Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions in Mexico

Information last updated on January 24, 2021.

It’s been more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Traveling now is more complicated than it used to be, due to numerous restrictions, vaccinations, and other local factors. We admit that getting away is not easy, but it is by no means impossible! If you’re looking for options for a much needed holiday, Mexico could be the dream destination for you!

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Here is all you need to know if you’re thinking of traveling to Mexico now, including the map of states whose citizens are welcomed to Mexico without too many restrictions.

Who can visit Mexico right now?
There are no restrictions regarding the country where people are coming from. Some international flights are available, but the land border with the US remains closed.
Is a negative COVID-19 test required for entry in Mexico?
No, Mexico does not require testing prior to entering the country. A minimal health check (temperature screening) will be performed on the arrival.
Is quarantine mandatory for travelers entering Mexico?
No, quarantine is not mandatory.
Is there any other special requirement before traveling?
No, but you need to make sure that you respect all regulations of the countries you are transiting before you reach Mexico, if you do not have a direct flight.
Is domestic traveling allowed in Mexico?
Yes, there are no restrictions on domestic travel.
Are there any special rules set in place regarding the pandemic?
General health requirements need to be followed. Some particular measures might be ordered by the local authorities, so make sure you are paying attention to the local regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel to Mexico from the US right now?
Yes, US citizens can fly to Mexico, but the land border stays closed. However, US citizens may return home.
Can I travel to Mexico from the UK right now?
Generally, British citizens can travel to Mexico. However, due to the serious outbreak of the coronavirus, many regions in the UK, including England, do not allow citizens to travel for touristic purposes.
Can I travel to Mexico from Canada right now?
Yes, travel by air is permitted, but local authorities advise citizens to stay home. When returning to Canada, Canadians will be asked to present a negative COVID-19 test that is no longer than 72 hours.
Is a COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for travelers entering Mexico?
No, vaccination is not required at the moment.
What are the best things to do in Mexico right now?
Mexico offers so many options for spending a great vacation. There are plenty of tours and activities you can enjoy while traveling in this amazing Latin country. From abundant markets to a vibrant art scene, Mexico is colorful and full of life. Make sure you check out our dedicated page where you can find the inspiration for your next adventure.


Bear in mind that all information is subject to change. Travel restrictions vary depending on the evolution of the pandemic in different states. We strongly advise you to follow the indications of your local authorities before you decide to travel. We constantly update the information to keep you informed, but it is always a good idea to check the official websites of your destination country before your departure.