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Mercer-Williams House Museum, Savannah

Mercer-Williams House Museum, Savannah

Mercer-Williams House Museum, Savannah: Our most recommended tours and activities

Savannah: Old Town Hop-On Hop-Off Trolley Tour

1. Savannah: Old Town Hop-On Hop-Off Trolley Tour

Explore Savannah with a 1 or 2-day ticket to the hop-on hop-off old town trolley tour. See Reynolds Square, Juliette Gordon Low Historic District, and Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens while listening to the conductors provide a fascinating narrative filled with information about the historic city. Drive down avenues lined with magnolia trees draped in Spanish moss. See stunning architecture, learn about the city from friendly conductor guides, and enjoy the warm southern hospitality that lures millions of visitors to Savannah each year. Hop aboard one of the charming trolleys and experience Transportainment, a delightful combination of transportation and entertainment. Informed conductors narrate the tour with a fun mix of trivia, facts, and humorous stories. Jump off to visit the bamboo collection at Bamboo Farm and Coastal Gardens to explore the historic homes of the Juliette Gordon Low Historic District. Gaze out the window at moss-draped oaks, magnolia trees, and stately mansions as you drive down cobblestone streets. Stop at locations like Reynolds Square where you can see the statue of John Wesley. Enjoy stops at regular intervals and have the freedom to stop at the sights that interest you. With its quaint country squares and historical spots, there is much to see and do in Georgia’s first city. There are 15 stops conveniently located close to many of the places of interest in Savannah, these are: 1)301 MLK Blvd: The Savannah Visitor Center 2)214 West Boundary: Old Town Trolley Welcome Center 3)200 West Bryan Street: Ellis Square 4)6 West Harris Street: Madison Square 5)622 Drayton Street: Forsyth Park 6)207 East Gordon Street: Calhoun Square 7)222 Harris Street: Cathedral of St. John Baptist 8)234 MLK Blvd: Trolley Barn 9)217 West Julian Street: City Market 10)32 Abercorn Street: Lucas Theatre 11)301 East River Street: River Street 12)531 River Street: The Waving Girl 13)324 East State Street: The Davenport House 14)201 Abercorn Street: Colonial Park Cemetery 15)10 East Oglethorpe Ave: Bull Street Corridor

Savannah: Adults-Only Beyond Good and Evil Tour

2. Savannah: Adults-Only Beyond Good and Evil Tour

Explore the spooky side of Savannah on this ghost-themed, adults-only walking tour that visits the city’s popular haunted spots. Become a history buff after learning about the historic events and figures that helped shape the unique culture of Savannah. During the tour, hear about the famous haunted locations the city has to offer, such as former Revolutionary War battlegrounds, burial grounds, historic homes, and the hauntings associated with each. Learn all the true stories behind these locations and more from a guide who is an expert on the dark, haunted history of Savannah.

Savannah: Midnight in the Garden Walking Tour and Pub Crawl

3. Savannah: Midnight in the Garden Walking Tour and Pub Crawl

Follow the trail of one of the most prominent murders in Savannah history from beginning to end on this walking tour. Hop from bar to bar with your drink in your hand as you do. Hear fascinating stories from your guide as you stroll Savannah's evocative streets. Raise a glass to an iconic story in a succession of memorable bars Take advantage of Savannah's open carry laws. Unlike in most American cities, in Savannah, you can carry your alcoholic beverage with you on the streets. Learn all about the eccentric Jim Williams and his historic preservation efforts. Encounter stories of psychics, exorcisms, iconic drag queens, and much more with a drink in your hand.

Savannah Outdoor Escape Game: Ghost Hunt

4. Savannah Outdoor Escape Game: Ghost Hunt

Discover Savannah’s haunted spots while playing the role of an amateur paranormal investigator. You have only been in the field for a few months and are starting to lose hope that you might ever find any evidence of the paranormal. As you solve challenges, the story unfolds and exact directions on your phone will guide you to the next location. Ready for an adventure? After your booking you will receive an email with instructions on how to download and play the game on your phone. Head to Forsyth Fountain, where the game will start. It will take you between 1.5 to 2 hours to complete, but there’s no time limit so feel free to explore, and finish it at your own pace: pause the game and resume anytime from the location where you paused it. You will finish the game at the famous Waving Girl Statue. For larger groups, one person can purchase access for the entire group by selecting the number of people in the group. All group members will be able to download and play the city game on their phone. Alternatively, each person can make their own purchase. You can play on your own, in a large group or in several smaller groups that compete against each other and meet at the final stop of the game.

Savannah: Best of the City Tour with Wormsloe Historic Site

5. Savannah: Best of the City Tour with Wormsloe Historic Site

Embark on an exciting adventure through the enchanting streets of Savannah with our Best of Savannah Small Group Tour. Led by our knowledgeable local guide, prepare for a journey filled with captivating stories and hidden gems that will leave you spellbound. Your tour will begin with a friendly tour guide picking you up directly from your hotel in downtown Savannah. Your first stop is the Wormsloe Historic Site, a picturesque plantation where Noble Jones built a fortified colonial home. Enjoy a relaxing walk through the lush forest and explore Oak Avenue, with over 400 perfectly aligned oak trees. Your next stop is the riverside fishing village of Isle of Hope. This picturesque location amidst the beautiful marshes of Georgia’s tidewater zone are sure to impress! We then make our way to the world famous Bonaventure Cemetery, a captivating and hauntingly beautiful resting place that exudes history and charm. This renowned 19th-century cemetery boasts breathtaking sculptures, intricate tombstones, and serene moss-draped oak trees that create an evocative and tranquil atmosphere. Its historic significance and captivating aesthetics draw visitors from all over the world, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking an enchanting glimpse into the past. Next, embark on a narrated driving tour. Your guide will regale you with captivating stories and historical insights about the city's architectural wonders, including Bull Street, the majestic Cathedral of Saint John, the intriguing Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters, and the historic First African Baptist Church, among others. Finally, enjoy a scenic river cruise along the Savannah River. As you glide through the Savannah River, you will enjoy a picturesque skyline on the water, relish in the calm of the afternoon, and enjoy Savannah’s sights. Finally, enjoy a scenic river cruise along the Savannah River. Please Note Boats Operate Seasonally: December - January: Operating Saturday & Sunday February: Operating Wednesday-Sunday March - November: Operating daily The tour is one hour shorter in the winter months due to the boat closure. Our journey ends with a relaxing drive back to your downtown Savannah hotel, where you can reflect on the treasures discovered during this fun-filled tour of Savannah. So join our lively small group and get ready to experience the best of Savannah's charm, history, and unforgettable moments that will leave you with a smile on your face and memories to last a lifetime.

Savannah: Dead of Night Ghost Walking Tour

6. Savannah: Dead of Night Ghost Walking Tour

Embark on a late-night guided tour of Savannah’s most active haunted locations. See how this historic port becomes a shadow realm filled with the restless souls of the past. Experience the dark side of a picturesque community dotted with Spanish moss, romantic fountains, and ornate architecture. Meet your group at Oglethorpe Square, where yellow fever victims wander down moonlit paths, their eyes bleeding from the violent disease. From there, wind through nine other bone-chilling locations, unlocking a new piece of Savannah history at each one. Visit the infamous Mercer-Williams House from “The Midnight Garden of Good and Evil,” feel the sinister energy of Colonial Park Cemetery, and reach out to ghostly Revolutionary War soldiers at the Sorrel Weed House. With your phone in hand, become a certified ghost hunter collecting paranormal evidence in the most densely haunted city in the U.S.

Savannah: Historic District Guided Bike Tour

7. Savannah: Historic District Guided Bike Tour

Travel back in time for a tour with a local guide and discover life in Savannah, Georgia, from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s. Pick from a variety of bikes and cycle at your leisure around the Historic District, stopping at Forsyth Park, Jones Street, and more for fun lessons in American history. Groups of all sizes, ages, and skill levels are welcome. Your guide will help you find the bike that’s most comfortable for you before setting off. Follow your guide through the safest cycling routes in the city, past quaint streets and ancient buildings. Enjoy an easy pace that lets you stop to smell the magnolias. Admire the gothic Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist. Next, pass Chippewa Square and find Forrest Gump’s famous bench. Continue to Jones Street, named one of the most beautiful residential streets in America by Southern Living Magazine. Learn about Savannah’s significance in US history with stops at Mercer Williams House Museum, Hamilton-Turner House, and Green-Meldrim House. Explore Forsyth Park and learn about the statues and fountains that make it beautiful. Stop at Wright Square, City Market, Washington Square, and Columbia Square and see vibrant city life.If that’s not enough, you can opt to keep your bike for the rest of the day. Get tips and maps from your guide to find even more gems around Savannah.

Savannah: Grave Encounters Tour with Guide and Transfers

8. Savannah: Grave Encounters Tour with Guide and Transfers

Every night of the week, our ghostly guides share blood-curdling tales of murder, voodoo, death, disease and disaster in the Hostess City of the South. Our original ghost tour stands apart as Savannah’s best introduction to the city’s paranormal past. Along the way, you’ll hear lively tales told by some of Savannah’s most illustrious “spirits” – from deceased theater performers to dead pirates – who hop on the trolley to tell their terrifying tales of woe. Learn whether Savannah socialite Matilda Sorrel actually killed herself, uncover Civil War secrets from Confederate soldiers, discover where the victims in the Siege of Savannah are buried and “meet” some of Savannah’s most frightful historic figures. Additional highlights include the Sorrel-Weed House, widely considered the most haunted house in Savannah, and Colonial Park Cemetery, where many Yellow Fever victims are buried. We’ll also see the iconic Olde Pink House, known for its supernatural activity, as well as Yamacraw Bluff, Madison Square, the Mercer-Williams House, the Kehoe House, 17Hundred90 and other haunted sites around downtown Savannah.

Savannah: Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tour

9. Savannah: Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tour

Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tour is a thrilling walking tour through Savannah's haunted history, perfect for both novices and aficionados. Discover historically haunted places and learn the real, chilling accounts that breathe life into Savannah's storied past. It's not just a haunted history lesson. It's a portal to Savannah's authentic paranormal realm. Family-Friendly and Adult-Only 16+ tours available. The tour begins and ends outside Clary's Cafe, the iconic restaurant made famous by "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." You'll then pass by the Corson Mansion, the former home of Dr. Eugene Corson, widely regarded as one of the early pioneers of X-ray technology, with many insisting he's still home. As you continue your journey under Savannah's canopy of majestic oak trees, you'll learn of the Mercer Williams House Museum. This architectural wonder seems to have a fondness for haunting tragedies. Continuing through Forsyth Park, stop outside the grand Old Candler Hospital. It's Georgia's first hospital that tended to generations of its own citizens and is shrouded in tales of those who never left. Amidst the shadows of the prohibition era, the Espy House was home to a prominent judicial family that grappled with crime, corruption, and murder. Move on to admire Taylor Square, formerly Calhoun Square, one of the city's original squares serving as a chilling reminder that Savannah is unquestionably a city built on top of its dead. And finally, 432 Abercorn St. True accounts compel us to look beyond this home's unfounded folklore to ask, what really happened inside the house?

Savannah: Self-Guided Walking Tours Bundle

10. Savannah: Self-Guided Walking Tours Bundle

Start by downloading the Action Tour Guide app, which will function as your personal tour guide, audio tour, and map all in one. Note: This 8+ mile-long tour covers the essentials of Savannah in 2-3 hours. Once downloaded, your Historic Savannah tour begins at the Savannah Visitor Center. Your first stop is the Ships of the Sea museum, dedicated to how maritime trade shaped the city. Next, you’ll arrive at the riverfront and walk the cobbled streets as you dig into the city’s history. You’ll pause at Factor’s Walk, once a huge export hub for cotton. Then, admire the Olde Pink House, dating back to 1771. The next stop is even older: Johnson Square, established 1734! After that is a market with a long history, followed by the oldest art museum in the South. The Owens-Thomas House, up next, demonstrates Savannah’s striking historic architecture. That’s followed by the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, who founded the Girl Scouts! Next up is a jaw-dropping Greek Revival structure, then a historic park best known as a filming location for Forrest Gump! Savannah Theatre is your next stop, where performances have been held since 1818! Then, see Savannah’s first Roman Catholic church. Madison Square follows, where you’ll revisit a battle that unfolded in 1779. Then there’s the sprawling Sorrel Weed House, perfect for a photo op, followed by the childhood home of author Flannery O’Connor! Learn the dark history of Calhoun Square next before pausing for a picnic in the city’s oldest, lushest park. Then see the site of an infamous murder immortalized in the novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Your tour concludes at the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum. Your ghost tour of Savannah begins at Reynolds Square. It also leads to the Olde Pink House, the site of mysterious orb sightings. Next, you’ll visit the site of the Pulaski Hotel, supposedly haunted by a 19th century child. Then there’s the former City Hotel, so haunted it has appeared on TV more than once! On the riverfront, you’ll find the Shrimp Factory, where employees report hair-raising events after hours. Next is the Hampton-Lillibridge House, which hides a history of mysterious accidents. Beyond that is the Marshall House, where century-old human remains were uncovered during renovations. Wright Square is next, where tragic executions have left behind a lingering presence. After that is Colonial Park Cemetery, home to thousands of unmarked graves. Then, stop by Battlefield Park, site of a major clash during the Revolutionary War. Finally, you’ll arrive at the Roundhouse Railroad Museum, site of numerous eerie sightings after dark. Your tour concludes here.

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We enjoyed a lot of great information from a friendly, knowledgeable, and engaging tour guide. The ride was flat and the guide gave good safety instructions. We kept the bikes afterward, which I highly recommend; and were given many suggestions on places to go to further enjoy the city. We were given a map with clearly marked paths, which helped us navigate, too. It was a perfect way to explore Savannah!

Very comfortable despite chilly morning. Our driver, D J, was excellent. Lot of great sights, good stories, history. Hop on/off or just stay on. Good value. They will let you ride around once, staying on, and then ride again hopping on and off at the spots (of 15, that you want to explore. Recomended.

It was great with a bus driver/guide who really new her Savannah history, shared a lot, added humor, and had a wonderful southern accent of course. I did not hop off but stayed on trolley for whole tour because my legs ached from a morning tour.

LeRoy was an amazing guide. His story telling and knowledge of the city was impeccable. Highly would recommend this tour. You’ll also learn the true story about the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Tour guides were excellent. Many were very entertaining as well as informative.