For our world at home initiative, we’re bringing some of our best-loved tours and experiences to you. It’s our way of injecting a little of the joy of travel into your living room and of celebrating the fantastic guides who make our trips incredible.

In this installment 

Join Balinese artist, Pak Wayan, and host, Mark, for a free online tutorial of the best-selling traditional Balinese painting class. Watch and learn techniques on how to capture the natural beauty of a hibiscus flower. 

Materials needed

  • Plain paper or plain canvas 
  • Watercolor paints or coloring pencils 
  • Watercolor paint brushes

In our live video, Mark narrates as Pak Wayan shows you how to blend different colors, add textures, create depth, and introduce new tones. Beyond an art class, this incredibly zen video offers a rich history lesson on traditional Balinese art. Diving into the history and evolution of painting in Ubud, you’ll learn about the role Hinduism and puppetry play in this intricate and precise art form. Whether you want to flex your existing artistic talent or learn a new skill, Pak Wayan and Mark take you on a calming, creative journey. 

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