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Western Serbia 1-Day Tour of the Key Sites from Belgrade

1. Western Serbia 1-Day Tour of the Key Sites from Belgrade

Be collected from your accommodation in Belgrade and head to the countryside of Western Serbia, which is known for wild and untouched nature. For just over two hours, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Listen to interesting stories about this part of the country from your guide.  You will stop at an amazing viewpoint then head to Bajina Bašta, which is a small town in the foothill of Mt. Tara. Here, you will see the world-famous attraction The House on the Drina. This is an isolated house made of logs, which is perched precariously on a river stone. Next, head to the Sargan Eight train and ride this narrow railway. You will pass several viewpoints of the stunning Mokra Gora along the way. The authentic cars with wooden seats, wood burning stoves, and characteristic rattling sound will take you back to 1925, which is when this railway was put in operation. After the ride, continue your journey to the nearby Mećavnik, which is known as the Wooden City. The famous director Emir Kusturica decided to build it during the shooting of his film Life is a Miracle. Here, you will stop to enjoy a traditional lunch. After the meal, you will head back to Belgrade where you will arrive late in the afternoon.

Belgrade: Drina House, Sargan 8 Train & Mokra Gora Day Tour

2. Belgrade: Drina House, Sargan 8 Train & Mokra Gora Day Tour

Join a day trip from Belgrade to explore the beautiful landscapes of Western Serbia's countryside. Gaze at the unusual Drina River House, explore the Mokra Gora Wooden Village, and discover the historic Sargan 8 Railroad in the company of your guide. Our first stop is Drina River House, a unique house built on a rock in the middle of the Drina River. Take in the stunning scenery and snap some unforgettable photos of this specific sight. This part of Serbia is known for growing raspberries and we recommend that you try the homemade raspberry juice here. Next, we'll head to Mokra Gora Wooden Village, a picturesque village located in the mountains. Enjoy the fresh mountain air and explore the charming wooden houses and streets. The village was built as a filming location by the famous director Emir Kusturica. Our final stop will be at the Sargan 8 Railroad, a narrow-gauge heritage railway that winds through the stunning mountain landscapes. We'll board the train and embark on a journey of breathtaking views, including tunnels, bridges, and impressive curves, all while enjoying the cozy atmosphere of the historic train. After the train ride we will have some time for late lunch and we suggest you to try some local specialties, such as roasted lamb or "komplet lepinja" - bread that is filled with kajmak (a type of Balkan cream cheese) and two fried eggs. Throughout the day, you'll have a knowledgeable and friendly guide at your disposal, who will share with you interesting facts and stories about the history, culture, and people of Serbia. Our mini vans for tours are comfortable, well-maintained, ensuring a pleasant and reliable travel experience. Note: From November 12th to April 1st, the Sargan 8 railroad is closed for visits. Instead of the train ride, you'll have the opportunity to explore the Tara National Park, specifically the Banjska Stena viewpoint (easy hiking activity). In case of rain or snow, we will visit Zlatibor center area, renowned as one of Serbia's most beloved leisure destinations.

From Belgrade: Full-Day Guided Tour of West Serbia

3. From Belgrade: Full-Day Guided Tour of West Serbia

Prepare yourself for an exciting and unforgettable adventure set in Western Serbia, the most naturally vibrant region in the country. With a morning departure from Belgrade, this unforgettable day will start with a drive to wild and almost untouched nature, tasty cuisine, and friendly and hospitable people. The route leads us to drive along the gorgeous Drina River where we will have a unique opportunity to see the world-famous attraction, “The House on the Drina” an isolated house made of logs on a river stone. The cherry on top will be the breathtaking view from the viewpoint positioned above the stunning landscape composed of high mountains and the Drina River itself. Our first goal on the tour is a unique retro “Šargan 8 Railway”. The unique drive with the retro-train called “Nostalgy” will bring you back to times passed and let you fully enjoy the scenery and numerous tunnels. While enjoying amazing landscapes you will learn how this project was a huge victory of technology over nature, why it is named by a number, and how it became Europe’s most attractive narrow gauge railway. After this “time travel” ride, something equally fabulous awaits us in the continuation of the tour. Film fans will be overjoyed to visit the breathtaking Ethno-village “Wooden Town” that famous director Emir Kusturica built. All the objects at this charming complex are made from natural materials, mostly wood. An especially interesting and glamorous event happening in this town is the film festival “Kustendorf”, a highly respected annual celebration of motion pictures. Drive through the picturesque Ovčar-Kablar Canyon that extends above the meanders of the Western Morava River. Enjoy more of the beautiful Western Serbia scenery before heading back to Belgrade.

From Belgrade: Tara National Park & Drina River Valley Tour

4. From Belgrade: Tara National Park & Drina River Valley Tour

Beginning from your accommodation in Belgrade, journey to the Gate of Podrinje: the entrance to the magical Drina river valley. Proceed to see the unique "House on the Rock," a solitary house built in the middle of the Drina River that has been attracting curious travelers from across the globe since an image of the house was first published in National Geographic magazine. Then, be enchanted by the Tara National Park, where you will have the opportunity to see the Banjska Rock, thought by many to be the most beautiful viewpoint in Serbia. Soak in the splendid panoramic views over the Drina River Canyon and take some breathtaking photos of the glorious scenery before you, before returning to Belgrade in the late evening hours.

Sarajevo: Višegrad, Andrićgrad, Šargan Train, Drvengrad Tour

5. Sarajevo: Višegrad, Andrićgrad, Šargan Train, Drvengrad Tour

In this compact yet captivating nation adorned with breathtaking landscapes, every corner reveals something noteworthy and a tale waiting to be shared. Embark on a full-day journey from Sarajevo to explore Visegrad, Andricgrad, and Drvengrad, immersing yourself in wonders and natural beauty. As you traverse the scenic route during the two-hour drive, be captivated by the lush, green landscapes unfolding before you, leading to the picturesque Drina. Upon reaching this quaint yet significant town, anticipate tranquil moments amidst splendid natural surroundings. Indulge in a serene lunch at a waterside restaurant, enhancing the overall experience. Proceed to uncover the highlights of Visegrad, including the iconic Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge, an Ottoman-era marvel recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site and immortalized by the Nobel Prize-winning author Ivo Andric. Next, explore Andricgrad, a stone town inspired by the literary works and characters of Ivo Andric, boasting a diverse array of architectural styles. Concluding the tour, venture to the enchanting village of Drvengrad, adding a picturesque finale to your exploration.

From Sarajevo: Transfer to Belgrade & Sightseeing Car Tour

6. From Sarajevo: Transfer to Belgrade & Sightseeing Car Tour

Experience the highlights of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as some of Serbia's attractions, on a captivating day trip filled with sights. Eliminate the stress of renting a car or navigating unfamiliar roads as you journey through three distinct villages with the guidance of a knowledgeable local. Whether traveling from Sarajevo to Belgrade or vice versa, consider exploring the must-see attractions of Eastern Bosnia and Western Serbia along the way, including Visegrad, Andricgrad, and Drvengrad. Begin your adventure in Visegrad, a place steeped in a long and rich history. What sets it apart is the renowned UNESCO-protected Old Stone Bridge, a testament to the generosity of Grand Vizier Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic. Your next destination is Andricgrad, also known as Kamengrad or Stone City. This visionary project is the brainchild of the renowned film director Emir Kusturica, inspired by Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric. As part of your journey, you'll explore the enchanting Ethno Village Drvengrad, or Wooden City, whose beauty will undoubtedly leave you breathless. Additionally, don't miss the opportunity to experience the unique Sargan Eight ride in Mokra Gora, an old-fashioned narrow-gauge railway. Finally, your tour concludes in the vibrant city of Belgrade. Should you prefer, the itinerary can be customized to start in Belgrade and conclude in Sarajevo, based on your request. Keep in mind that a valid passport is required to cross the border during this memorable excursion. What to bring: Sturdy and comfortable footwear A waterproof jacket for rainy weather Insulating jacket for colder seasons

From Belgrade: Mokra Gora Sargan 8 train,Mecavnik & Zlatibor

7. From Belgrade: Mokra Gora Sargan 8 train,Mecavnik & Zlatibor

If you don’t believe that time travel is possible, think again. You will have a unique opportunity to experience train ride that goes through inaccessible terrain in a narrow eight-shaped railway track. The route is from the base of Tara mountain to a village called Šargan. Take a ride on the “Ćira”, a one-of-a-kind tourist museum railway. Drvengrad is our next stop where you will see enchanting ethno village made by Emir Kusturica, famous film director. In this gorgeous oasis just beside Mokra Gora, you can see authentic log cabins and enjoy traditional Serbian cuisine with a view from a hilltop "Mećavnik" Take a deep breath while visiting Zlatibor mountain. Enjoy nature next to the lake and drink coffee in one of may restaurants surrounding it. Taste local food in traditional open air market and try out typical food from western Serbia area.

From Belgrade: Full-Day Guided Tour of Zlatibor Mountain

8. From Belgrade: Full-Day Guided Tour of Zlatibor Mountain

Discover Zlatibor on a full-day guided tour from Belgrade and see one of Serbia’s most beautiful mountains. Explore the mountain village of Sirogojno with its folk architecture and descend into Stopića Cave. Embark on a 3-hour ride to Western Serbia. Admire the vast landscapes while your guide tells you interesting stories about the region. Make your first stop at Stopića Cave and marvel at the underground river, pools, and waterfalls, illuminated by colored lights. Step into 19th-century Serbia in Sirogojno. Meander through the high-roofed, wooden houses spread out along the mountainside. Visit local craft and souvenir shops as your guide explains the history of the village. Finally, arrive at the "Gold Gondola Lift," which spans 9 kilometers from the center of Zlatibor to the ski center of Tornik, making it the longest panoramic lift in the world.

From Belgrade: Studenica monastery & Zica monastery

9. From Belgrade: Studenica monastery & Zica monastery

Meet Nemanjić Royal family, the founders of the medieval Serbian state, the builders of Serbian spiritual wealth and Saints of Serbian Orthodox church. Discover Unesco protected heritage - monastery Studenica which was established in the late 12th century. The monastery belongs to the Serbian sanctuaries of the Valley of the Kings. It is the largest and richest of Serbia's Orthodox monasteries which enshrine priceless collections of 13th and 14th century Byzantine painting. Step inside coronation church, Žiča monastery where 7 kings were crowned and which connects different royal dynasties and centuries. From the road, you can see the hills of the Maglič, one of the most well-preserved and most beautiful fortifications of medieval Serbia dating from 13th century. Enjoy the views of the Ibar gorge.

Serbia: Drina River House/Tara National Park Full Day Tour

10. Serbia: Drina River House/Tara National Park Full Day Tour

On a jam-packed day trip from Belgrade, be impressed by the House on the Drina, a famously isolated house made of logs on a river stone. Gaze at the Tara Valley, a top destination for travelers to Western Serbia. Be picked up from your accommodation in Belgrade, then head toward Western Serbia. Reach the secluded house itself and enjoy the quiet. Then head to Tara National Park, travel through dense virgin forests and experience the biodiversity of the Tara Mountains. The trip concludes on the viewing platform at the top of the mountain, which overlooks the entire Tara Valley. Find a good angle on the viewing platform and take a panoramic photo to preserve the memory of your visit.

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Our last day in Belgrad, today, we have been looking for a tour to see beauties of Belgrad. When we found this tour, it makes as interested and we bought the tour. Our tour guide took as from our hotel by the comfortable car. Our guide is from Belgrad but he has fluent English and it is understandable. He is really cheery person. He describes all the details of our tour. We asked some questions about the area and he really knows everything. We love the tour. Thanks for everything.

Milos is a really great guide, who was very friendly and very knowledgeable about the region. We highly recommend him. The tour was really good, even in Winter. We enjoyed the train ride and visiting Mecavnik and Zlatibor. We’d love to come back to see the National Park. Thanks again!!

It was a super interesting excursion, an excellent guide! I recommend this activity because you learn a lot about the country.

It was excellent ! highly recommended! Jovan is a great guide and driver. We learned a lot about Serbia

Our day trip was more than satisfactory, very pleasant, informative and memorable.