You’ve dusted off the suitcase in the attic. The passport was under the sofa. Your feet are itching for that next big adventure. Now, just one more detail: where to go? Sometimes it’s hard to know how to satisfy that wanderlust. When traveling beyond the living room is tricky, you can always find inspiration on Netflix. Kick your feet up and let this list of our favorite travel movies help you plan your next big trip.

1. The Darjeeling Limited 


Strap yourself in for one wild train ride. This Wes Anderson classic will teleport you instantly into the vibrant surroundings of Rajasthan, India. Shot in glorious technicolor, the movie follows three estranged brothers on a journey of reconciliation. You’ll wish you were the fourth sibling on the back of that motorbike in the desert. The rip-roaring scenes in the blue city of Jodhpur don’t give you the travel bug, nothing will. 

2. Lost in Translation 

Light of Rainbow bridge at night and Tokyo tower with Couple Sit beside the beach

The neon lights of Tokyo shine bright in this touching rom-com. You’re transported to a stylish hotel where two mismatched travelers strike up an unlikely friendship. Then again, who wouldn’t want to be friends with Bill Murray? Between the scenes of peaceful temples and bustling city streets, it’s easy to get lost, yourself, in this Sofia Coppola masterpiece. 

3. Everything is Illuminated 

Rear view of a couple, walking through the sunflower field, raising arms and carrying a guitar.

The plot doesn’t sound like your typical road trip comedy. A Jewish-American man, played by Elijah Wood, takes a journey to Ukraine to find the woman who saved his grandfather in World War II. Guided by a cranky grandfather and an enthusiastic translator, the film is an entertaining and heartwarming romp. Watching them drive their beat-up car through the Ukrainian countryside, you’ll have the urge to hit the road, yourself. 

4. Into the Wild 

Hiker wearing snow shoes, walking across a snow covered tundra in a wild winter landscape at night.

Spoiler alert: It doesn’t have a happy ending. But no self-respecting adventurer should set out on the road without watching this. Especially if you are intent on setting up camp alone in the wilderness of Alaska, that is. It’s based on the true story of Christopher McCandless, who gave up his possessions and savings to do just that. Even if such a trip feels like a stretch to you, the stunning scenes of the dramatic Alaskan landscape make it worth the watch.

5. Withnail and I 

Front shot of a couple social distancing while walking on a path in the Lake District.

Full of beautiful scenery – if you excuse the lashing rain and muddy boots – this film might feel familiar to those who’ve gone for a weekend away in the British countryside. Set in the fantastic surroundings of the Lake District, this is the funniest film about a hapless getaway you’ll see. Two struggling actors, hopelessly out of their depth, can’t catch a break on their holiday. Getting chased by bulls doesn’t sound like our idea of rest and relaxation, but it does make for great comedy.

6. Amélie 

Couple spending some days in vacation to Paris close to Tour Eiffel.

With five Oscars to its name, this is a love story that critics also fell in love with. While the movie features your typical “girl-meets-boy” romance, it’s also a love note to Paris. Amélie skips between 80 locations in the city, doing good deeds for her fellow Parisians. You’ll get no better – or quirkier – introduction to French culture

7. Call Me By Your Name 

Famous luxury villa Monastero, stunning botanical garden decorated with mediterranean oleander flowers, lake Como, Varenna, Lombardy region, Italy, Europe

Take a splash in the swimming pool of an Italian villa with the protagonists of this gem. It may be a tear-jerker, but amongst the heartache are some fantastic shots of Northern Italy. Luca Guadignino’s tale is a journey in first love. Yet it also pedals us through the golden sunshine of 1980s Lombardy. It will leave you longing to dive into an Italian summer yourself – once you’ve stopped crying. 

8. Motorcycle Diaries 

"On the way to El Chalten (Ruta 23, Patagonia, Santa Cruz, Argentina)"

If you like your road trip films epic in scale, this one is off the map. Jump on board the motorcycle with a young Ernesto “Che” Guevara as he journeys around South America with his good friend Alberto Granado. From the bumpy back roads of Argentina to the Inca Trail, the ride is set with some of the world’s most stunning scenery. Along the way, Guevara’s philosophy is shaped by the injustices he sees along the way.

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