Your luggage is packed, you’ve got your tickets right in front of you, and you’re on your way to your destination. Whether you’ve planned your trip within an inch of its life (we see you) or you’re more of a “plan on the go” type, this guide will make sure your trip goes off without a hitch.
Breezing past the line at the Louvre feels très magnifique.

Problem 1: You’re stuck in line (like, a looong line)

It almost goes without saying, but you’d be surprised by how much valuable vacation time you waste without realizing it. Whether you’re stuck in line for theme park rides (extra points if you have kids with you) or waiting to get into a famous museum, the time you spend waiting to do things can really add up. Our tip? Take advantage of time-saving tools like skip-the-line or fast-track tickets. These tickets guarantee timed entry and help the place you’re visiting keep crowds to a minimum. Say you’re visiting Paris and want to see the Louvre from the inside, rather than spending half your day in line. Instead of crying into your croissant about it, pull out your smartphone and book those tickets faster than you can say adieu to the poor folks you’re leaving behind.
You can’t control everything — that’s why free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance is a must for any activities you plan.

Problem 2: Something came up and you need to cancel those tickets

Someone got sick, you made changes to your itinerary last-minute, or your flight got delayed. All of the above could be very real wrenches in your travel plans — unless you book smart. This doesn’t mean coming up with a billion alternatives to everything you want to do (that’s a lot of work). It means booking your tours and activities somewhere you can trust to let you cancel when something goes wrong. Quality places will let you cancel up to 24 hours before activities, help you rebook online when something goes wrong, and be available 24/7. 
Dive into your destination on an in-depth tour with an expert guide.

Problem 3: You know (literally) nothing about the place you’re visiting

Either you told your travel buddy you’d research and you didn’t, or you researched for hours and ended up taking quizzes about which pop song matches your personality. You did your best, right? And that’s good, but this vacation is supposed to be great! Enter the local guide. There’s nothing like discovering a destination with the help of a true pro. These local experts have the best tips on cultural and historical sights, shopping, dining, and anything else you could have planned for your vacation. You can even discover must-see destinations from a new perspective, like visiting Rome’s Colosseum and diving deeper into its history. 
Reading reviews and checking star ratings are great ways to make sure you have a great time.

Problem 4: What seemed like a good idea…isn’t…

Vacation is all about being relaxed and open to new experiences. If you’re nodding sagely right now, note that you’re probably only open to good experiences, not just new ones. Why? Cause vacation is about having fun — not eating a bad meal or taking a bad tour. So if you dragged your travel buddy to some activity that’s less than awesome, this point if for you. Before you head out to explore some more, take the time to do a little bit of research. Make the most of other people’s experiences and use their feedback to plan your trip. Before you commit half of your day in New York to the Statue of Liberty, check out the ratings on each tour in the area. If your chosen activity has over 4.5 stars out of 5, it’s probably a safe bet!
The best customer service teams will do everything they can to make sure you have an incredible time on your trip.

Problem 5: You think your calls are being screened

If you booked your tour or activity with a reputable (dare we say, incredible) company, you can ignore this point. Also, we’re not here to throw shade, so we’ll just talk about ourselves. Quality companies know how much your trip matters, and they’ll make every effort to help you. Say you’ve booked a tour for a sunset cruise on London’s Thames but you’re not sure about the finer details. You can give our customer service team a call, email (even a WhatsApp) any time — day or night — and we’ll help you out. 
Forget the map. Who needs directions when you can explore the city by hop-on, hop-off bus?

Problem 6: You can’t get from point A to point B

Don’t be so hard on yourself — navigating city streets on vacation can be exhausting. If you’re fretting about transportation, you’re not alone. Make things a lot easier by booking airport transfers, day trips that include pickup and dropoff, and putting good old public transportation to use with a city pass. Hop-on, hop-off buses, like this one in Amsterdam are available in almost every major city globally. They’re more purse-friendly than taxis but will also make sure your itinerary takes in all the key locations. Plus, they give you time to focus on what really matters: having an incredible time.