For our world at home initiative, we’re bringing some of our best-loved tours and experiences to you. It’s our way of injecting a little of the joy of travel into your living room and of celebrating the amazing guides who make our travels incredible.

In this installment

Listen to our up-close-and-personal session with Gloria Glamour, a Berlin-based drag queen. She runs the hugely popular drag queen walking tour in Berlin, and is used to showing visitors all the significant spots of Berlin’s drag scene.

We invited Gloria to share some of her personal stories and anecdotes about her GetYourGuide experience and about what it’s like to work and perform drag in Berlin

In our live video catch up, she spoke about how she first got into drag (read: thanks to her mom during Carnival in Cologne), takes us on a journey back to the “Kufurstendamm” bars of the 1920s, and gives us a little taste of her song repertoire. 

Be sure to check out our schedule of upcoming virtual tours and experiences! We’ve already done a fresh pasta-making workshop with an Italian chef, a Balinese watercolor class with an Indonesian artist, and an up-close-and-personal with a Berlin drag queen. Plus, we’re adding new content every week.

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