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Manaus Hiking

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From Manaus: 3, 4 or 5-Day Jungle Tour at Tucan Lodge

1. From Manaus: 3, 4 or 5-Day Jungle Tour at Tucan Lodge

Day 1: Start your journey with a pickup from Manaus. Head to Ceasa Port and board a speedboat. Cruise down the Rio Negro, stopping at the Meeting of Waters. Continue for an hour and a half by car to Ubim Lake. At Ubim Lake, hop in another speedboat on a 30-50 minute ride to reach the lodge. Relax with refreshments while your hosts prepare your accommodations. Enjoy lunch and some free time before heading out by motorized canoe for piranha fishing and birdwatching. Marvel at the sunset from the middle of the river before returning to the lodge for dinner. After dinner, depart again by motorized canoe to search for Cayman and learn more about this most-feared reptile of the Amazonian. Day 2: Enjoy breakfast at 7:00 A.M. before setting off on a morning jungle trek. As you hike, learn about the flora, fauna, and medicinal plants found only in the Amazon from your guide. Return to the lodge around noon for lunch. After lunch, leave the lodge to visit an Indigenous community and attend a ritual celebration of dancing and singing. Return to the lodge for a quiet evening in the jungle. Day 3: Have breakfast at 7:00 A.M. and head out to explore local streams by boat, keeping an eye out for wildlife. Afterward, head to a floating house to visit the fish farm of the Giant Pirarucu. You can feed them and feel how strong they are. Next, see and swim with dolphins, some of the most iconic mammals of the Amazonian rivers. After your swim, head back to the lodge for lunch. If you have chosen the 3-day option, begin your journey back to Manaus after lunch. If you have chosen a longer tour, head out on a boat trip to the Ariau river to explore the region, enjoying some birdwatching and looking for monkeys and other animals. During the dry season from September to April, go on a hike in the Vazea area. Return to the lodge to spend the night. Day 4: Begin your day with breakfast at 7:00 A.M. After breakfast, hop in a small boat and explore the small channel (igarape) in search of wildlife. Return to the lodge for lunch. If you have chosen the 4-day option, begin your journey back to Manaus after lunch. If you have chosen the 5-day option, enjoy some free time at the lodge before heading out to camp overnight in the jungle. Spend the night in hammocks with mosquito nets and enjoy dinner cooked in the jungle over a campfire. Day 5:  Once the sun rises, return to the lodge for breakfast. After breakfast, visit a local community and learn about their way of living in the jungle. If you wish, buy some handicrafts made in the community. Return to the lodge for lunch and to begin your journey back to Manaus.

From Manaus: One-Day Amazon Jungle Experience

2. From Manaus: One-Day Amazon Jungle Experience

Start your day with pickup from your hotel at approximately 8:00 AM. Drive west from Manaus for about one and a half hours until you reach the Ubin lake where your host will be waiting for you. Take a speedboat heading towards the jungle to begin a 2-hour trek. Learn more about Amazonian fauna and flora, medicinal plants, and jungle survival techniques.  From this walk, visit a project for the protection of pink river dolphins. Learn about these beautiful and friendly creatures, and the conservation efforts underway to protect them. Take the unique opportunity to enter the water to interact with them. Visit the host’s home and enjoy a delicious lunch with his family. Learn more about the local people’s culture and Amazonian history in general. Next, enjoy a boat ride through the flooded forest to go piranha fishing and catch these famous ferocious water beasts. As night falls embark on a search for alligators and other reclusive nocturnal wildlife species. Return to the road and head back to Manaus, arriving at your hotel at approximately 8:00 PM.

Manaus: Presidente Figueiredo Caves and Waterfalls Tour

3. Manaus: Presidente Figueiredo Caves and Waterfalls Tour

Your adventure starts at your hotel at 8:00AM, from where you will take to the road. You will drive north for about 1.5 hours, after which you will eventually arrive to the municipality of Presidente Figueiredo. Once your reach the Iracema Park, you will start a 20-minute jungle walk to reach a breath taking scenery while also developing an understanding of the Amazon Jungle. During your hike, walk through one of the most beautiful grottos in Brazil that was the setting for many films and documentaries and see the fauna and flora of this remarkable region. Enjoy a relaxing swim at a big and beautiful waterfall, visit the grottos, and see the Amazon jungle. Following your cave exploration, you will visit a restaurant by the rapids of Urubuí where you will enjoy a lunch consisting of delicious fish and other delicacies from the region. In the afternoon, you will enjoy a refreshing break at the Sanctuary Waterfall until it is eventually time to head back to Manaus. You will later arrive back to your hotel at around 5:00PM.

Manaus: 2-Day River Tour With Overnight Stay

4. Manaus: 2-Day River Tour With Overnight Stay

On the first day, be picked up from your hotel and head into the jungle. Go trekking for 3 hours, discover the local fauna and flora, and learn some survival techniques. From here, see the beautiful pink river dolphins and enter the water to get up close and personal with these creatures. After lunch, go for a paddle and canoe along the river. Then, experience piranha fishing before sunset. In the evening, go out in the dark and search for caymans and other nocturnal jungle creatures with your guide. Spend the night in a local river dweller's home. Begin the second day early to watch the sunrise. After breakfast, go for a ride to visit an indigenous tribe and learn about their history and culture. Stop to buy some souvenirs here if you like and, depending on the season, ride to a local sandy beach for a swim. Next, travel to January Lake, where you'll have lunch at a floating restaurant. Visit the floating village of Catalão and the Pirarucu fish farm with the biggest freshwater fish with scales on Earth. See the lake with water lilies, and depending on the season, ride through the flooded forests. Finally, witness the phenomenon of the Rio Negro and Amazon rivers running side by side without mixing their colors. Return to your hotel around 5 PM.

Manaus: 3-, 4-, or 5-Day Jungle Tour at Amazon Boto Lodge

5. Manaus: 3-, 4-, or 5-Day Jungle Tour at Amazon Boto Lodge

Discover the Amazon Rainforest on a 3-, 4-, or 5-day trip from Manaus to Amazon Boto Lodge, a Jungle Lodge where all activities and meals are included. Ride a speedboat, walk through the jungle, search for native wildlife, and more. Stay overnight in private air-conditioned rooms. The lodge is located 120 kilometers south of Manaus by lake Juma, an area surrounded by a virgin forest. The lodge was built on stilts in an isolated area in the jungle with a view of the lake and jungle. The location does not disrupt the natural environment. Sleep in private suites with air-conditioning and bathrooms. The Lodge is a simple and clean place, perfect for groups interested in exploring the Amazon Jungle. Rest assured you won't be overrun by guests: the lodge hosts no more than 18 persons at a time. Lunch and dinner are generally made up of regional fresh fish, chicken, beef, beans, salads, rice, vegetables, and fruits. At breakfast, enjoy bread, cheese, eggs, coffee, milk, juice, tea, and fruit. Day 1:Following morning pickup, head to the Ceasa Port and take a speedboat to the Meeting of Waters, the point where the Rio Negro and Solimões River meet. From there, you’ll be taken to the Careiro Village on the other side of the Solimões River. This excursion continues by car or van for about 1 hour to Maçarico Lake. A final trip by speedboat takes you to the lodge. In the afternoon, the day’s activities begin. Leave the lodge by canoe for dolphin and bird watching, as well as piranha fishing. End the day by observing the sunset before heading back to the lodge for dinner. At night, go caiman (cayman) spotting, a truly thrilling experience. Day 2: Start the morning by traveling by canoe to watch the sunrise in the Amazon Rainforest. Return to the lodge for breakfast before heading out for a jungle trek that takes up the rest of the morning. During the walk, learn all about medicinal plants, trees, and insects. Along the way, you might even see some monkeys. Your day continues with afternoon activities, including a canoeing adventure in a flooded forest. From September to February, enjoy a guided trekking activity. Spend a few hours quietly passing through the exuberant Amazon jungle while learning about the flora and fauna from your guide. After dinner, go out on a motorized boat for the night safari and spot some wildlife along the rivers and small channels. Spend the rest of the night at the lodge.  Day 3:For approximately 3 hours in the morning, visit the home of a local family to learn about their simple but wonderful way of life in the forest. Return to the lodge for lunch, then return to Manaus if you chose the 3-day option. If you booked the 4- or 5-day option, after lunch, go out to explore some more small channels and spot birds, monkeys, caimans, and dolphins. Optionally, learn about nocturnal wildlife by staying overnight in the forest and going spearfishing.   Day 4: After breakfast, go trekking in a different area where you’ll learn survival techniques and plenty of facts about the forest. If the 4-day option is booked, end your trip by returning to Manaus after lunch at the lodge. If you chose the 5-day option, go camping in the woods and spend the night in the forest with your guide.   Day 5: Following breakfast, go on a canoe trip to explore and swim in the lake. Return to the lodge for lunch before heading back to your pickup point in Manaus.

Manaus: Amazonas Jungle Trek & Anavilhanas Archipelago

6. Manaus: Amazonas Jungle Trek & Anavilhanas Archipelago

Get picked at your hotel at 8:30 AM in the morning, and be driven by a motorized canoe for few kilometers from Manaus. Arrive in the jungle and go on an educational jungle walking tour for about 3 hours. During the walk, your guide will teach you about medicinal plants and the trees of the Amazon rainforest. The high altitude means different plant life, bigger trees, and dense forest. See the cast flora and fauna of the Amazon Rainforest, like scorpions, spiders, snakes and so on.  Then, visit the Anavilhanas Archipelago, which is the biggest and largest freshwater archipelago in the world. The Anavilhanas Archipelago is found on the Rio Negro, 70 kilometers upstream from Manaus where the Rio Solimoes and Rio Negro join as one river. At its widest, the river is measured at 27 kilometers wide. Later, lunch can be prepared depending on the season on the beach, in the jungle during the trek or, if rainy, can be prepared in the floating house. Experiment with local food fish “Peacock Bass or Tambaqui” with the famous manioc and rice. Arrive back in Manaus at 4:30 PM.

From Manaus: Presidente Figueiredo Waterfalls Daytrip

7. From Manaus: Presidente Figueiredo Waterfalls Daytrip

After being picked up from your hotel in Manaus, venture deep into Amazon jungle on a 1-day excursion. Start the tour by marveling at the incredible cascade of water at the Presidente Figueiredo waterfalls. Go inside the Gruta do Refugio cave, a captivating natural formation home to native wildlife such as alligators, turtles, fish, and bats. Explore the stunning cave, swim in the refreshing water, and learn about the area’s ecology from your professional guide. A shallow stream runs through the entire cave, providing a serene background for your expedition. Outside, beautiful waterfalls transport you to a jungle paradise straight out of a dream. Stop for lunch at a local restaurant which is included in the price of the tour. At the end of the trip, enjoy a convenient return transfer back to your hotel in Manaus.

Manaus: 3/4/5 Day Amazon Survival Trip

8. Manaus: 3/4/5 Day Amazon Survival Trip

This Amazon survival tour will bring you into contact with nature and you have the possibility to learn as much as possible about the forest. Day 1: At 8 am, be picked up from your hotel in Manaus and taken to Caesar port. Here is where the amazon survival tour begins. Your first taste of adventure is a cruise down the Rio Negro on a speed boat. The first stop: Catalao. A floating village where you will see the largest scaled fish in the world, The Giant Arapaima Gigas. Touch them if you dare, but don’t worry, although they are strong, they are harmless. Take a chance to feed them, and admire their mega size. The next stop is the fascinating phenomenon called the meeting of the waters. This is where the black waters of the Rio Negro meet the brown waters of the Solimões River. Amazingly, the two colors don’t mix, and don’t forget to take selfies for your social media pages. From there, take off to the lodge for lunch. Delicious local cuisine is served at noon. Next is your first taste of Amazon survival. You will trek into the jungle to set up your first night’s camp. After dinner, you’ll be finishing the day with a trip through the darkness of the amazon night to some cayman spotting by boat. Day 2: Day 2 starts with a sunrise canoe trip at 5:30 am. The river is the perfect place to get a close-up view of the forest waking up to a new day. A hearty breakfast is served at 7 am. Then, it’s off for a jungle hike from 8 am until 11:30 am. Your guide will teach you about medicinal plants, spiders, and trees. You might even see some cheeky monkeys. From day 2 you will enjoy lunch under the majestic canopy of the Amazon rainforest. At 3:00 pm, take a canoe through the flooded forest and the small channels. This is an excellent opportunity to see and learn about the flora and fauna of this fantastic Amazon jungle. It’s also your chance to fish like a native in the hunt for some feisty pirhanas. At nightfall, you’ll have another opportunity to explore the nightlife of the Amazon jungle (No shiny disco balls!). This jungle trip will be by boat using a flashlight. Days 3/4/5: Day 3: If the 3-Day option is booked, after breakfast, there is a nature hike to another part of the rainforest for more wildlife viewing. Head back to the lodge for lunch, and relax amid the sounds of the jungle. You'll depart for Manaus at 1:30 PM and arrive at approximately 4:30 PM. If the 4-Day option is booked: After lunch, explore the small channels of the Amazon by boat. See the wide array of colorful birds. The boat trip will finish with some fishing for dinner. Then, it’s back to camp. Days 4/5: Day 4: Breakfast is served and after breakfast the is another hiking with an explanation of some jungle survival techniques. Head back to the lodge for lunch, and relax amid the sounds of the jungle. You'll depart for Manaus at 1:30 PM and arrive at approximately 4:30 PM. If the 5-Day option is booked: After lunch goes Explore the small channels of the Amazon by boat. Looking for some wildlife like monkeys and other animals that can be found in the loaded forest and at night there is a night safari trip to look for more wildlife and a chance to spearfish. Day 5: Leave the camp back to the lodge to explore the region as is a good opportunity to spot some more wildlife and the chance to go swimming in the river like the local people. Head back to the lodge for lunch, and relax amid the sounds of the jungle. You'll depart for Manaus at 1:30 PM and arrive at approximately 4:30 PM.

Other Sightseeing Options in Manaus

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What people are saying about Manaus

This was the trip of a lifetime. Joshua and his team were highly organised and punctual and ensured the entire trip ran smoothly. As we went in low season, we had a guide, Kennedy, all to ourselves. His passion for the jungle and river was incredible and he ensured we experienced as much of it as we could in the short time with him (about 3 experiences per day). The accommodation was very clean and comfortable and the air con worked well. The staff spoke very little English but they were clearly having a good time and were very accommodating. The food was some of the best we’ve had in Brazil, which is saying something after coming from São Paulo. Hearty breakfasts of fruit and cake followed by huge portions of fish for lunch and dinner. We opted for the night in the jungle. It was a great experience with a tasty bbq, stargazing, and waking to a beautiful sunrise. But be prepared to be hot and not get much sleep. Overall, I’m very glad we chose Joshua’s Amazon Expeditions!

if you have just one day to experience the Amazon, **THIS** is the one to book! Driver delivers you 46 minute drive out of the city, where you board a small boat and head along the river for a comprehensive and SAFE jungle trek experience. Followed by swimming with dolphins, fishing for piranhas, local lunch, sunset and caiman spotting. Small and intimate group. My tour was 5 people. would HIGHLY recommend this experience as the one you want for the full package day length experience. Top 3 adventures for someone who has been everywhere and done just about everything. You will NOT regret it! Book it now!!!

Our guide was Kennedy. Top explanations, it was always fun, he studied biology and is very interested in nature himself. All expectations were exceeded. Everything described has been implemented. The lodge is very clean, the food is delicious.

Absolutely amazing time! Fabiho & Milton are both awesome and some of the best guides I have ever had, I will definitely come back to the Amazon and find them again next time.

We got to see everything we wanted in our short two-day visit. It was fun.