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Full of attractions like the Milan Cathedral, this metropolis is a magnet for fashion and culture buffs alike.

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Milan: Cathedral and Duomo's Terraces Entrance Ticket

Milan: Cathedral and Duomo's Terraces Entrance Ticket

Discover the iconic symbol of Milan with your access-all-areas ticket to the Duomo and see the 600-year-old cathedral. Learn about the history of St. Ambrose and the cathedral's important role during the evolution of the city both spiritually and culturally.  Admire city panoramas from the Duomo Terraces. Built using Candoglia marble, on bright days, you can see as far as the Alps and the Apennine Mountains. Have the option of taking the elevator (not included). Admire the Duomo's 27 halls and its 14th-century Palazzo Reale's stained glass window, tapestries, and sculptures.

Bergamo: AC Bus transfer to Milan - No Hassle & Free luggage

Bergamo: AC Bus transfer to Milan - No Hassle & Free luggage

Enjoy a comfortable direct one-way transfer between Bergamo Airport and Milan. Travel safely in an air-conditioned bus with no extra fees for luggage. If arriving at Bergamo Airport, simply locate the bus located just outside the arrivals hall. Arrive in a central location in Milan city center near taxis, the metro, and public bus transport options. Departing from Milan city center, hop on the bus at the exit of the "Piazza Luigi di Savoia" train station. Save yourself from navigating the public transportation system and take comfort in the fact that all vehicles are regularly maintained to high hygiene and quality standards.

Milan: Da Vinci's Last Supper Guided Tour

Milan: Da Vinci's Last Supper Guided Tour

See the masterpiece that is the Last Supper up close on a guided tour, learning about its fascinating history from your licensed guide. The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Refectory with the Last Supper has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1980. They were part of a large monastic complex belonging to the Dominican monks. See the Last Supper with this tour who will tell you all about the most fantastic wall paintings of the Renaissance. A licensed local guide will show you this masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci, revealing surprising facts about the perspective, the composition and the technique used by the artist, as well as the history of the site.

Milan: Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci Museum Entry

Milan: Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci Museum Entry

Visit an attractive historical site in Milan and travel through the past, present, and future. Nestled in the cloisters of a Renaissance monastery, discover one of the most important science and technology museums in Europe. See works of art, a fragment of the moon, steam trains, and a submarine. Do not miss the New Galleries, the largest permanent exhibition in the world dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci. A spectacular collection of 170 historical models, works of art, ancient volumes, and immersive installations showcases the complete life and works of Da Vinci, the engineer and humanist. Discover extraordinary objects such as steam trains, the Luna Rossa AC72 catamaran, the brigantine schooner Ebe, the Conte Biancamano transatlantic, and the Enrico Toti submarine. Explore the space area and witness the only moon fragment visible in Italy, as well as the Vega space launcher. Keep an eye on temporary shows and exhibits on energy, materials, communication, transport, and particle physics.

From Milan: Lake Como & Bellagio by Bus & Private Boat Tour

From Milan: Lake Como & Bellagio by Bus & Private Boat Tour

Join a full-day trip by bus from Milan to the must-visit Lake Como area, celebrated for its exquisite villas and colorful gardens. Walk around Como on a guided tour and unwind on a private boat on Lake Como. Enjoy the greenery at the Villa Olmo gardens. Taking off from Milan, arrive in Como and start your visit with a calm stroll through the historic city center. Explore the charming Villa Olmo's Italian garden. Next, head to the lake for a quiet, private cruise. Immerse yourself in the sweeping views of the area on your exclusive private boat that will take you to the enchanted village of Bellagio. Enjoy free time to explore the city and then return by private boat.

Milan: Milan Cathedral Direct Entrance - Terrace Excluded

Milan: Milan Cathedral Direct Entrance - Terrace Excluded

Enjoy a seamless entrance to the Milan Cathedral, the international symbol of Milan, and one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Italy and in Europe. Visit this treasure of art and faith and discover its peculiarities, amongst which the spellbinding stained-glass windows and vertiginous columns. Discover the history of beautiful statues, such as the most famous statue of all the Cathedral: the Saint Bartholomew Flayed. See Sarcophagi, magnificent altars, and stunning organs.

Milan: Serravalle Designer Outlet Roundtrip Bus Transfer

Milan: Serravalle Designer Outlet Roundtrip Bus Transfer

The Serravalle Outlets, Europe's largest designer brands shopping mall, is located just an hour away from Milan. You can shop ‘til you drop on this trip, while enjoying discounts of 30-70 percent. You’ll find dozens of stores offering a wide array of the world's most renowned designer brands. The prices are well below what you would find in retail stores. In fact, there are more than 170 stores to choose from, featuring the top names in Italian designer fashions, including Gucci, Versace, Zegna, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, and Prada. You’ll find top sports labels as well, such as Nike, Adidas, and The North Face. The outlet stores are housed in buildings that reflect Ligurian-Piedmont style and are all linked by tree-lined pedestrian walkways. You’ll find spots to sit, relax, and perhaps sip a latte before heading on to the next outlet shop to find the next great bargain!

Milan: Direct Transfer between Malpensa Airport and Center

Milan: Direct Transfer between Malpensa Airport and Center

Book your fast and convenient airport transfer in advance and save. Take advantage of the special price with no booking fee and included luggage. Sit back and relax on comfortable and air-conditioned buses. Travel from Malpensa Airport to Milano Centrale railway station in the city center, or vice versa. From the bus stop in the city center, you can easily reach your hotel on foot, or by bus or Metro. If traveling in the other direction, it is recommended to choose a bus that will arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure time to allow time for check-in.

From Milan: Como, Lugano and Bellagio Exclusive Boat Cruise

From Milan: Como, Lugano and Bellagio Exclusive Boat Cruise

Immerse yourself in the best of Swiss and Italian culture on this full-day tour. Departing from Milan, enjoy an informative commentary on the historical landmarks and the spectacular landscape along the way. Reach the picturesque and ever-popular city of Como. Enjoy a walking tour of the city and reach the gothic cathedral, accompanied by a professional tour leader who will help you to discover the art and history of this charming city. Head to the small village of Tremezzo and enjoy a panoramic bus ride. From there begins our Exclusive Cruise aboard a private boat to reach Bellagio, also known as the “Pearl of Lake Como”. During this cruise you have the chance to see this lake Como from a different perspective, take your time to look around and see the harmony between nature and architecture. Glide past villas with their beauteous gardens and amongst untouched nature Once in Bellagio enjoy some free time to soak up the laid-back atmosphere of this idyllic and relaxing place and to have lunch, before to Cruise back to Tremezzo Your last stop will be Swiss town of Lugano where you will have some free time to visit the city center and taste some Swiss Chocolate.

Milan Cathedral: Duomo Terraces Ticket (No Church Access)

Milan Cathedral: Duomo Terraces Ticket (No Church Access)

Avoid the hassle of buying an entrance ticket to the Milan Duomo on the day by picking one up in advance. By far the most unique feature of the cathedral is its vast terraces, granting a panoramic viewpoint over Milan and a birds-eye perspective on the church itself. With options to challenge yourself by mounting the 250 stairs up to the terraces, or to take a ride on the convenient elevator, the terraces are accessible to all with a desire to see this iconic sight. Once you’re on the terrace, peer out over the city from over 150 feet (ca. 46 meters) above street level while taking in the characteristic rows of white marble spires. An enduring symbol of Milan, the cathedral broke ground in 1386, only to be finished in 1965. Built of stunning marble quarried from the Candoglia region, there are few better examples of Italian Gothic architecture in existence.

Frequently asked questions about Milan

What are the best day trips and excursions from Milan?

The best day trips and excursions from Milan are:

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Insider tips: Explore Milan like a local

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What should I do on my first trip to Milan?

Milan boasts the largest and arguably the most gorgeous cathedral in Italy, and visiting the Duomo is one of the best things to do in Milan. The Duomo is a breathtaking Gothic-style centerpiece of the city, which took 600 years to build. If you want to learn more about the church’s history, art, or architecture, consider taking a guided tour. You can also ascend to the roof (Terraces) for beautiful views over the city. Another world-famous treasure is Leonardo da Vinci’s "Last Supper" in the Santa Maria delle Grazie church.

What are some hidden gems to see in Milan?

Though many people go see the famous "Last Supper" painting, few venture across the street to Casa degli Atellani and Leonardo’s vineyard, which he tended while he painted the Last Supper. You can tour the lovely house and gardens, including the vineyard. And don’t miss out on the Pinacoteca di Brera museum, a treasure trove of Italian art. You can also visit an astronomical observatory, a gorgeous library, and a botanical garden in the surrounding complex.

How much time should I spend in Milan?

While it is possible to see the main highlights of Milan in one day, the city is best explored in two or three days. This allows time to see some of the less-visited attractions and neighborhoods. If you have more than two or three days, consider taking a day trip; some great options include Lake Como or Verona.

What food is Milan known for?

Milan has some fantastic traditional dishes. Try the risotto alla milanese (risotto with saffron), ossobuco (stewed veal shanks), cassouela (cabbage and pork stew), and cotoletta alla milanese (breaded veal cutlets). During the holidays, try panettone, a sweet bread with candied citrus. While it is now popular all over Italy and the world, Milan was the birthplace of this holiday cake. There are so many different culinary delights in Milan, it is well worth taking a food tour to sample a wide variety of dishes and learn about the food scene from a local guide.

What is the best way to get around Milan?

Getting around Milan is convenient and easy. In the city center, many attractions are close together, and you can see interesting things as you move between them. Milan’s public transportation system is extensive and inexpensive, with four metro lines, 18 tram lines, and over 80 bus lines. Tickets cost around €2 and are valid for 90 minutes. Taking a taxi or renting a bike is also common and easy to do.

What are the best months to visit Milan?

While beautiful in every season, the best times to visit Milan are the shoulder seasons of April-May and September-October. The weather is pleasant, and there are fewer crowds. Winter is an excellent option for the fewest tourists, especially during the holidays when there are beautiful decorations and Christmas markets, though it can be chilly. Summer is hot and can be quite crowded.

What are the best neighborhoods to visit in Milan?

Centro Storico, the historic center of Milan, is where most of the big attractions are, such as the Duomo, Castello Sforzesco, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and La Scala. The Navigli neighborhood surrounds the canal and has a relaxed vibe, filled with cafes, bars, restaurants, bookshops, and markets. Brera is one of the city’s most beautiful areas, with lovely architecture and an artsy vibe. And while not as large as some others across the globe, Milan’s Chinatown is a great place to eat and explore.

What are the best neighborhoods for food?

Don’t miss out on eating in the Navigli neighborhood, which has many typical Milanese restaurants, cafes, and trattorie. Aperitivo is also very popular in Northern Italy — a pre-meal drink in the early evening, often accompanied by light snacks. Join the Italians in this relaxing custom as you sit at a table at one of the many attractive bars along the canal at sunset.

What are the best neighborhoods for shopping?

Milan is Italy's fashion capital, so there is no shortage of shopping options here. Milan's most famous shopping center is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a mall housed in a gorgeous arcade. For luxury brands, visit the Quadrilatero della Moda, which literally means Fashion Quarter. For a wider range of price and store options, Corso Buenos Aires should be your destination. For more vintage, boutique, or alternative finds, head to Porta Ticinese.

What neighborhood should I stay in when I visit Milan?

If you want to be at the center of everything, look for accommodation around the Duomo area, though it will be more expensive than more outlying areas. A picturesque neighborhood to plant yourself in is Brera, with great cafes and an artsy vibe. For more of a modern feel, stay in the Porta Nuova district, filled with reclaimed warehouses-turned-restaurants, shops, and the amazing Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) apartment building. The Navigli area has bars with great outdoor seating overlooking the canal, antique shops, and markets.

What is the best family-friendly thing to do in Milan?

The Sforzesco Castle is a great place to visit with kids. There is a great museum inside where you can introduce your children to fine art, and a vast garden and green space in Parco Sempione behind the castle where the kids can run around. If you or anyone in your family is a soccer lover, do not miss out on seeing San Siro, the legendary stadium where AC Milan and Inter Milan play. Even those with only a fleeting interest in soccer will love a tour of the stadium.

What is the best thing to do in Milan for solo travelers?

One of the best things about solo traveling is being on your own time schedule. Take advantage of this by spending as much time as you’d like wandering around Milan’s fascinating art and history museums, such as Pinacoteca di Brera, the Last Supper Museum, Leonardo’s Vineyard, Castello Sforzesco, and the Duomo. If you’d like to meet some people and sample some of Milan’s most delicious foods, sign up for a food tour.

What is the best thing to do in Milan for couples?

A great way to spend an evening with your partner is to dress up and see a performance at the stunning La Scala, Milan’s famous opera house. Whether a ballet, opera, or concert, it’s sure to be an impressive evening at this world-renowned theater. Another great way to spend an evening is strolling around the Navigli district, checking out the little shops and enjoying a sunset aperitivo along the canal.

What are the best annual events in Milan?

One of the biggest events in Milan is the biannual Fashion Week, each February and September. In December, holiday decorations are up, Christmas markets are open, and festive activities are held. In February, Milan celebrates Carnevale with parades, concerts, and exciting festivities.

What are the best things to do around Milan?

Parco Sempione is Milan’s largest park, directly behind Castello Sforzesco, which is a lovely way to take in some fresh air. If you want a more tranquil hidden gem, head to Guastalla Gardens, a small garden built in the traditional Italian style. If you have time for one of the best day trips from Milan, head to the beautiful Lake Como.

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