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From Prague: Devil's Heads - Full-Day Hiking Trip

From Prague: Devil's Heads - Full-Day Hiking Trip

We are a group of friends who love the outdoors. We would like to help you experience the same joy as we do on our trips. We want to make it easy for you to discover breath-taking sites in the Czech Republic and build unforgettable memories. Let us take you on a daring adventure! Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey that will transport us to the awe-inspiring realm of Václav Levý. We will visit his most famous work - Čertovy hlavy, or "The Devil's Heads." Nestled near the charming village of Želízy, these towering rock sculptures, standing at an impressive 9 meters in height, are a captivating masterpiece that's no less than a unique marvel in the Czech Republic. Created by the skilled hands of Václav Levý during the years 1841-1846, these majestic sculptures are not only a testament to human ingenuity but also a reflection of the artist's deep-rooted connection to this mystical landscape. As we stand in their towering shadow, we'll be left in sheer wonder by the craftsmanship and the tales they hold. The Devil's Heads rank as the second-largest carved heads in the world, yielding only to the famous carvings of Mount Rushmore in the United States. But this isn't just about size; it's about the enigmatic presence and the rich history that surrounds them. However, our journey doesn't stop here. Václav Levý's artistic genius extends throughout the area, and we're set to explore more of his sculptures that dot this enchanted landscape. With every step, you'll be drawn into the tales these sculptures tell, unveiling a world of artistry, mystery, and natural wonder that's bound to leave you spellbound. Our chosen route spans a total of 13 kilometers, featuring short uphills that will both challenge and reward you. But don't fret! We're ready to accommodate participants of all ages, including infants and children. Our itinerary can be customized to ensure everyone can join in the adventure and make the most of this incredible journey.

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