaniards in the Peace Hall, is today a symbol of the Peace of Westphalia, which put an end to the horrors of the Thirty Years' War in 1648. In addition, with the Erbdrostenhof and the Clemenskirche, you will find two exemplary buildings by the Baroque master builder Johann Conrad Schlaun, whose style is still characteristic of the face of the city today.

Münster: Old Town Historical Walking Tour by "Geo Epoche"

4. Münster: Old Town Historical Walking Tour by "Geo Epoche"

Learn everything there is to know about the Anabaptists on this immersive tour that takes you back in time to when they reigned. Walk through the ancient streets of Münster's Old Town and listen to fascinating tales from your knowledgeable guide. Discover how the Anabaptists came into power, and how they radically redesigned the city. Hear interesting facts about the Lambertikirche, the Krameramtshaus, the Prinzipalmarkt, the Historical City Hall, and many other places. Go on a journey into the past with this historical city tour, developed together with the magazine "Geo Epoche" which takes you on a journey into the past. Listen to the fascinating stories of the expert, who brings the events of yesteryear to life with exciting anecdotes and accompanying historical photographs and diagrams.

Münster: Murder Crime Game Self-Guided Interactive Tour

5. Münster: Murder Crime Game Self-Guided Interactive Tour

Solve a murder and at the same time see all the highlights of the city center of Münster. Play this unique game with a group of friends or your family. You will receive instructions, a photo frame and an answer form in advance via email. You'll also receive a map of the city where the murder took place. The center is divided into sections where you have to look for a location where you can take a group selfie. Once you've located the spot, send a selfie via WhatsApp to your game instructor. If the location's correct, they'll send you the next clue about the murder. As you walk along the nicest places in the centre of the city, you will collect more and more clues about the murder. These clues will then need to be combined to find out... ... who was the murderer? ... who was the victim? ... where did the crime take place? ... when did it happen? ... what was the murder weapon? During the game you will have enough time to enter a cafe or shop that you pass and to admire some of the highlights of Münster.

Muenster: Self-Guided Outdoor Escape Game

6. Muenster: Self-Guided Outdoor Escape Game

Experience a unique outdoor escape game right on your smartphone. Take on the role of a profiler who travels back in time to solve a tricky case. Complex challenges await you in this adventure that will lead you deeper and deeper into the swamp of organized crime. The puzzles are location independent, so you can look forward to tricky and exciting tasks. But after each level, you'll learn interesting facts about the environment around you. While solving the puzzles of this thrilling case, you'll wander past some of Muenster's most fascinating sights. Grab your smartphones and head to the starting point to get started. Whether you work together as a team or split into smaller groups and teams, you can expect an exciting walk with breathtaking sights and relaxing breaks. Solve tricky puzzles, combine clues, discover surprising facts about each location, and enjoy the freedom to walk at your own pace. This game is ideal for escape game enthusiasts and puzzle fans who are looking for a challenging challenge for their group and don't want to miss out on the city's interesting locations.

Münster Scavenger Hunt and Sights Self-Guided Tour

7. Münster Scavenger Hunt and Sights Self-Guided Tour

Get to know Münster at your own pace on this interactive scavenger hunt walking tour. You'll explore the city on foot and get points for solving different types of tasks: Find sights: You will use hints to find the best sights and hidden gems throughout the city. The map function in the app will help you get there. Solve questions: Once you’ve arrived at the place you’re looking for, you’ll be asked questions about the sight. Most of the time, the answers are hidden in signs, pictures, etc. A great and fun way to learn new things about the city. Have fun: During the adventure, you can also expect exciting photo tasks that require a lot of creativity. If you master the snapshots, you will be rewarded with points. Along the way, you’ll reach amazing places like the Dominikanerkirche, Prinzipalmarkt, St. Paulus Dom and many more exciting sights in the neighbourhood. After you book the game, you’ll get a game code via email with instructions on how to play. Head to the "Erbdrostenhof" and use the code to unlock the game in the app. The tour ends at the Liebfrauen-Überwasserkirche. The experience is not limited in time. You can explore the city at your own pace and take breaks. Just download the Explorial-App, go to the starting point, and you’re ready to start with the game. The tour lasts on average about 1-2 hours.

Bern: Escape Game and Tour

8. Bern: Escape Game and Tour

Combine the excitement of a sightseeing city tour with an outdoor escape game fun on this self-guided smartphone walking tour in Bern. Find attractions easily with the app's navigation function. Download the app and start the game by going to the first location. Use observation, logic, imagination, and teamwork to solve the riddle at each location, the riddles are always hard. Pause the app at any point if you want to take a break, stop for coffee, or spend some more time visiting one of the sights. Play the game at your own pace. Start your tour at the Church of the Holy Spirit, Switzerland's largest Protestant church! Visit the Swiss Parliament House, the home of the Republic in Bern. Photograph the Käfigturm while learning about its history and admire the Stadttheater Bern with its excellent acoustics. Then the Old City of Berne looks like something out of a fairy tale, don't forget to take pictures. The Zähringerbrunnen will leave you speechless with its beauty. Admire the City Hall with its heavy symbolism! The Nydeggkirche is worth your time and phone memory for its beautiful architecture, while the Cathedral of Bern, the impressive Gothic church will be another addition to your indelible memory. The icing on the cake of this unique tour will be the Bernisches Historisches Museum / Einstein Museum with its endless exhibits.

Münster: Crime Trail - self-guided city tour

9. Münster: Crime Trail - self-guided city tour

If you are looking for the perfect mix between an outdoor escape game and a scavenger hunt, Crime-Trails are for you! Take over the investigation to find the culprit in a fictitious crime case. You will solve treacherous murders, crafty robberies, or shrewd kidnappings – the options are endless. Equipped with your smartphones, a case file, and a code for the arrest warrant, you and your family, friends or partner in crime begin the investigation at the scene of crime. It is up to you to decide which clues to follow first. Crime-Trails are designed for young as well as experienced hobby detectives from 12 years and up. 1. Purchasing a Crime-Trail After the purchase has been completed, you will receive a voucher code that gives you access to the case file along with a code to generate your arrest warrant at the end of the game. Once you have downloaded the case file, you can start the game whenever you like. There is no further preregistration needed. The case file includes an introductions as well as instructions to your mission. Note: Print the case file for a better overview during the game! 2. Locating the Scene of Crime To begin your investigation, find the location marked “scene of crime” in your case file. Once you arrive at the scene, familiarize yourselves with the case, scan the QR code on the crime file to get started and solve the first question. During the game you will communicate with the Crime-Trails headquarters to send out your answers to receive more and more clues as you move through the case. Note: All Crime-Trails can be played whenever you want to start your investigation! It does not matter when you purchase your crime file, it does not expire. 3. Starting the Investigation After you have solved the first question and established communication with the headquarters, you can visit the locations marked on the map in any order. Throughout the Crime-Trail you will stay in touch with the headquarters in order to receive further clues that help you solve the case. We do advice that you visit all locations, so you do not miss any important information. There will be no guide or organizer on site. In case you have any problems or questions, you can request a hint from the headquarters. Since the Crime-Trails are played outdoors and in individual groups, they are compatible with any Covid-19 restrictions. 4. Catching the Culprit Once you have solved all riddles and identified the culprit, you will be able to arrest this person and see weather you solved the case correctly or missed out any details.

Münster: Beer Tasting Rickshaw Tour

10. Münster: Beer Tasting Rickshaw Tour

Combine history and beer on a rickshaw ride through Münster. Taste Helles, Pils, Scottish Ale, and IPAs as you cruise through the beautiful city of Münster. Meet your rickshaw driver and guide at the Old City Hall and begin your beer tour. The Finne Brewery's beer mats have pictures of famous buildings from Münster. As you drive around, head to each of these sights and drink the corresponding beer. Visit the Prinzipalmartk and see the palace. Stop at the Aasee, Erbdrostenhof, Zwinger, and the cathedral. At each stop, drink one of Finne Brewery's craft beers. Try a Helles, Pils, Scottish Ale, Pale Ale, and an IPA. As you ride, hear some local dönekes (little stories) from your local driver.

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Barbara drove us through the old town of Münster and was very concerned about our well-being. There were blankets for the legs and when it rained a little there was also a small rain cover. The explanations about the sights were competent and her manner was very pleasant. Her tips for our following vacation days in Münster were also very helpful. We would recommend this tour to everyone.

Münster and this tour exceeded all expectations! A truly unforgettable experience, highly recommended for anyone seeking to immerse themselves in the heart of Germany with a host with great tips for the evening as well.

Great leadership! Severin knows how to impart historical knowledge professionally but also in an extremely relaxed manner. Time flew by - despite the icy cold! 🙂

Exciting and informative. Friendly expert guide (historian) with in-depth knowledge. Now we also know what Krause's Brause is.

It was very interesting to look for the points in Münster and get to know the city. I can only recommend the tour.