If you’re heading towards the east coast of the United States for an incredible weekend getaway in Florida, these must-sees sights are sure to keep your itinerary jam packed with excitement. From white sand beaches and grand theme parks to museums about space exploration, Florida has you covered. 

Hit the beach in Miami

Family walking to the beach. People enjoying time on the beach on summer vacation. Footpath with palm trees, and ocean in the background. South Beach, Miami, Florida, USA

Florida’s location makes it literally a hot spot for beach goers. One of the most famous of these sandy shores is Miami Beach. It’s time to drop the coat and tie and put on those swimsuits. I Miami, the only things hotter than the sun are six-pack abs and a vibrant attitude. When you’re not sunbathing on the sand, you can acquaint yourself with the local attractions in a variety of ways. There are bus tours to take you around the city or you can also hop on a Segway for a quick ride around the area.

Explore the theme parks of Orlando

Orlando is home to some of the best theme parks in the United States, with rides that will make your jaw drop to the floor. If you like your roller coaster rides in the style of Jurassic Park, then Universal Orlando is a must-visit. Dare to be scared? There are adrenaline inducing rides to thrill even the most audacious travelers. Looking for a culinary adventure? Audubon Park Garden District will have your mouth watering with all the delicious delights available.

Feel the thrill of the Everglades

Even if you’re not a nature lover, a trip to the Everglades is sure to bring out the inner Steve Irwin in you. Situated in the southern tip of Florida, the Everglades is a large area of nature in its rawest form. If exploring marshlands and swamps with the thrill of encountering wildlife while riding an airboat sounds like your idea of fun, the Everglades is a must-see. Keep your camera handy so you won’t miss out on a shot of the wetlands’ famous alligators.

Head all the way south to Key West

Key West is another stunning destination for lovers of sand and sea. Aside from the typical beach lounging experience, it also has thrilling attractions for adrenaline junkies. You can reach for the sky and get a bird’s eye view of the beach by parasailing. Or if you have the need for speed, how about driving a jet ski out to sea? If you have a serious craving for water sports, you’ll certainly enjoy Key West. Other cool spots you may find worthy of a visit include the local museums. Ripley’s Believe It or Not is always a popular attraction for the curious who also loves the creepy. 

They may call it “Sunny Florida,” but the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Places like Duval Street in Key West is where the action happens after dark. The street is a haven for party-goers, with its wide array of pubs and bars. You don’t have to be a party animal to enjoy this city though, the restaurants in the area also serve great food fit for any palate. The culinary scene here is well and alive with specialty cuisines featuring both local and international flavors. This small city is fully packed with everything you need to enjoy a great evening.

Crystal-clear water at Crystal River 

A Manatee in the Crystal River, Florida.

Experiencing marine life is one of the best things to do when visiting Florida. Crystal River is the perfect place to do just that. Both locals and visitors love the warm and crystal-clear blue waters of Crystal River. When you add manatees and other marine animals into the mix, it makes for an unforgettable experience. Remember, getting up-close and personal to the wildlife is fun, but keep your distance and always abide by the local wildlife rules.

Wander in Winter Haven

Winter Haven involves lush wildlife and a chain of stunning lakes. This city is a great destination for those looking to experience raw nature. Go back to the basics by going camping in the forest and taking a dive in the lakes. Setup your bonfire and stargaze when the night comes to complete the outdoor experience. If you’re looking for action packed things to do, water skiing and other aqua sports are an option. If you’re a fan of Lego, Legoland Florida is just around the corner so you can get in touch with your inner child.

There’s a reason they call it Clearwater

It’s no surprise where the city got its name, as it’s one of the places that draw in numerous beach loving visitors each year. Clearwater sits right by the Gulf of Mexico and is one of the must-sees for travelers who want to enjoy the best Florida beaches have to offer. Watching the sunset is always a romantic experience – take it to the next level by experiencing it on a cruise around the Gulf of Mexico.

Nature Delight in Naples

Group of dolphins jumping from the sea (Zanzibar island). View from the boat.

Another sand and sea destination, Naples is home to a huge variety of water activities. You will enjoy relaxing on the beautiful white beaches and keeping your toes in the sand. Love venturing out into open water? Hop on a boat and go for a sightseeing tour – you might even get to see some dolphins. 

Visit Merritt Island for the Kennedy Space Center

It’s not every day that you can hang out and dine with someone who has actually been in space. Make your way to Merritt Island and visit the Kennedy Space Center. The popular destination is a great hub of fascination about the final frontier. The Kennedy Space Center is a huge museum complex that opens its doors to guests who want to get up close and personal with everything related to space travel. With well curated artifacts, interactive activities, and the chance to share a meal with actual astronauts, this is the next best thing to actually being in space.

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