It’s not every city that can boast a truly iconic landmark such as the TV Tower in Germany’s capital city, Berlin. See the sights of Berlin from your visit to the TV Tower, and tick this world-class experience off your bucket list.

Visiting the TV Tower in Berlin gives you an incredible, new perspective on the city. Thanks to a fast-track ticket, you’ll skip the queues and be able to head straight up to the top. 

A bit of history

Built between 1965 to 1969, the TV Tower is the tallest structure in Germany — the tip of the antenna reaches over 1,200 feet. It was built to symbolize the might of the German Democratic Republic and was a symbol of Communism. GDR architect Hermann Henselmann designed the tower and it’s an example of Modernist architecture. 

Originally there were talks about demolishing the TV Tower after German reunification, but today it stands proudly as a symbol of the unification of East and West Germany.

Modern times 

Getting up to the viewing platform is a thrilling experience: one of the two elevators whizzes you up in only 40 seconds. With its glass ceilings lit up by neon lights, you get to see inside the elevator shaft as you travel up and down, creating a feeling of great excitement. But nothing quite prepares you for the views that greet you. 

Enter the visitor viewing platform which is 666 feet high, and marvel at the magnificent 360-degree view over the city. Spot sights such as Tempelhofer Feld, the Tiergarten, and Berlin Cathedral. If it’s a really clear day, you could see as far as Tropical Islands resort in the Spreewald, a staggering 43 miles away.

Maps and posters line the walls, showcasing historical events about the TV Tower. You can also view fascinating changing exhibitions. While every few feet, a new outline detail shows you what you’ll see down below from that particular viewpoint.

The revolving restaurant boasts views from 680 feet, and if you’re planning a sunset visit, this is the place to be. Early birds are also in for a treat, as there’s something rather special about being one of the first visitors up the tower, first thing in the morning.

On a windy day, the sphere actually sways almost 6 inches, but luckily it’s not noticeable at all.

Safety first

The Berlin TV Tower has taken a number of important hygiene measures to ensure the safety of its staff and visitors. Hygiene stations have been added and new disinfection protocols have been implemented.

Social distancing measures have been put in place with floor markers, a restriction on the number of visitors allowed at a time, and limiting the number of people per elevator. 

Visitors to the observations deck can enjoy 45 minutes to soak up the views; while visitors to the restaurant can spend 1.5 hours enjoying their meals and drinks.

Tickets have time slot allocations to minimize any queueing time, and protective screens have also been installed, for staff and visitors’ safety.

Now’s the time to explore your own city and country. Once you’ve seen Berlin from a height of 666 feet from the top of the TV Tower, you’ll get instant travel cred.

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