Ciao, bella! Whether you’re meandering through Milan or vacationing in Venice, Northern Italy is the place dreams are made of. With its culinary delights of wine and pasta, artisanal history, and incredible architecture, you’ll find everything you need for an amazing escape.

Milanese, if you please

Girl admiring the Duomo Cathedral - Milan, Italy

One of the largest cities in Northern Italy, Milan hosts a whole number of adventures waiting to be discovered. Not only is it one of the fashion capitals of the world, it’s also where you can see one of the most famous pieces of art: The Last Supper. Visit the da Vinci masterpiece at the Santa Maria della Grazie, then explore the Duomo with an expert guide. Take a back seat on a rickshaw ride round the city, discovering Sempione Park and its monumental Arch of Peace, amongst other amazing landmarks. Or partake in Milan Pavarotti-style with a guided tour round La Scala Theatre, where singers such as Maria Callas, Gioachino Rossini, and Guiseppe Verdi have graced the stage. 

Venice vacation

Gondola with tourists on Gran Canal with Rialto Bridge at sunset - Venice, Italy

The Floating City spans 118 islands and is connected by over 400 bridges. Wander the wonderful waterways to Piazza San Marco where you can see the majestic domes and golden mosaics of St. Mark’s Basilica. Skip the long lines with a guided tour, then enjoy priority access to the Doge’s Palace, home to Tinteretto’s staggering piece, Il Paradiso. Finish off with a gondola ride to the iconic Bridge of Sighs. Or climb to the top of the Palazzo Contarini’s spiral staircase and look out over the stunning skyline. Visit one of the most beautiful buildings, La Fenice Opera House, or for some supernatural scenery, why not take a ghost tour of Cannaregio?

Genoa where you should go?

People admiring the dolphins at the aquarium - Genoa, Italy

Situated on the Gulf of Genoa and the Ligurian Sea, Genoa is the busiest port in Italy. With a history dating back to the 5th Century BC, it’s also one of the oldest cities in the world. Get to know it like a local on a private guided tour — marvel at its medieval structures and frescoed palaces. Or hop on and off a bus tour around the city to visit the Via Garibaldi, elegant stores a-plenty. Stop off at the Musei di Strada to see a Rubens or two, and pop down to the Porto Antico for Italy’s largest aquarium.

Tour in Turin

Piazza Carignano, one of the main squares of Turin (Italy) with Palazzo Carignano

Discover the wonders of the first Italian capital (1861-1865) with a walking tour. Wander past Piazza Carignano, Porta Palatina, and San Giovanni Battiste Cathedral, home to the world-famous Turin Shroud. If ancient history’s your thing, excellent. The Egyptian Museum in Turin is the most important of its kind in Europe. Avoid the anticipation with a skip-the-line ticket to a private guided tour. You can see the spectacular Tomb of Kha and the Drovetti Collection of papyrus sheets, some of the most important in the world. Phar-real. Or climb down into the catacombs for a tunnel tour and see the city from a different perspective.

Along to Bologna

Mother and son buying fresh organic fruits and vegetables in a small Italian town's shop

With the oldest university in the world (founded in 1088), Bologna has a rich history just waiting to be discovered. Take a walk around the city center and see sights such as the Piazza Maggiore, the Basilica San Petronio and the historical Quadrilatero market. If you like traveling in style, zoom past the queues to the Ferrari, Pagani, and Lamborghini Museum, where you’ll get an exclusive tour.

Try Trieste

Neoclassic palace in daylight - Trieste, Italy

Along a narrow strip of Italy, nestled next to the north-east border with Slovenia, lies Trieste. As one of the oldest parts of the Habsburg Monarchy, there’s a lot to explore. Discover this hidden gem of history on a private tour past the Palazzo Gopcevich and the Palazzo Scaramangnà. Or use it as a starting point to a Roman adventure, visiting the Golden Island of Grado and the archeological area at Aquileia. Mosaics, art, excavations? You’re basically Indiana Jones.

You’ve got to go to Bergamo

Young couple having fun at the shore of a beautiful lake - Bergamo, Italy

Just 40 km northeast of Milan lies Bergamo, a city whose upper fortified town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover the ancient winding streets and pebbled squares with the help of a local expert. Bring your camera for unreal views from the Rocca Castle. Like lakes? Lago di Garda is under an hour and a half’s drive, or you can stop off at Lake Iseo on a day trip from Bergamo to the Franciacorta region. Winery and dinery – get escorted around one of the most historical wineries by an expert sommelier, then enjoy lunch in a traditional restaurant. Saluti!

Been before? Where else do you recommend?

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