Nomadic Boys is the widely popular travel blog written by Stefan and Sebastien, a French/Greek gay couple based in London. For over 10 years, they’ve traveled the world together, and have documented their adventures as a couple in their blog, YouTube channel, and social media. 

As the season of love is upon us, we asked Nomadic Boys to share their favorite romantic experiences and memories from their time traveling in Europe. 

There’s something about cities in Europe that makes them such romantic places to explore with your significant other. Whether it’s their complex history or their richly diverse culture, European cities simply ooze glamour, sophistication, and romance. 

Admittedly, we might be slightly biased (as a French/Greek couple) but we think Europe is one of the best places for gay travel! There’s nothing quite like jetting off to a new European city for a romantic getaway. 

Below, we share our 5 favorite European cities for wining, dining, or taking part in another bonding activity as a couple. Each pick combines the perfect mix of mystery, excitement, and enchanting details to ensure you have a passionate trip away.


Stockholm is a vibrant city that combines old-world history with modern innovations, making it ideal for a romantic break in Europe. Not only is Stockholm effortlessly cool but it’s also very liberal — it’s the birthplace of ABBA after all! If you’re a trendy couple into architecture, fine dining, shopping, and hip nightlife, we think you will love Stockholm as much as we do.

When you’re in Stockholm, nature is never far away. We all know that getting your blood pumping and endorphins rushing is a great boost to any relationship. Combine urban exploration with cycling, hiking, or swimming in the nearby enchanting forest and islands. Ride through the city via bike to see all the top sites quickly, or experience stunning views outside the city at one of the many nature reservoirs.

Of course, no trip to Stockholm is complete without partaking in the Swedish concept of fika, where you pause for some coffee and cake or visit some of the city food markets! In the evenings we recommend heading to gay bar The Secret Garden and then the Space Sthlm club for some of the best drag shows in the city.


Spain’s seaside city of Barcelona is perfect for couples who like to soak up the sun, eat delicious food, and enjoy the nightlife. But when most people think of Barcelona, one famous architect springs to mind: Antoni Gaudi. Take the opportunity to see some of his colorful landmarks dotted around the city including Casa Milá, Casa Batlló, and Casa Vicens. For a truly spiritual experience, visit the UNESCO world heritage site the Sagrada Familia at golden hour. Watch together as one of the most awe-inspiring parts of the building changes hue. 

Aside from great architecture, Barcelona also holds a special position in the country’s history. It was the birthplace of the gay rights movement in Spain which lead to the formation of the bustling neighborhood, Gaixample (pronounced Gay-shample). There’s a dazzling variety of restaurants where you can sample all the delicious traditional Catalan cuisine your heart desires. Afterward, check out some of the lively bars for a cheeky tipple. 

But don’t get so caught up having fun in Gaixample that you forget Barcelona’s stunning beaches, especially Mar Bella — our personal favorite. If you’re a water lover, enjoy an evening out on the sea and bask in the Barcelona cityscape as you set sail at dusk. What’s more romantic than watching the city go to sleep with your partner?


The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is known for its picturesque houses that line the dreamy canals. A leisurely stroll along the banks or a romantic canal cruise is the best way to soak up its pleasant atmosphere and take in the charming sights. One of the many bridges that cross the water is the perfect place to snap that winning Instagram photo.

If you prefer quieter romantic activities, then the beautiful Vondelpark is perfect for a gourmet picnic. Head there on a sunny day and relax in the center of the laid back city. If art’s more your thing, check out the masterpieces on display at the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, or Rembrandt House. Fall in love all over again as you stand in front of Van Gogh’s legendary Sunflowers. Make sure you book in advance to get the most out of your visit. The best part about Amsterdam? You’ll never feel afraid to flaunt your love as it’s one of the most liberal cities!


Berlin is world-renowned for its unique nightlife and techno scene, but don’t rule out this exciting city as a romantic break destination: there are numerous fairy tale experiences for those with romance in their soul. 

Treat your lover to a 3-hour culinary adventure and make their heart race. From delicious Currywurst in the hipster Kreuzberg district to Arabian delicacies, the way to their heart is through food.

Alternatively, shift gears and try something a little more extravagant. We bet you didn’t know that you could indulge in a lavish 3-course dinner at Charlottenburg Palace while being entertained by classical musicians dressed in traditional Baroque costumes. Thought not. There’s plenty of lesser-known, hidden gems including divine spas and top-class restaurants that make traveling here all the more exciting. We’ll always remember our night there as one of the most romantic of our lives as it made us both feel like true royalty! 


Since the city of Prague already looks like something from a fairy-tale, it’s no wonder this destination also made it to our hotlist. For some gay travelers, parts of eastern Europe may not seem like the most friendly, but the Czech Republic has become a liberal little oasis with Prague the jewel in its crown.

A trip to the charming neighborhood in the Vinohrady district is a must for anyone visiting Prague. Refuel with a quick coffee in one of the many cute cafes during the day so you’re ready to hit the bars and clubs once night falls. 

The river Vltava divides Prague into 2 and provides the perfect setting for romantic activities. Complete your fairytale fantasy by taking a dinner cruise on the Vltava River. Discover the city by night and soak up the romance and pretty night lights as you travel down the river. It doesn’t get more magical than this. 

Otherwise, strolling hand-in-hand through the charming Old Town of Prague, watching the sunset fall over the Charles Bridge, and exploring the castle perched over the city should be enough to make even the most stoic couple starry-eyed. Prague is a delight to explore, so don’t miss out!