In an effort to facilitate leisure travel in a pandemic world, the European Union has recently proposed the introduction of Digital Green Certificates. These certificates could give more freedom to their holders when traveling within the European Union.

What are Digital Green Certificates?

Digital Green Certificates will allow their holders to travel safely in the European Union as the COVID-19 pandemic is still in place. This certificate will be granted to people who have been vaccinated, have received a negative PCR test, or have been recovered from a COVID-19 infection.

How can I get a Digital Green Certificate?

The Digital Green Certificate will be free. It could be downloaded electronically or it could be printed on paper. The certificate will include a QR code with the personal information of the holder, such as name, date of birth, date of issue, and relevant information regarding the vaccination, PCR test, or immunization.

When will the Digital Green Certificate be available?

The Certificate represents a temporary solution to ease up travel in the European Union in the summer of 2021. If implemented, the certificate will be operational as early as June 2021.

What European countries support the Digital Green Certificate?

Southern European countries, such as Greece, Spain, or Portugal strongly support the introduction of the certificate, hoping that the travel industry will be revived economically in the summer.

Will I be able to travel outside the European Union with a Digital Green Certificate?

There is currently no information on this subject, but the international response indicates that other non-European countries might adopt this method. A travel certificate that includes a QR code has already been in use in China for months. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau noted that the introduction of a system of vaccine passports to show proof of immunization might be necessary for international travel. The Canadian borders have been closed to non-citizens for more than a year.

Other information 

The Digital Green Certificate will be available in many languages. You will be able to download it in the local language of the European state you are planning to visit, or in English. Digital Certificates will only be available with EMA-approved vaccinations, in order to ensure quality control and liability. There are currently only four EMA-approved vaccines: Pfizer/BioNtech, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Johnson&Johnson.