From the glaciers of Iceland to the medieval cities of Croatia, the Game of Thrones crew sure knew how to pick a filming location. Luckily for us, you don’t need to be a citizen of King’s Landing, Braavos, or Dorne to explore these scene-stealing settings. You just need a passport, map, and a passion for George R.R. Martin’s fictional world to enjoy these eight real-life GoT locations.
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1. Live like a Lannister in Dubrovnik

Let’s look past all the murders, incest, and general craziness of the Lannister clan and focus on their positives. And, yes, there are some positives. Sure, they made a whole lot of questionable decisions, but they also designed a hometown that was a real looker. Thankfully, you won’t feel Cersei’s wicked wrath as you meander through the cobbled streets of King’s Landing (OK, Dubrovnik), but you will see where some of the show’s most memorable moments went down. On this guided tour, you’ll also learn about GoT’s production in the walled city and even retrace Cersei’s famous walk of shame. 

Enjoy priority entrance with this guided tour of the oldest functioning royal palace in Europe and UNESCO World Heritage Site. See where parts of Game of Thrones Season 5 were filmed.

2. Tour Dorne’s stylish palace in Seville 

GoT conjures up a whole lot of divisive opinions, but one thing (most) fans can agree on is House Martell, the rulers of Dorne, were the most stylish folks in the Seven Kingdoms. Not only did their fashion turn heads (we’re looking at you, Oberyn), but their palace was as opulent as it gets. Nope, the Water Gardens isn’t a set, it’s part of Seville’s Alcazar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Follow in the footsteps of Prince Doran and the Sand Snakes with a wander around the Alcazar’s intricate Patio de las Doncellas and Hall of Ambassadors. You can also learn about the palace’s medieval Moorish history on this top-rated tour

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3. Wander the Kingsroad in Northern Ireland 

GoT took full advantage of Northern Ireland’s range of amazing landscapes. Everywhere from Winterfell and the Iron Islands to the coast of Dorne and the Dothraki Grasslands was shot here. Yet it was the entwined beech trees of The Kingsroad that really captured viewers’ attention. Their otherworldliness left many thinking they were CGI. The eerie Dark Hedges (to use its earthly name) is not only real, but it’s also a popular stopping point on GoT tours

Walk in the footsteps of your favorite Game of Thrones characters. Explore Thingvellir National Park, arguably the most important place in Iceland in terms of history, culture and geology.

4. Watch out for White Walkers in Iceland

If the scenery North of the Wall grabbed your attention, then Iceland is the place for you. From glaciers and gorges to Viking villages and lava fields, the island’s jaw-dropping scenery was one of GoT’s main stars. Brienne and The Hound had a big scuffle in Thingvellir National Park, while the White Walkers and the Night’s Watch roamed the Myrdalsjokull Glacier and the Vatnajökull Glacier. Remember Olly, Jon’s mini assailant? His turf-roofed village is located east of Reykjavik at Thjodveldisbaerinn Stong. You can even follow in the footsteps of Mance Rayder with a visit to the Dimmuborgir Lava Field. His band of Wildling warriors set up camp here in season three.

See Westeros’ monetary stronghold on a trip to Sibenik in Croatia.

5. Check out the Iron Bank of Braavos in Sibenik

Sibenik may not be the most well known of Croatia’s coastal cities, but this underrated gem packs a real wow factor. The city’s Cathedral of St. James particularly impressed GoT’s location scouts, with the UNESCO World Heritage Site doubling as the Iron Bank of Braavos. Just 13 km (8 miles) inland from Šibenik is the Westeros Riverlands or the Krka National Park to those of us not from the Seven Kingdoms. These highly snappable waterfalls should be on everyone’s vacation hit list — regardless of your feelings toward GoT.

Head to Girona to visit the exact places where some of the scenes from the 6th season were filmed.

6. Visit Braavos, King’s Landing, and Oldtown in Girona

It’s not just Šibenik that doubled for Braavos. The labyrinth-like old town of Girona was also used to bring the wealthiest of the Free Cities to the small screen. The city’s Arab Baths and Sant Domènec stairs saw the intense battle between the Waif and Arya, while Plaça dels Jurats hosted a play mocking the Starks. Girona didn’t just bring Braavos to life, however. The city’s cathedral was used as the Great Sept of Baelor in King’s Landing, and Oldtown’s Citadel (where the lovable Samwell Tarly trained as a Maester) was shot in the Monastery of San Pere de Galligants.

Go see the real-life Yunkai and Pentos in Aït-Ben-Haddou.

7. Follow the path of Daenerys in Morocco

GoT’s showrunners left no stone unturned in their search for the most cinematic filming locations. To capture Daenerys’ exile, the team moved production to a series of destinations in Morocco. The laid-back surfer city of Essaouira became Astapor, home of the Unsullied, while the ancient fortified village of Aït-Ben-Haddou provided the backdrop for Yunkai and Pentos. The nearby town of Ouarzazate was also used to portray Pentos. The town’s no stranger to the limelight — “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Gladiator” are just some of the big-budget productions shot here. 

Explore more than 1,700 years of history on a walking tour of Diocletian’s Palace in the historical old town of Split.

8. See dungeons and dragons in Split

The show’s creators sure loved filming in Croatia, and one of their favorite shooting spots was the seaside city of Split, especially the Diocletian’s Palace. This 4th-century complex once housed a Roman emperor, but today it’s a bustling blend of bars, cafes, and restaurants. It’s also where GoT fans head to first as the palace’s dungeons and underground passageways doubled for Meereen’s slave quarters and where Daenerys kept her dragons in season five