We understand how an unexpected delay or change to a much-anticipated vacation can dampen your spirits. Fortunately, memories from past travel experiences stay with us forever. Reminiscing over funny or outright ridiculous moments abroad can bring a smile to your face. To add a bit of color to your day, we asked our team to share their funny and heartwarming travel stories with you. 

1. Savoring the (dull) moments

Picture personalized bottle in Chichen Itza, a rare souvenir from a trip to Mexico.
Skip the cliché keychains and get a souvenir that says, “Let’s go home.”

“After a 3-hour bus ride in Mexico to Chichen Itza, my partner and I got off the bus exhausted, moody, and just wanted to stretch our legs. As soon as we got off, the tour guide asked to take our picture. We just stood there. Cut to three hours later, and they gave us… this. It’s one of the only things we bought on our trip and will go down in history for us.”

Tom Cooke, marketing manager

2. Relying on the kindness, and humor, of strangers

Orlando airport during Thanksgiving where Bhavna missed her flight at the gate.
Bhavna missed her flight but gave airport staff the gift of schadenfreude.

“I was traveling from Orlando to Kansas for Thanksgiving in 2015. I had a stopover and my flight was boarding. People were lining up early, and I thought, “Well, they need to relax, what’s the rush?” I fell asleep while waiting and woke up half an hour later. The gate area was empty, and the flight had left. 

I went to the information desk and they were so helpful. The staff laughed when I said that I was right there at the gate. In true Thanksgiving spirit, they let me board the next flight for free. I keep that booking confirmation with me to remind me of the kindness of strangers in a foreign place.”

Bhavna Mittal, destination manager for Egypt

3. Letting nature take its course

Whale watching from the shore on a beach in Sri Lanka.
Good things come to those who wait, even if it’s 7 hours.

“In November, just before I started at GetYourGuide, I was in Sri Lanka. I went on my first GetYourGuide experience, whale watching. Unfortunately, 7 hours into the tour, we gave up on seeing any whales and started heading back to shore. At that moment, a fin whale — the second largest whale in the world — breached completely out of the water right in front of us. The Sri Lankan whale watchers said they hadn’t seen that happen in years.”

Becky Glockner, talent onboarding specialist 

4. Cue the waterworks 

the best proposal stop, on a waterfall hike in Giessbach in Thun
The perfect proposal spot could be hidden in your next tour.

“My partner and I had been in a long-distance relationship for a year, with him studying in the US. He came to Switzerland on a research trip in June 2019. Shortly after, I started working at GetYourGuide in Berlin. We made a trip out to Thun, and I booked a cruise around Lake Thun and Lake Brienz

Then, we stopped at Giessbach, a gorgeous waterfall. He suggested climbing up to get closer to the falls. Unsuspecting, I agreed, and we hiked a bit and had a little picnic on a bank. Then, just when I was about to get up, he pulls out a ring and asks if I will marry him. I was so shocked that I stammered, ‘Sure!’ To this day, he credits GetYourGuide for setting him up with the best proposal spot.”

Rosalee Edwards, content editing specialist 

5. Knowing we’re still a best-kept secret, to some

reunion of two friends in Egypt going on a day trip
Alison’s friend dropped the best travel tip since “roll your clothes.”

“When I went to Egypt in January this year, I bumped into a friend of mine from Barcelona in the hotel lobby — I had no idea she was going to be there. I had already been working at GetYourGuide by then, and she recommended downloading this amazing app for me to book a day trip. The app was… GetYourGuide.”

Alison McMenemy, content editing specialist

6. Finding rare gems in Lima 

from Lima to Amazon in Iquito, when solo backpacking in South America become true friendship
Eileen and Leonie, by virtue of mosquitos, are now blood sisters.

“During a 6-month solo backpacking trip through South America, I met another solo traveler, Leonie, in my hostel in Lima. We quickly bonded over stories and Cusquenas (a beer from Peru), so when she mentioned flying up to the Amazon in Iquitos, we thought, “Why not?”

The overnight jungle stay was a crazy adventure: We waded through waist-deep mud for 5 hours, got bitten by fire ants, held our phones between our teeth for light in the pitch black, navigated through thorns and spiders — and what seemed like the world’s largest population of mosquitoes. Through it all, Leonie and I cracked jokes and found joy in every moment. Well, 6 months later, I became her new roommate here in Berlin.”

Eileen Wong, category manager 

7. Remembering it’s the thought that counts

Waterfall hike in Nicaragua turns out to be the perfect birthday
Maria nails birthday travels with home-made cake and waterfalls.

“I went backpacking in Nicaragua and spent my birthday in a hostel. I met some great people there. They managed to secretly bake me a birthday cake — in a frying pan, overnight, in the hostel kitchen, while I was asleep in my dorm room. I was so surprised — they snuck out while I was asleep. Even though I was far away, I certainly felt at home.”

Maria Eckelt, content editing specialist 

8. Going the distance 

Hiking together is their reunion ritual no matter the distance that separate them
These two are oceans apart, but always together.

“I met one of my best friends in 2012 when I was on exchange in Chile. She lives in Ottawa and me in Berlin. We met in a little town called Pucón while hiking the Villarrica, one of Chile’s most active volcanoes. We did all our travels in our exchange time together, in Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay.  

After those 6 months in Chile, we managed to see each other almost every other year since then. Between 2012 and now, we traveled together in Vancouver, went on a road trip in the US. Then she visited me in Spain, and last year, my partner and I visited her in Ottawa, and we went on another road trip in Canada. It doesn’t matter how far away someone is, if you love them, you make an effort to stay in touch.”

Christine Stundner, PR manager

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