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Slovenian coast: Koper, Izola, Piran - Parenzana e-bike

Slovenian coast: Koper, Izola, Piran - Parenzana e-bike

The nice tour which combines the Piran, Portorož, biking on Parenzana trail, Izola, Koper with Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve, Landscape park Strunjan with saltpans and cliffs. Tour starts on a magnificent hidden view location above Portorož and Piran. First get basic information. Lern about the rules of eBiking and start panoramic trip on the top of the hill. On one side you will see to Italy over Slovenian coast to Croatia. Then go downhill to Fiesa. Fiesa lake has a tiny border with the Adriatic see and is one of the nicest beaches on the Slovenian coast.  The way to the Piran will let us under the cliffs directly to famous Santa Gorgas Church in charming town Piran. Then it continues through hidden narrow streets to the Cape Madona and further to the Tartini's square with unique buildings, such as the Tartini Theatre, Municipal Palace, Maritime Museum, Aquarium, Marine Biological Station, Baroque House and Apollonio Palace. From Piran through Bernardin to popular tourist town Portorož - literally means 'Port of Roses'. Portorož, the town of Slovenian chanson, represents a strong contrast to the rest of this tour because of the tourist bustle. From Portorož we will go to Parenzana trail through two tunnels, Strunjan valley, past Izola and biking on the beach to Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve in Koper. The combination of brackish and freshwater habitats makes Škocjanski zatok a very diverse environment, regardless its small area. Nearly three quarters of the nature reserve is covered by the  brackish lagoon – its nesting islands, saltmarshes and mudflats are a home to a range of rare animal and plant species. We will continue our journey to the old part of Koper. Koper or Capo d’Istria (the head of Istria) used to be an island and a salt panning town. Its origins go as far back as the Roman era; but the Venetian Republic has left the most prominent stamp, which was the time when this town economically and culturally blossomed. We will visit cultural sights of the town - Praetorian Palace, Taverna Koper, Muda Gate, Fountain Da Ponte, Carpaccio house, Foresteria and Armeria. eBiking by the beach part of Parenzana trail to the Izola - a town with a smile, coming to the church of St. Maver. The church's soul represents a fishing town well-known after the production of wine and olive oil. This makes Izola different from the other neighbouring coastal towns. Through narrow picturesque streets, past squares by the town coast and a new part of Izola to panoramic spot Dobrava. At the top of Strunjan's peninsula and its beautiful views on Strunjan's Bay and further to the Coast and Strunjan valley with Italy and the Alps in the background.  Going downhill from Dobrava the road brings us to the Strunjan's Cross with marvelous view on Moon Bay and its cliffs. After the descent from the church of the Marian apparition the road takes you to the only Slovenian Sea Lagoon called Stjuža which is full of life and the Strunjan salt pans.  The road through Pacuga and Beli Križ will bring us back to the starting point. The final touch of this tour will definitely be the thinly sliced the Karst Prosciutto Ham, cheese cut on cubes, olives and local wines Refošk and Malvazija.

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