“These vagabond shoes are longing to stay, right through the heart of it, New York, New York.” Sinatra’s lyrics hit the nail on the head: New York’s charm is irresistible. As the city that never sleeps, you’ll find incredible things to do in the Big Apple around the clock. To get you started, here the 10 best places to visit in New York.

1. Incredible views from the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center 

What better way to get a feel for this sprawling metropolis than to take it in from above? See New York City’s grandeur from a bird’s-eye view. Your first stop should be the Empire State Building. For sweeping views with lots of altitude, it’s the must-see attraction. Art Deco architecture is an iconic part of the city’s history. Spot something interesting in the distance? Zoom in using the built-in binoculars for a closer look! Next, head to the top of the Rockefeller Center to get a majestic view of the city’s urban skyline. Rockefeller is walking distance from the Empire State Building, and a great chance to grab a bite to eat along the way. 

2. Meet Lady Liberty

What’s the first picture that comes to mind when someone mentions New York? That’s right, it’s the lady with a torch that’s everyone’s favorite refrigerator magnet. No trip to New York City is ever complete without visiting the Statue of Liberty, so sail across to Liberty Island for a courtesy call. You’ll feel the excitement starting from the boat ride, which only intensifies as you get closer. And once you’re there, the lady of the house will impose her colossal marvel and strike you in awe. When you’re done taking selfies, there’s a museum you can check out inside for a little history lesson. You can also climb up to the crown for fantastic views from above. 

3. Roll through Central Park 

If you’re looking for an outdoor experience in New York City, Central Park is your best bet. As one of the biggest public parks in the city, riding through on a bicycle is one of the best ways to explore everything it has to offer. Believe it or not, Central Park is the most filmed location in the entire world. Roll through the open spaces and recreate scenes from your favorite movies. Before you exit the park, make sure to check out spots like the Ramble and Lake, Hallet Nature Sanctuary, or Sheep Meadow. 

4. Travel through space and time at the American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History is a great destination for every history buff and tech geek. Engage with your inner paleontologist at the dinosaur exhibits. Seeing the bones of these gigantic creatures will immediately take you back to prehistoric times. Make your way through history as you explore the artifacts from ancient civilizations. Need something a little more out of this world? Make your way to the Rose Center for Earth and Space. Did the universe start with a Big Bang? Why is Pluto not a planet? Does life exist in other galaxies? Discover the answers to all of these incredible questions at the museum.

5. Spread your wings in Buffalo 

caucasian 12 years old child holding a chicken buffalo wing

Buffaloes may not have wings, but Buffalo certainly does. Have you ever wondered where buffalo wings originated? Look no further than Buffalo, New York. While you may have to travel all the way upstate, here’s where you’ll get to taste the real deal. Make your way to the Anchor Bar, the restaurant that started it all. Explore the city to taste how the dish has taken flight and changed over the years. Make sure to not miss out on other Buffalo specialties, such as the beef on weck sandwich, Buffalo-style pizza, and fish fries. Delicious? Maybe. Worth the trip? Absolutely.

6. Toast to the good times in Hudson Valley

Can you find good wine in the United States outside of California? Yes, absolutely. Raise a glass and head to Hudson Valley wine country to enjoy some of the finest wines in the northeastern United States. Just 2 hours by car from New York City, touring the vineyards in Hudson Valley makes for an incredible day trip or even a long weekend. Meet the winemakers as they explain the differences between grapes and the importance of pacing yourself during wine tastings.

7. Learn the history of Lockport 

Cold Autumn morning along the Atlantic coast at the New England Town.
Cold Autumn morning along the Atlantic coast at the New England Town.

For some, history lessons can be dull. Looking for a way to add a little sense of adventure? Head to Lockport. Cruise through the Erie Canal and discover its role in the industrial revolution. You’ll learn all about the canal’s lock systems that let boats through passages with different water levels. Looking for a bit more of an adventure? Make your way to the caves in Lockport and explore the fascinating rock formations. 

8. Take to the New York City skies 

While New York City offers an infinite number of activities, appreciating the skyline is a treat on its own. You can find fantastic spots in the city to get a great view, but nothing beats going over the top on a helicopter tour at night. See the stars shining from above while the city’s bustling streets and iconic buildings illuminate the ground. View the city’s most famous landmarks, like the Empire State Building, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty from the best seat in the city.

9. See the lights of Madison Square Garden 

One of the world’s most famous arenas, Madison Square Garden is another must-visit hotspot in New York City. From Frank Sinatra and Beyonce to the New York Knicks, the arena has been the setting for some of the world’s most iconic performances. If you can’t make it to a game or a show, take a tour of Madison Square Garden to learn about the history.

10. Experience the majesty of Niagara Falls 

Niagara Falls is one of Mother Nature’s finest creations and certainly worth seeing if you’re in New York. On the border of the United States and Canada, the falls is worth seeing from both sides. If you don’t mind getting wet, take a boat to see the falls up close. Just don’t be surprised if you get splashed more than a couple of times.

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