If you like buzzy streets, world-class museums and galleries, and a mouthwatering multicultural food scene, then New York should shoot straight to the top of your dream destination list. You may not be able to take a bite out of the big apple in-person right now, but there’s nothing to stop you taking a virtual tour of New York City. Here are our top tips for spending 48 jam-packed hours in New York…without leaving your couch.

Day 1

Couple walking in the day with New York on the background

10.00 AM

Start by strolling the city — so to speak — to get your bearings. Get some fresh air in the iconic Central Park on a guided virtual tour that takes you from Strawberry Fields, over the lush slopes of Cherry Hill, and finishes up at one of the city’s most-loved landmarks, the Alice in Wonderland statue. Or, get some altitude when you take in the city’s skyline in real-time from atop the Empire State Building.

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2.00 PM

People looking at Egyptian statues in the MET

Fifth Avenue, Breuer, The Cloisters: the Met Museum has three must-see locations across New York. Normally, you’d have to jump in one of the city’s famed yellow cabs to get from one to the other, but thanks to their online 360° virtual tours, you can switch between all three galleries without breaking a sweat. Best of all? You’ll enjoy the rare privilege of experiencing these usually-bustling spaces while they’re totally empty. 

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7.00 PM

Somebody holding a phone, loading video of a couple sitting together

Visitors and locals alike love New York’s Shakespeare in the Park series, where the bard’s greatest plays are performed in the open air. Streaming the acclaimed plays from the comfort of your own home ensures you’re not subject to the whims of the weather. Thunderclouds on the horizon? Much ado about nothing — summer storms can’t spoil your Midsummer Night’s Dream!

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10.00 PM

Somebody serving a drink on glass on a table with cocktail ingredients

Unfortunately, there’s no virtual delivery system for cocktails…yet. Why not mix up your own Manhattan then drop into one of NYC’s most exclusive nightspots? 54 Below is an intimate supper club that hosts unforgettable cabaret performances, and it’s now streaming concerts by the stars of Broadway shows like Wicked and Legally Blonde.

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Day 2

Statue on Liberty with the Hudson river and New York City in the background

10.00 AM

Start day two of your New York virtual tour with a cruise across New York’s harbour and finish up at one of the city’s most famous landmarks: the Statue of Liberty herself. Then it’s on to Ellis Island, at the statue’s base. Thanks to Ellis Island’s online offering, you can learn about the rich history of American immigration and even try your hand at an American citizenship test yourself. 

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2.00 PM

Big clock on New York City Subway station

Many visitors to New York are so concerned with getting from attraction A to attraction B on the subway that they don’t realize the subway itself is one of NYC’s most fascinating landmarks. Why not pay a virtual visit to the NYC Transit Museum and discover the story behind the subway? And if you still can’t get enough of transit-related virtual sightseeing, stop into Grand Central Station, too. 

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7.00 PM

Female sitting on the Metropolitan Opera, New York, looking up

Get dressed to the nines or stay comfy in your sweats — next stop, it’s a night at the opera! The Metropolitan Opera is streaming one of its world-class performances every evening. Whether you want to get merry with Mozart or down to business with Bizet, there’s something to suit every taste.

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10.00 PM

Woman sitting on her couch, wrapped in a blanket looking at her laptop on her lap

You’re probably feeling sleepy after your night at the opera, right? Wrong! New York is the city that never sleeps. So down an espresso and head back out into the virtual night. Finish your second day in the city with an essential New York experience — a live comedy show. Laugh along to livestreams from the Caveat club, where the cream of the comedy crop perform.

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