How to Oktoberfest like a true Bavarian

As the summer winds down and temperatures begin to drop, there’s one last hurrah to take in the final days of sun and toast them with a beer—or should we say, Bier! Starting September 21 and running until October 6, Oktoberfest is Munich’s most famous festival. Thinking of joining in on the fun? Blend in with the locals and...

48 hours in Berlin

Germany’s capital city simply buzzes with attractions and things to do. Here’s our guide to making the most of 48 hours in Berlin. Get a taste of its culture, history, food, and cool street art. Day 1: Explore the city’s history  Discover Berlin’s unique story on a 2-hour walking tour.

The ultimate guide to Oktoberfest 2019

Calling all Oktoberfest fans! Whether you’re headed to Munich for the very first time or getting ready for your annual Bavarian pilgrimage, we’ve gathered up all the info you’ll need for this year’s festival. Our essential Oktoberfest guide has everything you need to wander around the giant international festival without looking like a lost Bavarian villager. 

10 incredible things to do on a romantic getaway in Berlin

Forget Paris: for butterflies, look no further than Berlin. Europe’s cultural hotspot offers endless dreamy experiences for lovebirds. From glamorous dining at the top of the Reichstag to simmering date nights in cocktail bars, Berlin has it all. Read on for our list of romantic things to do in that are guaranteed to get those sparks flying.

How to be German: Easy ways to bring Deutsch to your day

Can’t take that dream vacation to Germany just now? Why not bring a bit of German culture to you. Stock the fridge with Weissbier and Wurst and follow these simple tips on how to be German... "Juice! War schoen!" A little Deutsch goes a long way

Culture, with a Berlin twist: a list of the city’s best museums

Berlin, the German capital, is renowned for its über-cool nightlife scene and ultra-hip fashionistas. But did you know Berlin museums and galleries also boast that distinctive edginess? Read on to see which of the city’s unmissable museums and galleries you can't miss. Admire contemporary artworks in a former train station at the Hamburger Bahnhof.

15 best places to visit in Germany

Even the most well-seasoned travelers always find something that delights, entertains, and awes them in Germany. Learn about the Cold War legacy in Berlin, explore the charming Black Forest, revel in the beer halls of Munich, and much more. Whether you’re looking for something fun for the whole family or taking a solo trip, here are the 15...

10 unmissable experiences in Berlin

If you want to brush up on history and have the time of your life on your next trip, Berlin is the city for you. Few places in Europe have seen greater change over the past century. The result? A dynamic capital city with a thriving art and culinary scene. Whether you have all the time in the world...