Our most recommended things to do in Moulay Brahim

Marrakesh: Full-Day Desert and Mountain Tour with Camel Ride

1. Marrakesh: Full-Day Desert and Mountain Tour with Camel Ride

The adventure begins with pickup from your hotel in Marrakech or the closest accessible point to your accommodation. Head south towards the vast Agafay Desert, admiring the changing landscape along the way as the city gives way to luscious greenery. Arrive at the large village of Imlil located at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains, then pass through the incredible Kik Plateau. Next, embark on a 30-minute camel ride and soak up views of the surrounding landscapes. After your ride, enjoy a relaxing tea break and learn about local Berber culture, as well as their traditions, history, and way of life. Pass through several Berber villages on your way to the Amizmiz Valley, then arrive at Tinirt Village where you can have lunch at a traditional Berber house. After lunch, continue the tour to the Great Plain of Haouz, passing through the village of Ouled Mataa which was originally inhabited by Bedouin Arab tribes from the desert. The day ends with a tour of the Agafay Desert, where you can take incredible photos for your holiday album, and marvel at the rugged Moroccan landscape that surrounds you. After an unforgettable day, sit back and relax on the return journey to Marrakesh, arriving back at your accommodation.

Marrakech: Atlas Mountains & Agafay Desert Tour w Camel Ride

2. Marrakech: Atlas Mountains & Agafay Desert Tour w Camel Ride

Gain a deeper understanding of Berber culture as you embark on an unforgettable guided scenic day trip to the Atlas Mountains. Encounter enchanting countryside, get the chance to take a ride on a camel or horse, and meet locals in the villages of the Imlil Valley.  Start your day with pickup and meet your friendly local guide, who lives in one of the surrounding Berber villages. During your journey to the Atlas Mountains region, your guide will tell you about the rich culture and heritage of the Berber people as you hike between villages. Arrive in Tahnaout and visit a women-managed argan oil co-operative. Discover how the argan nut is pressed to make the famed argan oil products of Morocco. Receive a warm welcome in Imlil with a glass of mint tea before traveling past stunning waterfalls and small Berber settlements. Pause in Tamatert to take in the views of ancient irrigated terraced fields, surrounded by cherry and walnut trees.  Feast on a traditional Moroccan meal in Ait Souka at the home of a Berber family. Relax with scenic valley views from a sun-bathed rooftop terrace.  After some rest, board your vehicle and travel through the scenic Kik Plateau, with spectacular 360-degree views. Gaze in awe at the magnificent High Atlas Mountains as you pass through stone desert, barren light brown plateaus, oases, and rolling hills. Enjoy the serene surroundings of the Agafay Desert where you can take an optional camel or horse ride. Or, simply relax with some Moroccan mint tea for the perfect end to your day, before heading back to Marrakech.

From Marrakech: Atlas Mountains Day Trip with Camel Ride

3. From Marrakech: Atlas Mountains Day Trip with Camel Ride

Depart from Marrakech and enjoy a guided day trip through the High Atlas Mountains to learn more about Berber culture and traditions. Admire scenic landscapes, learn about local traditions and industry, and enjoy some local food and drinks. Meet your guide at your accommodation and start the transfer to Imlil. On your way, pass through the town of Tahnaout. Stop at an Argan Oil Cooperative to learn how women of the cooperative turn the Argan nut into many different Argan oil-based products which Morocco is famous for.  Continue on through Asni where, on Saturdays, a traditional Berber Souk and market can be visited. Once you arrive in Imlil, enjoy a welcome glass of mint tea and meet your guide before commencing your tour of the local area. Make your way to the largest and highest village in Imlil Valley. Your journey will take you past waterfalls and the hamlets of Ait Mizan, Targa, and Imoula. Stop off in Tamatert and have the opportunity to take in the views of ancient irrigated terraced fields of barley, corn, and vegetables, surrounded by cherry and walnut trees.  Your guide will point out things of interest and talk to you about the Berber culture and heritage along the way.  Travel down through the village of Ait Souka and afterwards enjoy a traditional Moroccan lunch in a Berber family guest house. Once you are rested, begin your return trip down the other side of the valley to Taourirt to board your vehicle. Go through the Moulay Brahim Gorges, before arriving at the main trailhead with streams and paths branching out in all directions. Here, enjoy a camel ride through picturesque landscapes. Finally, make your journey back to Marrakech, with drop-off in the early evening.

From Marrakesh: Atlas Mountains Private Day Trip with Lunch

4. From Marrakesh: Atlas Mountains Private Day Trip with Lunch

Set out from Marrakesh to experience life in the Atlas Mountains on this tour. The Berbers have called the region home for centuries. Discover their traditions and enjoy a meal. From the mountains, descend to the desert to ride a camel over the dunes. The first stop on the tour is the city of Tahanaoute. Visit a special cooperative where Berber women produce argan oil. You’ll get to try it in a traditional breakfast along with olive oil, organic honey, and fresh bread. After your meal, learn about the Berbers’ daily life. Cross through several Berber villages before reaching Imlil, the town offers sweeping views of Toubkal and the other mountains. Begin your descent and pass through the Berber village of Asni. It’s well-known for the market it hosts on Saturdays. Spend some time in the nearby valley. The waterfalls and the surrounding mountains are great for taking pictures. After having good time with the Berbers, you will be back to Marrakech.

Marrakech: Guided Tour to Atlas Mountains & Agafay Desert

5. Marrakech: Guided Tour to Atlas Mountains & Agafay Desert

Atlas mountains day trip is one of the most spectacular day trips from Marrakech if you desire to get out of the city and delve in the authentic and rural side of Morocco. We will start our day trip at 09 am from Marrakech by a 4WD vehicle or minivan for 1,5 hour drive south up the Moulay Brahim Gorges, and the berber village of Asni very popular for its weekly market every Saturday then to Imlil Crossing a vibrant green valley that stays fresh and lush even during the hottest days of the summer. Imlil is a small village at the foothills of the highest mountains in Morocco Toubkal mountain second highest pick in Africa. Imlil is the center to hire mountain guides and mules due its unique position and its connection to several berber villages and a very popular start point of treks and hikes for climbing Toubkal mountain. Arrival to Imlil here we shall leave our vehicle and start a walk for around 1h towards the south to the Berber village of Aroumd (Aremd) (1843m) passing the hamlets of ait souka, Targa, and Imoula, up and down the stark slopes, the jagged Western High Atlas peaks of the Toubkal Massif before us - Jbels Aguelzim (3547m), Aksouâl (3847m) and the Adrar Adj (3122m) watching us all the way. We shall stop at Aroumd to visit this rather singular village in the Assif Aït Mizane Valley, built seemingly house upon house on a large moraine spur, overlooking ancient irrigated terraced fields of barley, corn and vegetables and always surrounded by almond and walnut trees. We carry on for another Half an Hour to get to our lunch which will be served on top of beautiful terrace among a berber family in the village of Achayn Afterwards you can take a short walk before we return to Marrakech.

From Marrakech: Atlas Mountains & Toubkal Museum Day Tour

6. From Marrakech: Atlas Mountains & Toubkal Museum Day Tour

Immerse yourself in the Atlas mountains and discover Berber culture on an excursion from Marrakech with a guide. Drive through towns like Tahnaout and Tagom, hike a trail in the Toubkal National Park, and visit the ecomuseum. Enjoy lunch provided in a local family restaurant. Start with pickup from your accommodation in Marrakech. Take the scenic one-hour drive via the Moulay Brahim Gorges and villages like Tagom to reach the town of Tahanaout. Visit a local Argan Cooperative to see the process of argan oil extraction and learn about the Berber argan industry. Next, head toward the valley of Asni, famous for its beautiful fruit trees and views of North Africa's tallest peak, Toubkal Mountain. Continue to Toubkal National Park and stop by the ecomuseum. Learn about the biodiversity of the Atlas Mountains, and immerse yourself in interactive exhibitions. Afterward, drive to Imlil Mezik to start your mountain hike. Follow your guide along the trails, passing walnut gardens and the impressive Imlil waterfall. Arrive at the town of Aroumd and take in views of the river from an altitude of 1,900m. Here, recharge with lunch on the terrace of a family restaurant, featuring local delicacies like Berber tagine, couscous, soups, and fresh mint tea. Finally, walk back to Imlil where the car will be waiting to drive you back to Marrakech. Take the optional chance to make an extra stop at Takerkoust Lake, and admire its turquoise waters framed by snow-capped mountains. Stop by the Kik Plateau on your way back, a limestone mountain plateau with incredible views over the valleys below.

Marrakech: Berber Culture Experience & Atlas Mountains Tour

7. Marrakech: Berber Culture Experience & Atlas Mountains Tour

Following a pickup from your hotel at 9 AM, start your journey toward Imlil village and the High Atlas Mountains. On your way, you will pass through the town of Tahnaout. Before reaching the village, embark on a 1-hour camel ride and enjoy a cup of mint tea. Then, visit a female-run argan oil cooperative and learn how the cooperative turns the argan nut into many of the different argan oil-based products Morocco is famous for. Take in stunning panoramic views at Moulay Brahim Gorges before reaching Asni village and the valley. Continue on through Asni where, on Saturdays, a traditional Berber Souk and market can be visited. Next, drive to Imlil village to discover the National Park and the high plateau of the Toubkal. At your arrival in Imlil, meet a local guide to explore the marvelous Berber village. Take in spectacular views over the Imlil waterfall and the valley at the Toubkal Summit. Enjoy a Moroccan lunch with a Berber family and immerse yourself in the culture. After lunch, continue exploring the village as you enjoy the scenic landscape. At 5 PM, journey back to your accommodation in Marrakech where your tour will end.

Marrakech :atlas 3 valley Berber villages and camel ride

8. Marrakech :atlas 3 valley Berber villages and camel ride

Explore the High Atlas Mountains on a full-day excursion and discover several Berber villages and scenic landscapes. Enjoy a 2 to 3-hour hike, ride a camel along picturesque trails, and enjoy a traditional lunch in a Berber household with local mint tea. Depart Marrakech in the morning and drive to the Moulay Brahim Gorges. Arrive at the main trailhead and experience the dramatic scenery on a camel ride. Hop back aboard the vehicle and pass Berber villages on your way through the Imlil Valley. Arrive at the village of Imlil where a local will welcome you with a glass of mint tea. Hike for hours to Armed, the highest and largest village in the Imlil Valley. Go by the hamlets of Ait Mizan, Targa, and Imoula on your hike to the Berber village of Ait Souka. Stop on the way at Tamatert, and take in sweeping views of ancient irrigation terraces for barley, corn, and vegetables. Admire cherry orchards and walnut trees before you reach the home of a Berber family in Ait Souka. Sip on a refreshing mint tea while savoring a traditional lunch in the home of a Berber family. Return by going down the other side of the valley through Taourirt and ride the van back to Marrakech at the end of the tour.

From Marrakech: High Atlas Mountains and 4 Valleys Day Trip

9. From Marrakech: High Atlas Mountains and 4 Valleys Day Trip

Embark on a magnificent adventure through Morocco's enchanting landscapes on an unforgettable day trip to the mystical Atlas Mountains and its breathtaking 4 Valleys, each brimming with cascading waterfalls that will leave you in awe. Prepare yourself for a journey that combines jaw-dropping scenery, cultural immersion, and tantalizing flavors. As you depart from the vibrant city of Marrakech, a world of natural wonders awaits you. Brace yourself for a feast for the eyes as you traverse winding roads, revealing panoramic vistas at every turn. Majestic mountains painted with hues of emerald green and sapphire blue will beckon you to explore their hidden treasures. Prepare to be enchanted as you venture deeper into the heart of the Atlas Mountains, where nature's marvels unveil themselves in all their glory. The 4 Valleys, like secret oases nestled between the peaks, offer an escape from the ordinary, inviting you to immerse yourself in their tranquility. But wait, there's more! A special treat awaits you as you step into the humble abode of a local Berber family, eager to share their hospitality and traditions. Indulge in a scrumptious Berber lunch, prepared with love and care, showcasing the rich flavors of the region. Savor every bite as you soak up the warm embrace of genuine Moroccan hospitality. As the day unfolds, you'll witness the symphony of nature's symphony, as waterfalls cascade down the mountainsides, painting the landscape with delicate veils of mist. Their melodic whispers will enchant your senses, creating an atmosphere of serenity that will transport you to a world where time seems to stand still. Throughout the day, your senses will be treated to an orchestra of sights, sounds, and tastes, as you soak in the natural beauty and cultural richness of the Atlas Mountains and its captivating valleys. From the awe-inspiring views to the mouthwatering culinary delights, this journey will leave an indelible mark on your heart and mind. So, come along and join us on this captivating adventure, where you'll discover the hidden treasures of Morocco's natural wonders, feast on delectable cuisine, and create memories that will last a lifetime. The Atlas Mountains and its magnificent 4 Valleys with their enchanting waterfalls are waiting to be explored.

From Marrakech : atlas mountain, Berber villages, day trip

10. From Marrakech : atlas mountain, Berber villages, day trip

Join us on a thrilling guided day trip from Marrakech to the High Atlas Mountains, immersing yourself in the rich Berber culture and traditions. Explore the stunning landscapes, experience the vibrant local industries, and savor the delectable flavors of the region. Enjoy a convenient pickup from your accommodation in Marrakech and set off on your adventure. Marvel at the breathtaking landscapes as you journey towards Imlil, with a charming stop in the town of Tahnaout. Delve into the fascinating world of Argan oil production with a captivating visit to an Argan Oil Cooperative. Continue your journey and experience the bustling atmosphere of the Berber Souk and market in Asni (available on Saturdays), where you can engage with the vibrant local culture. Upon arrival in Imlil, be welcomed warmly with a refreshing glass of mint tea. Meet your knowledgeable guide and customize the duration of your tour, ranging from 1 to 3 hours. Explore the enchanting Imlil Valley, with its cascading waterfalls and picturesque hamlets of Ait Mizan, Targa, and Imoula. Take a pause in Tamatert to admire the ancient irrigated terraced fields, surrounded by cherry and walnut trees. Throughout the tour, your guide will share captivating insights into the Berber culture and heritage, offering you a deeper understanding of the local way of life. Afterwards, descend through the village of Ait Souka and treat yourself to a traditional Moroccan lunch at a welcoming Berber family guest house. Take a moment to relax and soak in the serene atmosphere before commencing your return journey, descending the valley towards Taourirt to reach your awaiting vehicle. On the way back, venture through the breathtaking Moulay Brahim Gorges and arrive at the main trailhead, where streams and paths unfold in every direction. Embrace a touch of adventure as you enjoy a delightful camel ride through picturesque landscapes. Finally, conclude your day trip as you make your way back to Marrakech, with drop-off scheduled for the early evening. Take a moment to reflect on the incredible memories you've made during this enriching journey through the High Atlas Mountains and the fascinating world of the Berber culture.

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Had an amazing day, starting the morning with a camel ride experience, exploring the waterfalls in afternoon followed by an authentic lunch in a local village. The tour guide Mustafa was amazing and very knowledgeable, and very kind! Expect to be drinking cups of a tea everywhere you go!

Nice guide; yummy breakfast, lunch and tea time; beautiful tour to the Atlas mountains, "hike" was not very long and with a lot of breaks, so don't expect a sporty activity, beautiful views and foto stops, camel ride was nice

Yesterday we had our day trip with Marwan. He was really friendly and helpful. The whole day was great. We had a good laugh and a great time! Lunch was amazing too. Definitely recommended if in Marrakesh.

Amazing tour with an amazing guide. Thank you so much. The price was great and we had so much fun.

Wonderful journey with Oufars Hassan as guide, and Azilal as drvier. We recommend!