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Mainz: Self-Guided Urban Adventure Game

1. Mainz: Self-Guided Urban Adventure Game

Discover the city of Mainz with a fun and interactive game. The tour starts from a central square in the city center and will lead you past important monuments and interesting sights. All throughout the route, clues are waiting for you — puzzles, hints, and riddles. You will need a clever team of 2 to 6 people, a charged smartphone with approximately 100 MB of mobile internet, a pen, and the game map, which you will need to print out or collect beforehand. Once you have everything together you are ready for the adventure and can start to play whenever you like. Complete the game in 2-3 hours, or take breaks for coffee, lunch, or shopping.

Mainz: Romantic Old Town Self-guided Discovery Tour

2. Mainz: Romantic Old Town Self-guided Discovery Tour

Experience Mainz culture and lifestyle on this self-guided tour. The historic old town, the district around the cathedral, has a picturesque atmosphere. Besides romantic half-timbered houses, magnificent churches and backyard cosiness, there is a lot to discover on this authentic tour. The tour starts at the Heunensäule on the market square and takes you through the winding alleys of the old town. Your way leads you past Mainz Cathedral, the oldest house in the city, and the Leichhof, a former cathedral cemetery. Discover the Badergasse with its oversized fragments of bath tubs and the Augustinerkirche with its magnificent rococo portal. Be enchanted by the atmosphere of the Kirschgarten, framed by baroque half-timbered houses, and enjoy the backyard romance in the Badergasse. See the wooden tower, the prison of the legendary Schinderhannes, and Mauritzenplatz, the centre of the Kappelhof. The tour ends at the Nagelsäule, a seven-metre-high monument that is the result of a fundraising campaign in 1916. The tour takes you on a 2 km route in a leisurely 90 minutes once around the cathedral, not always on straight paths, but also through the winding alleys that make the quarter so special. And maybe one or two wine taverns are already open? Then let's go inside. Because over a glass of wine, it's easy to strike up a conversation in Mainz. At the tour stops, there are entertaining tasks to solve and fun questions to answer. Who knows, for example, what ... but no, we won't tell you yet! The tour is a great way to get outside and discover new things with family, friends or on your own. It's like being shown Mainz by a good friend. Many anecdotes will enrich your walk through the city. You can start the tour at any time and as often as you like in the browser of a smartphone. On site or even from the comfort of your sofa. Enjoy your time in Mainz! *** Good to know *** You will receive the link to start the tour in an email directly after booking.

Mainz: Jewish Mainz Self-Guided Walk from Old to New Town

3. Mainz: Jewish Mainz Self-Guided Walk from Old to New Town

Everyone knows Mainz as it sings and laughs. But do you also know Magenza? On this two-hour tour from Mainz's Old Town to the New Town, you will immerse yourself in Jewish Mainz and the exciting past of this beautiful old city. Mainz - or Magenza - experienced a heyday in the High Middle Ages and, together with two other cities on the Rhine, Mainz was the cultural and spiritual centre of Judaism in Central Europe. It was also called "Jerusalem on the Rhine". At the tour stops, there are entertaining tasks to solve and fun questions to answer. Who knows, for example, what the famous nail column on Domplatz is all about? But a cultural journey also needs special moments of enjoyment. That's why there are a number of culinary addresses along the route for delicious breaks along the way. They range from the finest confectionery to the most delicious falafel to the typical Meenzer Fleischwurst. The tour is a great way to get outside and discover new things with family, friends or on your own. It's like being shown Mainz by a good friend. The tour can be started anytime and over and over again, on site or from home, in the browser of a smartphone. Have fun in lively Mainz! *** Good to know *** You will receive the link to start the tour in an email directly after booking.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport: Bus transfer from/to Mainz

4. Frankfurt Hahn Airport: Bus transfer from/to Mainz

Enjoy the fastest and most comfortable bus service between Frankfurt Hahn Airport and Mainz. Flibco ensures a seamless journey when traveling from the airport to city and vice versa. Benefit a quick travel time of just 1.25 hours since our direct route eliminates any unnecessary stops along the way. Hahn Airport, located 115 kilometers southeast of Frankfurt city center, is a transportation hub offering a range of amenities for travelers. To ensure a hassle-free journey, the shuttle bus service provided by is the best option to get to Hahn Airport. It is eco-friendly, fast, reliable and affordable, making it an excellent choice for travelers. Sit back and relax from the comfort of your seat with plenty of legroom. Stay connected to the world with free Wifi available on board. You can watch a film or TV series, or catch up on some work, or simply regain time for yourself to fine-tune your travel plans.

Mainz: Self-Guided Outdoor Escape Game

5. Mainz: Self-Guided Outdoor Escape Game

Experience a unique outdoor escape game right on your smartphone. Take on the role of a profiler who travels back in time to solve a tricky case. Complex challenges await you in this adventure that will lead you deeper and deeper into the swamp of organized crime. The puzzles are location independent, so you can look forward to tricky and exciting tasks. But after each level, you'll learn interesting facts about the environment around you. While solving the puzzles of this thrilling case, you'll wander past some of most fascinating sights in Mainz. Grab your smartphones and head to the starting point to get started. Whether you work together as a team or split into smaller groups and teams, you can expect an exciting walk with breathtaking sights and relaxing breaks. Solve tricky puzzles, combine clues, discover surprising facts about each location, and enjoy the freedom to walk at your own pace. This game is ideal for escape game enthusiasts and puzzle fans who are looking for a challenging challenge for their group and don't want to miss out on the city's interesting locations.

Guided tour in Mainz on the Rhine in german and english

6. Guided tour in Mainz on the Rhine in german and english

We have a good time on a walking tour of Mainz and get to know the sights. WE will walk for approx. 1,5 hours and learn a Lot about Mainz. WE will visit the churches and holy places in Mainz. You will he able to learn about Mainz and to have a good time wih your quide. I am always looking forward to answer all your questions and to Show you the Highlights of Mainz. WE start at the Roman Theater and continue Walking to the Altstadt and to the Domplatz. Then WE visit the Römerpassage and St. Stefan with the Chagall Windows. At least WE See the Fastnachtsbrunnen and at the Schillerplatz WE end the Tour.

Mainz: Murder Crime Game Self-Guided Interactive Tour

7. Mainz: Murder Crime Game Self-Guided Interactive Tour

Solve a murder and at the same time see all the highlights of the city center of Mainz. Play this unique smartphone game on WhatsApp with a group of friends or your family for an unforgettable sightseeing experience. After booking, receive instructions, a photo frame, and an answer form in advance via email along with a map of the city where the murder took place. Begin your sightseeing adventure by searching for a location where you can take a group selfie. Once you've located the spot, send a selfie via WhatsApp to your game instructor. If the location's correct, you'll get the next clue. These clues will then need to be combined to find out... ... who was the murderer? ... who was the victim? ... where did the crime take place? ... when did it happen? ... what was the murder weapon? As you walk along the nicest places in the center of the city, you will collect more and more clues and solve the mystery. During the game, take time to relax in a cafe or shop that you pass and admire some of the highlights of Mainz.

Germany/Europe: eSim Mobile Data Plan

8. Germany/Europe: eSim Mobile Data Plan

Make your trip to Germany hassle-free with your convenient eSIM. Stay connected on your travels with high-speed coverage in Germany and another 35 European regions (full list below). Purchase and install your eSIM anytime and anywhere, and choose from a variety of data packages, validity options, and coverage in additional countries. Simply scan the eSIM QR code to access all your essential apps on your trip. Avoid the trouble of managing multiple SIMs with this zero-waste solution. Get one eSIM per device and top up by simply buying and activating additional eSIM plans as you go. Once activated, your coverage will begin according to your selected duration. Most devices released after 2019 are compatible with eSIM (e.g. iPhone XR, XS of models beyond, Google Pixel 4, and beyond). If you are unsure, please check the compatibility guideline photos to confirm eligibility. Network coverage: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece (including Cyclades), Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy (including Vatican, San Marino, Sardinia), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal (including Azores and Madeira), Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (including Canary Islands and Balearic Islands), Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and Uzbekistan.

Mainz: Private custom tour with a local guide

9. Mainz: Private custom tour with a local guide

Mainz can sometimes feel inaccessible to foreign visitors. Take the mystery out of your visit by exploring with a local on a private, customized tour. Your guide contacts you beforehand to get a feel for your interests and tastes to ensure that you only visit the places you are interested in. As you explore the city, your guide shares insights into local life forming a clearer picture of Mainz's culture. - Private tour for just you and your group - Your guide customizes your tour to your interests and personality - Get a deeper insight into Mainz life than possible alone - See Mainz through the eyes of a local and discover its hidden gems Choose from 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8-hour tour options.

Mainz: Crime-Tour - Escape Game

10. Mainz: Crime-Tour - Escape Game

If you are looking for the perfect mix between an outdoor escape game and a scavenger hunt, Crime-Trails are for you! Take over the investigation to find the culprit in a fictitious crime case. You will solve treacherous murders, crafty robberies, or shrewd kidnappings – the options are endless. Equipped with your smartphones, a case file, and a code for the arrest warrant, you and your family, friends or partner in crime begin the investigation at the scene of crime. It is up to you to decide which clues to follow first. Crime-Trails are designed for young as well as experienced hobby detectives from 12 years and up. Some Crime-Trails are suitable for younger children as well, but we are currently working on trails specifically designed for this age group. 1. Purchasing a Crime-Trail To play one of our Crime-Trails, choose one of the trails in the city of your choice. After the purchase has been completed, you will receive an e-mail with the case file along with a code to generate your arrest warrant at the end of the game. Once you have the case file, you can start the game whenever you please. The case file includes an introductions as well as instructions to your mission. Note: Print the case file for a better overview during the game! We are currently working on a completely digitalized version. 2. Locating the Scene of Crime To begin your investigation, find the location marked “scene of crime” in your case file. Once you arrive at the scene, familiarize yourselves with the case and solve the first question. Send your answer via chatbot to the headquarters to start the Crime-Trail. Information on how to send out your answers to receive more and more clues as you move through the case. Note: All Crime-Trails can be played without advance booking. It’s up to you when you want to start your investigation! It does not matter when you purchase your crime file, it does not expire. 3. Starting the Investigation After you have solved the first question and established communication with the headquarters, you can visit the locations marked on the map in any order. Throughout the Crime-Trail you will stay in touch with the headquarters in order to receive further clues that help you solve the case. We do advice that you visit all locations indicated in your file, so you do not miss any important information. There will be no guide or organizer on site. In case you have any problems or questions, you can request a hint from the headquarters. Since the Crime-Trails are played outdoors and in individual groups, they are compatible with any Covid-19 restrictions. 4. Catching the Culprit Once you have identified the culprit, you will be able to create an arrest warrant for them on our website. Use the code that you received in the e-mail together with the case file. Have you caught the right suspect?

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We solved it in a group of four. It was really fun. The three hours were exactly right for us. If you already have some experience in such games, most of the puzzles are easy to do. If you're doing something like this for the first time, you sometimes have to puzzle a bit, but then the tips help.

On this historical tour through Mainz you walk in the footsteps of the Romans. If you want to experience Mainz from a different side, you should definitely book this tour. The guide was super friendly and competent and has a great passion for the history of his city.

Great leadership. The guide showed us everything very vividly and clearly. We were totally thrilled, would book this tour with the gentleman again at any time and can recommend it without reservation.

It was a really great experience. We had a lot of fun and would book it again. We certainly wouldn't have seen some corners of Mainz. Many thanks to Laura.

Was a great experience. We had a lot of fun, especially since we were two teams - men against women