Your kids will always remember the capital of Bulgaria or where the Nile River is after a round of these fun and educational geography games. With no screens and no setup, play these in your living room or at the kitchen table. Get your family diving deep into the depths of their travel knowledge. Ready? Let’s play. 

1. Warm-up, mentally and physically

Game: City, country, river 
Number of players: 2-8
Skill level: medium
Choose a letter from the alphabet. Each other player has to write down the name of a city, country, and river, starting with that letter. For example, if someone chooses the letter “C,” the answers could be Cape Town, Cuba, and Colorado River. You can choose your own scoring system, or even add a timer. 
Fun twist: Think of a penalty such as 20 jumping jacks if someone makes up a fake place name.

young girl whispering in a dog's hear a secret while parents are watching them in the back
Broken telephone: “Okay boy, Chattanooga Tennessee.”

2. Listen and laugh

Game: Broken telephone
Number of players: 4-10
Skill level: medium
Make this party game a travel one by adding complicated city or country names into a sentence. The first person whispers a sentence into the next person’s ear. That person repeats the process with the person next to him until the last person. Then the last person has to say what they heard. The outcome is often hilarious. See if you can work the word “Mississippi” into your sentence. Giggles are guaranteed.

3. Think on your feet 

Game: Alphabet city
Number of players: 2 or more
Skill level: medium
This is a quick game where the aim is to name a city with each following letter of the alphabet, from A for Addis Ababa to Z for Zurich

Fun twist: Use a softball to throw to the next person. Any hesitation and you’re out. How about naming cities from Z to A? That’ll get those minds working hard.

4. Race to the capital 

Game: Countries and capitals 
Number of players: 2 or more
Skill level: difficult
You need a good general knowledge for this one and some preparation time. Choose a country and then your opponents have to name the capital or the other way around. Each person makes a list of 10 places and hands out this list to each opponent. The person with the most correct answers wins the round. 

Remember, there’s a good handful of countries that have the same name as their capitals — think of Monte Carlo, Mexico, or Singapore. Make this a fast game by having your opponents race to write down the answers. Or you can call out the place and if someone knows the answer they have to use a buzzer. 

Fun twist: Each person creates their own buzzer sound.

5. Push your knowledge to the limits 

Game: Travel Scategories 
Number of players: 2 or more
Skill level: medium to difficult
Make 2 lists of countries and letters of the alphabet. Have someone close their eyes and point to the lists to pick a letter and a country. Then everyone has to list all the things about that country that start with the letter. For example, if you pick Canada and the letter “m,” your list could include moose, maple syrup, Montreal, etc.

You can score 2 points for every unique item, and 1 point for something that someone else also mentions. Travel Scategories is an excellent travel game for kids who enjoy learning more about a country.

Little girl making signs with her hands to make her parents, grandparents and brother guess the answer during a family game at home
Charades: Make it interesting, winner picks the next vacation.

6. Get your arms in the air 

Game: Charades 
Number of players: 4-8
Skill level: easy to difficult
Give this classic parlor game a travel twist by choosing a theme such as foreign films (such as Italian, French, British films), foodie films, or books about famous people in other countries. Each person gets a turn to act out their item, without speaking. This game can be played for individual points or in teams.

7. Read each other’s minds 

Game: 20 questions
Number of players: 4-8
Skill level: medium
You can choose any travel-related theme you like for this game: a country, a famous person from a particular country, typical food from a country. Once you’ve chosen your theme, pick an item, but don’t tell your opponents. They can ask 20 questions in total to find out who or what your secret thing is. The kicker? You can only answer yes or no.

8. Practice your poker face 

Game: Two truths and a lie
Number of players: 2 or more
Skill level: medium to difficult
This fun game improves general knowledge as well as your lying skills. Spend some time researching facts about a country, then present three statements to your opponents. One of these statements will be a lie. Will they guess what is true and what is not? It can be played individually or in teams.

A young girl drawing a field of Wind turbine on a whiteboard during a pictionary game at home
Pictionary: “Zaanse Schans Windmills in Amsterdam?”

9. Stretch your vocabulary 

Game: Country Taboo 
Number of players: 4-10
Skill level: medium
Write down the name of a country on a piece of paper, with five “taboo” words below. Split the group up in teams of 2-4. The person who draws the paper must describe which country it is without saying the taboo words to his teammates.

For example, if the country is France, the words you’re not allowed to say could be “Eiffel Tower, croissant, Louvre, snails, love.” It’s best to ban the use of city names too – like Paris, Nice, or Cannes. Use a 30-second timer to add to the pressure to this game.

10. Break out the crayons 

Game: Pictionary 
Number of players: 2-8
Skill level: medium
Change up this arty game by choosing a travel theme. Select cities or countries. For example, if you choose Germany, you could draw sausages, the Berlin Wall, and a beer. You can even test your team’s general knowledge and use landmarks like Table Mountain, the London Eye, or the Pyramids of Giza. Write the words on pieces of paper and put them in a bag. Each person gets a turn to be the artist. That person picks out a piece of paper and then has to draw the word, without using numbers, letters, or symbols. 

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