COVID-19 travel info: What to know before booking your activity

We’re ready to help you experience some of the world’s most incredible destinations as safely as possible.

With changing travel restrictions around the world, attractions may be closing or reopening with updated health and safety measures. At GetYourGuide, the well-being and safety of our community and tour guides are our priority. Before you book an activity, we want you to feel safe and secure with your decision.

Whether you’re on a trip now or in the process of planning one, we’re here to help you in any way we can. Find information on the following topics below:

Our cancellation policy for travelers with existing bookings

If you’d like to change your travel plans or cancel a booking, our customer service team is available 24/7. We offer the following:

  • Customers who cancel a booking more than 24 hours in advance can receive a full refund.
  • Customers with a booking to an attraction that has closed as a preventative measure can receive a full refund.

Disclaimer: A small number of products on GetYourGuide are non-refundable. This will be explicitly stated at the point of purchase and on your voucher.

For more information about your planned booking, please get in touch.

General safety and hygiene measures for reopened attractions

While guidelines may differ across the world, you can expect updated health and safety measures to be put in place wherever you are traveling.

These measures will differ depending on where you are traveling and the activity that you are booking. Please note and observe the specific measures included for your booked activity.

Hygiene safety measures for visitors

In general, attraction visitors can expect implemented measures for the following:

  • Masks: Most attractions will require you to wear a mask at all times. In some cases, masks will be provided for you. In others, you will be required to bring your own.
  • Hand washing and cleaning: Hand sanitizer will generally be provided throughout accessible areas of an attraction. Most attractions will require you to clean your hands upon entry and encourage regular use of hand sanitizer during your visit.
  • Social distance: Most attractions will require visitors to respect locally enforced social distance measures (1 to 2 meters apart).
  • Health screening: Many attractions may perform health checks that screen for temperature irregularities, coughing signs, or other symptoms of COVID-19. Visitors who show symptoms of illness may not be able to participate in their booked activities.

Hygiene safety regulations for staff

  • Masks: Most attractions will require staff to wear masks at all times.
  • Hand cleaning: Most attractions will require staff to wash and clean their hands regularly with soap and/or hand sanitizer.
  • Gloves: In addition to regular hand washing and cleaning, most attractions will require staff to wear gloves while working.
  • Social distance: Like visitors, staff will also be required to respect locally enforced social distance measures at most attractions (1 to 2 meters apart).
  • Medical check ups: Many attractions will require staff to go through regular medical examinations. In these instances, staff members that exhibit signs of illness will not be allowed to work.

Operational hygiene measures

In addition to health and safety measures for staff and visitors, most countries have required attractions to intensify cleaning, organize proper hygiene safety training for employees, and adapt their offers and space with timed and digital ticketing.

While measures may be different around the world, many attractions are require to implement measures around the following:

  • Ticketing: Digital/contactless payment and ticketing is encouraged if not mandatory for most attractions around the world. In many instances, physical ticket offices will be closed and bookings must be done online in advance.
  • Number of visitors: Most attractions are required to limit the number of visitors in order to prevent outbreak. 
  • Hours of operation: Most attractions will operate on reduced opening hours to ensure a limited number of visitors and time for proper cleaning.
  • Hygiene safety training: Most attractions require training for staff in hygiene safety operations and how to deal with emergency situations.
  • Increased signage: Signage and posters should clearly communicate safe distancing and health measures to visitors and staff at most attractions.
  • Cleaning procedures: Most attractions will require more cleaning by the attraction operators. Additionally, hand sanitizers should be placed in strategic locations and clean air/regular ventilation should be ensured for indoor spaces.

COVID-19 travel restrictions

Curious about where you can travel to next? We’ve compiled a comprehensive overview of travel restrictions to help you pick your next travel destination.

Find international and domestic restrictions, quarantine regulations and measures, and other useful information for traveling to countries around the world. Use our interactive map for a quick look at which countries currently have travel restrictions implemented.

We update the page regularly with the latest information. To learn where you can plan your next trip, click here.

The latest health information

We encourage our community to read the latest news and communications from relevant authorities carefully and in full. To help you stay healthy and aware of further developments, we suggest visiting these World Health Organization (WHO) website pages: WHO coronaviruses Q&A (COVID-19) and WHO daily updates.

Our message to the global travel community

GetYourGuide’s mission is to give the whole world access to incredible experiences. Even in times of uncertainty, we remain fully committed to that mission. If you need support or assistance, get in touch

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