It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of France. This famously romantic country offers attractions for adventure-seekers, culture vultures and sun-worshippers alike. France is home to some of the world’s most beautiful natural phenomena and most fascinating historical landmarks. The scope of what France has to offer is very wide.

Eiffel Tower

A global cultural icon of France, The Eiffel tower is the most famous attraction France has to offer. And as the largest structure in Paris, it gets a lot of attention from visitors from all over the world. You can even climb to the top of it and catch an unbeatable view of Paris and hundreds of miles around it.

Take a guided tour up to the second level of the tower while enjoying the amazing view.

Louvre museum

No visit to France is complete without experiencing the Louvre museum – it’s one of Paris’s landmarks for a reason. With approximately 38 thousand objects on display, there’s something for everyone, from prehistoric artifacts to 21st-century exhibits, it will not disappoint. And of course, the obligatory trip to see the original Mona Lisa and see if her eyes really do follow you around. (They do!)

River Seine

One of the most iconic features of France, or even the entire world: The ever-gorgeous River Seine. Admire the iconic sites and see Paris from a different perspective.

Enjoy a relaxing cruise while listening to an audio guide and learn all about Paris has to offer.


If you’ve never gone to Disneyland, you’re in for a treat.

Revisiting all your favorite cartoon characters is really a wonderful trip down memory lane: Even the most curmudgeonly of visitors cannot fail to crack a smile when Mickey Mouse or Pluto is coming in for a hug.

Enjoy a magical day out with the whole family and have direct access to the park entrance by the turnstiles. 


Europe’s biggest aquarium, Nausicaa is a fascinating visit to say the least and offers breath-taking encounters for both adults and children. Experience the undersea world through exhibits both enchanting and educational.

Explore fascinating exhibitions as well as countless marine species.

La Rochelle

Panorama of the old harbor of La Rochelle, France at sunset

No one can resist the elegance of the old harbor of La Rochelle, nestled among gorgeous scenery and boatloads of history. This potent com became a sensational destination and a bit of a romantic spot.

Sail between the surrounding islands on a breathtaking boat trip and enjoy its overwhelming beauty. Or take a heritage tour to learn all about the history of the town.

Chambord Castle

Chambord Castle is one of the most recognizable places in the world because of its very distinctive French Renaissance architecture. Experts say it’s the inspiration behind a number of famous buildings in its time, including the original Schwerin palace. It’s absolutely dazzling – don’t forget your camera! Enjoy full access to the castle, and experience its gardens and exhibits.

Palace of Versailles

One of France’s most popular destinations, the Palace of Versailles was originally built to serve as a simple hunting lodge for the king. Or not so simple, as the Palace has gardens that took 40 years to finish and saw the world’s first hot air balloon take flight with a sheep, rooster, and a duck as passengers. Its beauty, elegance, and history coming together to form an unforgettable masterpiece and an unmissable day out. Enjoy an exclusive guided tour of the palace to see everything it has to offer.

Étretat Cliffs

Best known for its gorgeous chalk formations, some of the Étretat Cliffs tower at a staggering 90 meters. Imagine the view from the top of that! While you’re admiring the cliffs, make sure to wander along the GR 21: A long-distance hiking path passing through the picturesque town nearby, surrounded by such beautiful scenery. Discover the stunning cliffs of the Alabaster Coast and the maritime atmosphere of the charming port of Etretat.

Camargue salt flats

National park Camargue, Provence, France

Did you know France had pink salt lakes? They’re well known to the French, but an undiscovered treasure for foreign visitors. Oh, and did I mention that they have flamingos?

The salt lakes are pink because of these algae that are found in highly concentrated salt water. A truly lovely experience. Enjoy a tour of the wide variety of wildlife and learn fascinating facts from your guide on this amazing tour.

Aiguilles de Bavella

Translating as “Bavella needles”, the Aigulles de Bavella area is well-known for its majestic jagged peaks (needles), large rock walls, and pine trees all around. It is a truly wonderful walk in the heart of nature, admiring the natural world at its most splendid and overwhelming.

Dune du Pilat

The tallest sand dune in all Europe, the Dune du Pilat is sandwiched between the Atlantic and an enormous pine forest. It gets over a million visitors every year who come to take in the incredible view atop this gorgeous plane (and to take a few selfies overlooking the Atlantic and Landes forest).

Rochefort Ridge

No one can resist the elegance of the Rochefort ridge by the border of Italy and France. Especially if you are driving across Europe, you cannot miss out on this gorgeous, mountainous route – the scenery is truly breathtaking. 

Pic Du Midi d’Ossau

Not many places can capture one’s attention like this very special and ancient mountain. The Pic Du Midi d’Ossau lies within a national park, so the natural creations around the mountain have been preserved for millennia. Traversing the mountain is a journey unlike any other: The more you climb, the more you get to gaze upon some of nature’s best work.

And of course, the view from the top is astonishing.

Pont d’Arc

Southern France is a treasure trove of natural wonders and amazing places to see and visit, but the Pont d’Arc is particularly special. It’s a large natural bridge formed over thousands of years. It’s very popular with travelers who enjoy canoeing and kayaking. And it’s referred to by the locals as the natural entrance to the Ardèche Canyon. Near the beautiful arc is the Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc cave, containing one of the earliest known cave paintings, about 30,000 years old. A must-see for adventure-lovers, history enthusiasts and those who just like to take in a lovely sight.

Côte de granit rose

A thirty kilometer-long stretch of coastline known for its unusual pink sands and rock formations. The fairly popular attraction is also populated by rare and protected bird species, for any bird watchers in your group. Combine this with the beautiful clear water and you’ve got yourself an enchanting experience you won’t forget.


A beautiful town surrounded by cliffs and vast landscapes of beautiful scenery.

Rustrel also boasts a charming annual melon festival, which you should make sure to catch while you’re there. And because of the rich history that this town has, it has become a popular destination with all culture-loving travelers.


Man on Pyrenees mountain looking at beautiful view, Gavarnie, France

The former commune close to the border of Spain is famous for its breathtaking falls that drop from over 400 meters, making it the highest waterfall in France. Fed by melting snow and a small glacier, the falls flow right down into the cirque (an amphitheater-like valley created by glacial erosion) near the village of Gavarnie. A number of rare plants and animals live on the peaks of the cirque, protected by both French and Spanish national parks.

Gorges du Verdon

Nature never fails to catch our attention, but the Gorges du Verdon canyon is particularly striking. It’s the largest canyon in all of Europe, dug over thousands of years by the Verdon River, leaving behind a gorgeous creation that will take your breath away. With activities ranging from rock climbing to hiking and bike riding, it’s a must for thrill-seekers too. Explore the beautiful and dramatic scenery of the Verdon Canyon.

Grevin Wax museum

Paris is known for its interesting attractions, but few can capture your imagination like the Grevin Wax Museum. Life-like wax figures of film stars, music legends, and every icon of our world.

It’s an experience unlike any other. Hang out with your favorite artists and personalities in original life-like wax figures at the historic Grevin Wax Museum.

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