If you’re a fan of history, archeology and art (and you enjoy good food), Rome should be at the top of your travel agenda. Even if you can’t get there in person right now, nothing prevents you from dreaming about your destination and planning the perfect trip — and you can even go as far as taking a virtual tour of its best attractions. 

Here are our recommendations for a perfect itinerary to see Rome in 2 days, from the comfort of your own home.

This is a guest post that was written for GetYourGuide by one of our favorite travel blogs, My Adventures Across The World. (Thanks, Claudia!)

Day 1

Group of people walking behind the tour guide, taking pictures of the inside of the roof of the Vatican

7:00 am

Start your day bright and early with an early morning guided tour of the Vatican. Your guide will walk you through the magnificent Sistine Chapel and the fabulous art collection of the Vatican Museums. Then, through a secret passage, you will enter St. Peter’s Basilica where your guided tour will continue. For excellent views of Rome, make sure to climb to St. Peter’s Basilica Dome

For a sneak peak of what you can expect to see in the Vatican, make sure to watch this Vatican Museums guided virtual tour.

12:00 pm

Woman wearing a flower dress and sunglasses, enjoys the sun in front of a fountaing

Rome is full of airy squares and intricate fountains, and you should certainly try to visit them all. When you’re plotting your Roman holiday, a guided walking tour of the city’s squares and fountains is a must. 

Make sure not to miss the Spanish Steps, which will lead you to the beautiful Trinità dei Monti church; and the nearby Piazza del Popolo, which is right below the Pincio Terrace, a beautiful park from where you can access Borghese Gallery.  

3:00 pm

Young woman pointing at the paintings on the wall, while another woman stares at them

Borghese Gallery is one of the finest art collections in the world. The villa, located in one of the most beautiful parks in Rome, was built in the early 17th century by Flaminio Ponzio for the Borghese family. At the time, the family was one of the most prominent in Rome  (Camillo Borghese became Pope in 1605). The villa was turned into a museum in 1903.

Tip: for your real trip, remember that entrance to Borghese Gallery is timed so you need to purchase your tickets in advance.

8:00 pm

Twirling creamy pasta onto their fork

One of the perks of visiting Italy is enjoying all the delicious food. There is no shortage of good restaurants in Rome, but if you want to have a flavor or real local cuisine in an easy going atmosphere head to Sora Lella, on Tiber Island. Loved by locals as well as travelers, this is the best place to try cacio e pepe pasta, or abbacchio alla scottadito (grilled lamb chops). Reservations are recommended.

If you want to try to recreate the flavors of Rome at home, here you will find an easy-to-follow recipe to make your own tonnarelli cacio e pepe.

Make sure to check out all the food in Rome you should try before heading out for dinner!

Day 2

Young female and male, looking up admiring the Colosseum from inside

9:00 am

No trip to Rome is complete without visiting the Colosseum. This is one of the most visited attractions in the world, and for a good reason. It simply is incredible how it has resisted the course of time and still stands — a mighty reminder of the power of the Roman Empire. Not far from the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill are two of the best kept archeological sites the city has to offer. 

The best way to enjoy them is on a guided tour. Expect your guide will share lots of interesting facts that you won’t read in guidebooks: the GetYourGuide Originals tour is designed with this in mind.

Remember that the best tours of the Colosseum are those that also go underground and to the third ring. It gets very busy, though so remember to get tickets to the Colosseum well in advance.

For a sneak peak from home right now, check out this virtual tour.

3:00 pm

Young woman looking up at the Pantheon in Rome

The Pantheon is one of the most popular places to visit in Rome. Built during the reign of Hadrian, it became a church in the 7th century and is the burial place of artists such as Raphael. The most famous feature of the Pantheon is the oculus, an opening at the center of the ceiling which is the only source of natural light.  

There is no admission fee to visit the Pantheon, but you may want to opt for a guided audio-tour which you can book here.

5:15 pm

Plate of Supplì on a table, decorated with tomatoes and lettuce

Celebrate the end of your “second day in Rome” the Italian way: with food. One thing you must try is supplì — Roman rice balls, fried, and served with a tomato-based sauce. We promise it’s the real deal. Follow this very easy recipe.

When it comes to planning (we trust you’re taking notes), gorging on all the best food in town is a must. A street food tour of Rome is a great idea to keep you entertained and to tickle your taste buds. You will sample supplì and Roman-Kosher cuisine, plus the mandatory wine and beer accompaniments. Bellissima! 

8:00 pm

Little kid staring at Neptune's fountain in the Capitoline Museums

To completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Rome, why not try a movie set in the Eternal City? Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love will immediately transport you to ancient city’s quaint atmosphere. The Great Beauty, on the other hand, is the best and most intimate portrait of the incredible artistic heritage of the city. For more film recommendations to make you feel like you’re in Italy, check out these top 7 picks.

Claudia Tavani is a former human rights lawyer who abandoned her academic career to follow her true calling. Through My Adventures Across The World she strives to help others travel better and more responsibly. You can also follow her on Instagram

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