Once upon a time, it was a tiny Viking fishing village. Eleven centuries later, Copenhagen is one of Europe’s most exciting cities for all the family. With 125 public playgrounds and the world’s second-oldest amusement park, this is a city built with kids in mind. When you’re not busy visiting the Little Mermaid, you’ll be exploring incredible castles. And there’s no need to exhaust the little ones by trekking around on foot. With a world-famous cycling infrastructure, you can see it all on two wheels. Here are eight experiences in the Danish capital sure to keep everyone happy.

1. Amuse yourself at an amusement park

Statue of Hans Christian Andersen looking over the ornate entrance to H C Andersen Slottet - Copenhagen, Denmark

Explain that you’re taking the kids to see gardens with fantastic flower displays — you might elicit a groan. Then tell them it’s Tivoli Gardens — the second-oldest amusement park in the world – their faces will light up. Yet with more than 30 roller coasters, this day out provides an adrenalin rush for all ages. Between all those Ferris wheels and carousels, there are fountains, live events, and even an aquarium. With so much on offer, you might have a hard time tearing them – and yourself – away.

2. Say ‘hej’ to the Little Mermaid

Langelinie promenade with the iconic little mermaid statue - Copenhagen, Denmark

Danish author Hans Christian Andersen gave birth to Disney’s most famous sea-dweller. Since 1913, she’s been perching on a rock on Copenhagen’s Langelinie Promenade. Seeing the huge bronze statue on a 1-hour canal cruise,  you’ll send the kids’ imagination into overdrive. And those medieval castles and churches lining the waterfront? Well, they’re like a fairy tale in themselves.

3. Dive underwater in the aquarium

Family enjoying a day at the aquarium

Now they’ve been inspired by their encounter with the Little Mermaid, it’s time to slip underwater. At Den Blå Planet – the Blue Planet – they’ll be surrounded by 48 aquariums and 7 million liters of water. With everything from Alaskan otters to Giant Pacific Octopuses gliding around, it’s a truly immersive experience. And with a Copenhagen City Card, you can jump right in – figuratively speaking – for free!

4. Discover the city’s hidden gems on a canal tour

People enjoying a boat ride on the canal - Copenhagen, Denmark

Legs are aching, tantrums flaring – navigating cities with a kid can be tough going. That is unless you allow a skipper to do the work for you! Onboard a canal tour of Copenhagen’s hidden gems, you’ll sit back and relax. Meanwhile, you’ll all experience the thrill of seeing the North or South Harbor from the water. Oh, and you’ll get the insider scoop on where to go next. All aboard!

5. Become a Viking for a Day

People admiring a historic boat in the Viking Ship Museum - Copenhagen, Denmark

A thousand years ago, the Vikings were pirates terrifying Western Europe. Nowadays, the only Vikings in their modern-day home of Denmark are kids playing dress-up! At the Viking Ship Museum, they can put on Viking costumes and explore replica ships. In the summer, they can even go on their own raiding mission in a reconstructed boat!

6. Take a treasure hunt at Kronborg Castle

Kronborg castle and white clouds - Copenhagen, Denmark

Why not give yourself the Royal treatment? You’re on holiday, after all. At Kronborg Castle, you’ll be surrounded by the splendor that inspired Shakespeare’s Hamlet. And if visiting a UNESCO-listed castle doesn’t stop the kids from getting fidgety, how about this? You can send them on a treasure hunt. That’s right – you can enter a team game to uncover the mysterious ‘Secret of Kronborg’ together!

7. Hop on two wheels

Mural paining in Commune of Christiania - Copenhagen, Denmark

With over 220 miles of bike lanes to explore, it’s no wonder people are cycling-mad in Copenhagen. And on a 3-hour bike tour, you’ll quickly feel like a local! En route, you’ll pedal your way past castles, fountains, and the famous commune of Christiania. While the kids enjoy seeing the city at speed, you’ll learn all about its fascinating history. Just make sure to keep one eye on the road!

8. Go to a museum designed for children

Viking family at Denmark's National Museum - Copenhagen, Denmark

Imagine taking the family on a voyage on a Viking Ship, and visiting a medieval kitchen. That would be a pretty cool day out, right? Well, it sounds like the Children’s Museum is the place for you! Part of Denmark’s National Museum, it’s designed to be an interactive experience for kids. With ‘boredom buttons’ – which make paintings come alive – and treasure chests to explore, this ain’t no ordinary museum.

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