Perhaps you’re living apart. Perhaps your travel plans have been foiled. Or perhaps you’re just looking for new ways to keep the love (and travel) flame alive. If you’re missing your bae, here are some inspiring ideas for couples who love travel to stay connected.

1. Print your digital memories

Desk with a camera, lenses, a computer screen and a laptop. Editing pictures
Finally you’ll have an album to flick through when you’re together.

We’ve all got photos we meant to make an album of one day… so why not go through all your digital photos together? Upload your snaps on various digital photo book sites to (finally) create that physical album, or create a virtual scrapbook. Get some inspiration on how to share your photos with your loved ones. When the time’s right, plan on joining a photography tour in a photogenic destination such as Berlin, Bali, or Budapest.

2. Watch the sunset over the ocean

Couple looking at the sunset on the sea shore.
But, like, imagine you’re there.

For beach bunnies who miss their seaside trips, log on to a beach cam. You can see the sea from the comfort of your couch and plan your trip there together. The world’s beaches are a click away. Travel the globe from Rio de Janeiro to Barcelona, Maui to Koh Samui. Romantic and relaxing vibes guaranteed.

3. Tour a top museum together

People admiring and taking pictures of Van Gogh's painting.
The upside? You’ll be the only two around.

There’s no better way for culture-lovers to share some quality time than with a virtual museum tour. Whether you’re an art aficionado, science buff, or ancient history fan, there’s a museum ready for you to tour. Spend an afternoon online together with your love looking at Van Gogh’s paintings in Amsterdam. Or how about a virtual visit to the collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.? No need to exit through the gift shop this time around.

4. Send a postcard to your love

Hands holding a pen and writing on the envelop of a letter
“Dear love, today, I stayed home.”

With time at home, you’re sure to discover some postcards from your past travels. Now’s the time to go the old-fashioned romance route and send your loved one some snail mail. If you’re a fan of literature, plan a tour around your favorite author for your next trip. Take a walking tour of Agatha Christie’s London, follow in the footsteps of famous writers in Paris, or visit Hemingway and Capote’s hangouts in New Orleans.

5. Put on Netflix and chill

Man smiling, looking at his phone and wearing headphones
We can’t guarantee choosing a show will be easier.

Okay, so not so “new”, but now’s the time to catch up on that series you’ve been meaning to watch together. Use Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) to keep your cutie on call so you can share the experience. Whether you’re keen foodies, nature lovers, or want to tickle your funny bones, these Netflix series are top choices.

6. Make date night delicious

Woman looking at her phone while in a candlelight dinner
Bonus: no compromising needs to be made on spiciness levels.

You may not be able to linger over a lovely meal in your favorite restaurant, so how about cooking up a storm together? Stream live GetYourGuide experiences and cook heavenly Italian pasta at the same time as your partner. After all, Italian food is all about “amore”. Light some candles, set the table, and enjoy a delicious meal “together”.

7. Go on a game drive

Elephant crossing the road, people on the safari cars are taking pictures
Screetshot the animals you espy, then see tip #1.

Couples who miss being out in nature together need look no further than this live stream safari. Experience a real, 3-hour game drive every morning and evening with the team from Sabi Sands in South Africa. You’ll join rangers as they spot wildlife and identify plants in the Kruger National Park. Remember to add a safari to your vacay wishlist.

8. Plan your next vacation together

Woman working on her computer on a desk drinking coffee
Go big! Planning a vacation is a great way to dream together.

Start thinking about the perfect break for when you see each other again. Now’s the time to create a dreamy Pinterest board and start browsing travel articles to add to your bucket list. Once you’ve decided on your top destination, make a GetYourGuide Wishlist. Whether you want to learn to surf in Bali, take a cooking course in Paris, or see the Northern Lights in Iceland, use the time on your hands now to plan everything in detail for a perfect vacation. 

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