Ahh, Paris. The global capital of chic is a must-visit destination. Go for the romantic boulevards, the world-class galleries, the gourmet food, and the fascinating history. But if you can’t visit this stunning city in person just now, never fear. You can live la vie en rose in your living room, when you go on our virtual tour of Paris.

Day 1

Woman walking down the stairs looking at the sculptures

10.00 am

Ever wanted to see the Mona Lisa without the crowds? Well, now’s your chance. Take a virtual tour of the famed Louvre museum. The Louvre’s many galleries are usually bustling with art-lovers. The virtual tour gives you a rare chance to stroll the building alone, getting up close and personal with some of the globe’s greatest masterpieces.

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2.00 pm

Woman standing in front of a door looking at the bones in the walls

From the sublime halls of the Louvre, to the atmospheric corridors of the Catacombs… This is one (virtual) Parisian attraction with a difference. In the 18th century, Paris’s cemeteries were overcrowded. So Parisians buried their dead in a network of underground tunnels. Lovers of off-beat attractions won’t want to miss this Paris catacombs virtual tour!

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White church and its gardens with flowers

From Bohemian cafes to the glitz and glamour of the Moulin Rouge, the neighbourhood of Montmartre has plenty to offer visitors. But the jewel in its crown is the stunning Sacre Coeur Basilica. A 360° virtual tour lets you explore the church’s intricate architecture in detail. Even better, it lets you take in a panoramic view of Paris from the basilica’s dome.  

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People looking around the inside the opera, chandeliers and big columns

You’ll always have the best seats in the opera house when you’re watching on a live-stream. The Paris Opera House puts on some of the best shows in the world and — thanks to their live stream — you’ve got front row tickets!

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Day 2

Beige castle and blue skies, people walking out of the castle


Time to get out of Paris and see a little of the French countryside! Take a virtual day trip to the historic Chateau de Vincennes. This castle to the east of Paris was home to the French royal family between the 14th and 17th centuries. There’s plenty of fascinating medieval history to uncover on this virtual tour.

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Mural with waters and flowers inside the museum

Spend your afternoon strolling the Orangerie. This intimate museum is dedicated to the French impressionists and post-impressionists: think Renoir, Matisse, Cezanne, and more. But it’s most famous as the home to Claude Monet’s eight ‘Waterlilies’ murals. Experience them in crystal-clear high-definition on your virtual tour.

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Two people riding bikes in the countryside

Get on your bike! It’s time for a virtual tour with a difference. Every year the famous Tour de France pushes cyclists to their limit in twenty-one stages, finishing at Paris’s Champs Elysees. Experience the thrills, spills, and stunning scenery of the race yourself, thanks to this virtual Tour de France experience.


Kid standing in front of a telescope to look down at the city

You simply can’t miss the Eiffel Tower when you visit Paris. Cap off your virtual 48 hours in the French capital by visiting the city’s best-known landmark. Enjoy the panoramic view of Paris at night from atop your virtual vantage point. Très belle!

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