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Adamas: Milos & Polyaigos Full-Day Sailboat Tour with Lunch

1. Adamas: Milos & Polyaigos Full-Day Sailboat Tour with Lunch

Spend your day exploring Milos Island and the uninhabited island of Polyaigos. Enjoy lunch and drinks and stops to swim in crystal clear blue waters. Your journey from Adamas and make your way to the colorful fishing villages of Adamas Gulf and Arkoudes. On the northern side of the island, admire the famous lunar landscape of Sarakiniko and the volcanic islands of Glaronissia. Stop for a swim on Polyaigos Island before sailing to eastern Milos to learn about the history of the Sulfur Mines at Thiorichia. Stop for a swim in the emerald waters of Gerakas and then head to the famous Kleftiko, an old hideout for pirates to snorkel in its caves. Before leaving Kleftiko, enjoy lunch in its unique landscape. Next, see the Cave of Sykia, with its collapsed roof, as well as the western side of Milos, which is only accessible by boat. See the old manganese mine of Cape Vani before returning to the port of Adamas around 7 PM.

Adamas: Kleftiko Sailing Day Trip with Snorkeling and Lunch

2. Adamas: Kleftiko Sailing Day Trip with Snorkeling and Lunch

Discover the coastline and beaches of Milos on a full-day guided cruise from Adamas. Swim and snorkel around the old pirate bay of Kleftiko with the gear provided. Savor a Greek lunch with drinks, and make another swim stop at Agios Dimitrios before admiring the sunset from the deck. Start from the port of Adamas, and admire the traditional fishing villages as the boat sails. Look out for the Bears, two large bear-shaped rocks at the entrance to the port. Cross the cape of Vani, with its volcanic rock. Sail past the west coast of Milos with its rare flora and fauna, the picturesque beaches of the Agathia, Triades, and Ammoudaraki, and the monastery of Saint John Siderianos.  Enjoy your journey as the ship arrives at Kleftiko with its towering, white limestone rocks of different-colored caves and tunnels lit in differing colors by the reflecting sun. Let the captain drop anchor, put on your masks and fins, and go for a swim in this unique place. Feast on a delicious meal on the return trip as you enjoy the views. There will also be a swim stop at the little church at Agios Dimitrios or at Klima. Admire the sunset across the bay of Adamas as your boat heads back to port and the end of your sailing adventure.

Milos: Half-Day Speedboat Cruise to Klefiko with Snorkeling

3. Milos: Half-Day Speedboat Cruise to Klefiko with Snorkeling

Main cruise West Milos cruise (morning 08:30, afternoon 14:30): Adamas–Kleftiko-Sykia Cave*-West Milos Snorkeling stop-Kalogries–Cape Vani**-Arkoudes**-Klima** In this half day trip, Volcano takes off at 08:30 (or 14:30) from the port of Adamas. While cruising through the gulf of Milos, you will learn about the history, geology, and culture of Milos from the guide. Approximately 30 minutes from departure, you will be reaching Kleftiko bay, a complex of volcanic rocks formed about 3 million years ago, during the emergence of Milos from the Aegean Sea. The eye-catching formations and the numerous sea caves in the area, carved by the erosional power of the waves and the winds, were utilized by the pirates as a boat hideout in Medieval times. After a slow speed overview of the bay, you will have an hour to enjoy the crystal-clear water and taste a homemade snack. Just 10 minutes after your departure for Kleftiko, you will have the chance to admire and depict the spectacular geologic formations outside and inside the open-roof cave of Sykia. Since the time of some exploration is approaching, the crew is going to organize a guided snorkeling activity at our next stop, located on one of the hardly accessible beaches of the west side of Milos. This is also nice opportunity for underwater photo shooting from our guides, so be sure that you won’t miss it! Kalogries bay will be the last swimming stop of the cruise. A contrasting scenery with greenish rocks and almost transparent shallow waters will mesmerize you for the next hour, while enjoying swimming and relaxing moments. Returning to the gulf of Milos, the boat will speed down in front of several spots in the bay of Milos like Cape Vani and Arkoudes (the bear-shaped rocks), as well in the picturesque fishermen-village of Klima, allowing you to get panoramic views and photographs of spectacular rock-formations and traditional Cycladic architecture. Leaving you full of memories and impressions about the dazzling natural beauty of Milos Island, your cruise will return to Adamas port at around 13:30 (or 19:30). *Photography stops ** Photography pass-by Any individual cruise may be rescheduled, depending on the weather forecast and safety reasons at the discretion of the captain. In case of prevailing strong northern winds, the West Milos cruise will be rescheduled along the protected south coast of Milos, according to the following itinerary: South Milos cruise (day 08:30, afternoon14:30): Paleochori - Gerakas - Kleftiko - ***Sykia Cave – Tsigrado- Cape-Spathi. ***Upon the end of our stop in Kleftiko, the captain will decide if the boat will visit Sykia cave, evaluating the weather conditions in real time and always prioritizing your safety.

From Milos: Guided Day Cruise to Kleftiko With Lunch

4. From Milos: Guided Day Cruise to Kleftiko With Lunch

Join our crew on the La Pomme Bleue sailboat, and spend the day with your Franco-Greek guides. Swim, snorkel, and savor a traditional lunch on board with unlimited drinks. After exiting the Adama's Gulf, pass the fishing villages of Skinopi, Klima, or Areti and learn about their history. Head towards the Arkoudes islets and cross the breathtaking Cape Vani and its former manganese mine. Then explore the remote west coast of Milos, marveling at the volcanic landscapes. The first stop is at Agathia Bay where you can dive into the blue waters of this secluded and beautiful beach. Relax on the sand or snorkel around the bay to gaze upon the fishes and rock formations below. Traditional breakfast and snacks await you once you come back on board. Continue to the cave of Sykia or explore the beach of Agios Ioannis, depending on weather conditions. Take a second swim and enjoy your free time on the beach before heading to the pirate bay of Kleftiko. Snorkel in the transparent waters, or join us on a dinghy to discover the caves of the bay. Next, hop back on board to enjoy lunch cooked by the crew, including unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. After lunch, head to Agios Dimitrios beach, on your way back to Adamas. Before finally concluding your tour, enjoy a fresh fruit salad and swim in front of the oldest church in Milos.

Milos: Kayaking Tour to Tsigrado and Gerakas Beach

5. Milos: Kayaking Tour to Tsigrado and Gerakas Beach

Take a 3-hour kayaking tour to the beaches of Tsigrado and Gerakas and discover the secrets of Milos.   Starting from the beach of Fyriplaka, head east along the volcanic coastline of Milos. On the way to the beaches, paddle along beautiful small bays, into caves and around tiny islands.   Once you reach the beaches, you can swim in the crystal-clear waters and explore the magnificent underwater world of Milos with snorkeling masks. Keep your fingers crossed and you might even come across a sea turtle. If the weather is favorable, visit a hidden volcanic beach.   Throughout the experience, take pictures using an action camera, so you can keep the highlights of your trip with you and bring home the breeze of the Aegean Sea.   At every stop, enjoy a traditional, homemade treat to boost your energy. After exploring Gerakas, you’ll paddle back to Fyriplaka beach, full of unforgettable experiences and memories.

Milos: Half-Day Morning Catamaran Cruise to Kleftiko

6. Milos: Half-Day Morning Catamaran Cruise to Kleftiko

The meeting point is at our office Milos Adventures at Adamas port, from where we will start at 09:00am. Sailing across the coastline, leaving Milos’s bay behind us, we will pass by the traditional fishing villages of Skinopi, Klima, Areti, and Fourkovouni with the colorful little houses – called “Sirmata”- built by the seaside. Then, we will visit Arkoudes, a complex of lava rocks, which takes its name from its characteristic shape, of a bear. Opening the sails, we are heading to the impressive Cape Vani and our first stop for a swim, the natural bay of Kalogries, ideal for diving from the catamaran in its transparent waters. Follows the stunning cave of Sikia, where we will enjoy the view and we will be able to see the characteristic hole in its roof as well as the entrance of the cave. Our next 2 hours stop for swimming will be the famous old pirates bay of Kleftiko with its white rocks, transparent waters, and numerous caves where our crew will guide you to the best spots for snorkeling ! After your swim a curated lunch prepared by our crew on board will be served along with amazing surprises to follow! Ending our trip South in order to disembark at Agia Kiriaki, where a van will be waiting for you to take you back to Adamants around 15:40. Agia Kyriaki (desembarkation by tender) – Agia Kyriaki The price includes the skipper, snacks, full lunch with traditional dishes according to your eating habits (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free etc.), local house wine & beverages. The program is subject to modification depending on weather conditions and at the discretion of the captain. More specifically, in case of bad weather, the cruise will remain on the Southside island only, boarding at Adamantas and disembarking at Kleftiko with swimming stops in Gerakas, Kleftiko and Tsigrados.

Milos: Full-Day Sailboat Cruise with Food and Open Bar

7. Milos: Full-Day Sailboat Cruise with Food and Open Bar

Embark on an extraordinary sailing adventure around the stunning Milos Island with this Full Day Kleftiko Poliegos and Round Trip tour. Set off from the Adamantas port at 8:45 am and prepare for a day filled with exploration, relaxation, and culinary delights. Highlights of the itinerary include: Skinopi Fishing Village: Immerse yourself in the authentic maritime atmosphere of this charming village, where traditional boats gently sway in crystal-clear waters. Klima Fishing Village: Capture postcard-perfect moments in Klima, renowned for its colorful fishermen's houses built into the cliffs, offering a glimpse into the island's rich cultural heritage. Cape Vani: Witness the rugged landscapes and fascinating mining history of Cape Vani, as dramatic cliffs and intriguing geological formations paint a mesmerizing backdrop. Kalogries Beach: Take a refreshing 45-minute break to swim in the azure waters of Kalogries Beach, surrounded by pristine natural beauty and tranquility. Sykia Cave: Pass by the captivating Sykia Cave, marveling at its stunning formations that showcase the island's geological wonders. Kleftiko: Experience the highlight of the tour with a 45-minute stop at Kleftiko. Dive into the turquoise waters, swim through hidden caves, and marvel at the towering white cliffs that make this place truly magical. Gerakas Beach: Enjoy a 45-minute swimming stop and indulge in a delightful lunch on Gerakas Beach, savoring the flavors of local cuisine prepared by our onboard chef. Poliegos Island: Discover the unspoiled beauty of Poliegos Island with a 45-minute swimming stop, surrounded by pristine nature and crystal-clear waters ( Blue Lagoons) Sarakiniko: Weather permitting, we may have the opportunity to stop at Sarakiniko. Dive into the inviting waters of this lunar-like landscape, an iconic destination known for its surreal beauty. As the day draws to a close, sail back to the Adamantas port, where you will disembark at approximately 6:30 pm. From there, you are free to explore more of Milos Island or return to your accommodations, with memories of a truly unforgettable sailing adventure.

Ios: 4-Hour Cruise of the Best Beaches

8. Ios: 4-Hour Cruise of the Best Beaches

Cruise along the coastline of Ios and explore the 7 best beaches on the island. Hop in the crystalline water and snorkel, swim, and bask in the sun. Board a luxury speedboat at Mylopotas beach and enjoy a cruise along the coastline of Ios island. Visit secluded slices of paradise along the coastline, stopping at beaches that are only accessible by boat. Discover the highlights along the coast with entertaining commentary from your experienced captain, and learn about classic Cycladic architecture. Relax in luxury, snorkel, swim, snack when you're hungry, and ultimately, enjoy a day of upscale fun at the beach.

Adamantas: Milos Sightseeing Sailboat Cruise

9. Adamantas: Milos Sightseeing Sailboat Cruise

Embark on a full-day cruise to west Kleftiko from Adamantas. Visit Cape Vani, and Sykia cave, and enjoy Greek tapas on board with plenty of swimming and snorkeling stops en route. You will start your journey from Adamantas and sail close to the east coast of the bay, passing the Christian catacombs, the colorful villages of Skinopi, the capital of ancient Milos, and the place where the famous statue of Venus de Milo was discovered. Sail to Cape Vani, an impressive 30-meter tall rock, home to one of the first mineral mines in Milos. You will see the mines' quay before jumping in for the first swim of the day in the crystal-clear waters of Kalogries. After returning to the boat, relish some homemade snacks and refreshments while moving to Sykia, the biggest and most impressive cave of Milos. Snorkel the clear green waters of Sykia before taking a small dinghy under a rock passage and into the cave. Explore a salt lake with a small beach, illuminated by a natural skylight in the rock above. Upon returning to the boat enjoy some delicious snacks accompanied by soft drinks or local wine, beer, and greek traditional liquor. Finally, you will reach Kleftiko, the old pirates' lair. Take the dinghy to uncover the unique beauty of Kleftiko caves and find the perfect photo-opt with the underwater cameras. You will also enjoy a delicious meal in Kleftiko. On the return journey, relax on the deck or join the cockpit to help steer the boat. Dive in for one final swim in the bay of Agios Dimitrios, a tranquil spot inaccessible by car which offers an amazing view of Plaka and Tripiti and all the colorful villages across the bay.

Pollonia: Kostantakis Winery Tour & Tasting with Snacks

10. Pollonia: Kostantakis Winery Tour & Tasting with Snacks

Have a unique wine tasting experience in Milos at a family-owned winery. You’ll learn the secrets of their traditional wine production, see the cave where the wine is stored, and then try 7 of their wines and 2 of their distillations for yourself, paired with delicious local cheese and other delicacies. You’ll start the day by visiting the winery at the volcanic island of Milos, where you’ll meet the son of the winemaker. He’ll instruct you on the secrets of their small wine production, along with stories of the family, who have been making their own wines for more than 50 years. You’ll walk across the vineyards and learn about growing grapes in an island environment with a very particular climate – the family only works with the indigenous grape varieties. They’ll show you the traditional machines and facilities used in the winemaking process, then it’s time to explore the natural cave where the wines are stored. After the tour, you’ll taste 7 different wines accompanied by local cheese and other products from the island. The family also makes 2 distillations from grapes. The whole experience will last about an hour, but you’re welcome to stay longer and enjoy a glass of wine.

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This is a *must* do activity. Yiayia is a phenomenal cook and fully opens up her kitchen and home to you. You will walk away with a full belly and a full heart. Thank you Yiayia for an unforgettable experience. I can’t wait to try these recipes when I return home!

Thanks a lot to our guide Christos! we took this tour in last minute because we stayed only half day in Athene. Christos show us most interesting points and we take wonderful pictures. He suggested where to eat our dinner and the special dessert. Thanks!

Awesome! This was absolutely the best excursion we have ever taken. Captain was knowledgeable and funny. Food was excellent and the stops were breathtaking. We will do this tour again next time we are in Milos.

Such an amazing day, the weather was beautiful, the boat looked amazing and the skipper was very friendly and knowledgeable about the area. Highly recommend!

So much fun for my husband and I and the kiddos. We learned loads about the local cuisine and culture. The food was so special too. highly recommend!