Still looking for that perfect picture? Then you need to pack your camera and snap your way around the 10 most photogenic cities the U.S. has to offer. From the leafy campuses of Boston to the glitzy beaches of Miami, the US of A is ready to upgrade your Instagram account.
Explore the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn to discover America’s “melting pot” of cultures in person.

1. Capture the icons of New York

Whether you’re into art, architecture, or just love unwinding in nature, New York has everyone reaching for their camera. And with good reason — it’s almost impossible to snap a bad picture of the Big Apple. You’re sure to capture perfect pics while striking a pose on the Brooklyn Bridge, marveling at masterpieces in the MoMA, and especially when sitting in a chopper that glides over the famous skyline.
From traveling up the city’s hilly streets to heading to the waterfront, San Francisco is made to be explored.

2. Explore the photogenic streets of San Francisco

San Francisco is way more than just the Golden Gate Bridge — but that shouldn’t stop you from snapping a pic or two. Once you’ve added the icon to your camera roll, point your lens in the direction of dreamy old trams, the picturesque waterfront, and colorful, narrow houses that cling to impossibly steep hills. Oh, and if you’re wondering how people possibly park their cars on such steep inclines, you’re not alone.
Learn about the origins and culture of jazz before making your way to a 19th-century neighborhood that boasts the best music and bars in town.

3. Get your groove on in New Orleans

Snap your way through New Orleans as you hop from jazz bar to jazz bar. But remember to get your beauty sleep — the Big Easy is equally fun to explore during the day. Plus, you’ll probably want to check out the city’s famously spooky graveyards before the sun goes down. And, if you’re not afraid of things that go bump in the night, you can take a tour of all things supernatural.
There’s more to Miami than the beach. Discover the city’s artistic edge in Wynwood.

4. Snap Miami’s arty side

Pack your most stylish swimming gear (and your camera) and head to the always-sunny climes of Miami. Choose one of the many beaches in the region, start snapping, and wait for the likes to roll in. Yes, it’s that easy. Afterward, stroll through the streets of Wynwood, where you’ll find incredible murals and street art to photograph. If you’ve got a spare couple of hours, squeeze in the now legendary (and super ‘grammable) Ice Cream Museum.
If you go to Chicago, a photo with the Bean is a must.

5. Fill your feed with Chicago’s skyline

Chicago’s the place to be if you have a penchant for photographing architecture. Here, you’ll find masterpieces around every corner — including in leafy parks. Kick off your architecture tour with a stroll around Millenium Park, where the gleaming Bean is perfect for artsy snaps. Next up, take in the views from the 94th floor of the Hancock Tower. Here you can test your head for heights by standing in a glass box that tilts over the edge and looks down 1000 ft (305 meters) to the Magnificent Mile.
Las Vegas has more than giant hotels and casinos — it’s also home to some pretty fun architecture.

6. Take a trip around the world in Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn’t just a paradise for gamblers. Photographers will also be in their absolute element. The mammoth hotels take quirky to new levels — so much so that you can pretty much go on a mini world tour. Start by snapping The Strip’s Eiffel Tower before taking a gondola ride around “Venice.” Finish your tour by visiting a recreation of NYC’s famous skyline. If you have time, take a day trip to the Grand Canyon (the real one) for amazing views and even better snaps.  
Once you’ve “pahked the cah in Hahvahd Yahd,” set to snapping the cities top sights.

7. Go back to school in Boston

Boston, with its leafy university campuses, tasty food markets, and famous harbor, is perfect for photographers. For primo architecture shots, head to Harvard and MIT. If you want to blend in, hit up the gift shop beforehand and don some duds in your preferred school colors. Then, head down to Quincy Market and take your pick from the many delicious food options that are on display. If you’re in town between April and October, you can take a boat trip from Boston Harbor to see whales and dolphins.
Forget about finding a good angle in Seattle. The skyline is picture-perfect.

8. Sip and snap your way around Seattle

The original Starbucks, the Space Needle, (and maybe even Patrick Dempsey in scrubs) awaits you in Seattle. We’ll let you decide which one is the most photogenic! Take your coffee to go and take a stroll to the seaside, where you can take a spin on the Great Wheel at Pier 57. In addition to great views, you’re also super close to Pike Place Market, a well-known foodie heaven. 
Capturing gnarly shots in Santa Barbara is all about timing and whether or not your camera is waterproof.

9. Surf’s up in Santa Barbara

Is your camera waterproof? If not, think again: Santa Barbara’s surf central. The waves on this stretch of California’s coastline are ideal for any level of surfer. What’s more, the pics are guaranteed to be gnarly (even if your surfing isn’t). If catching waves isn’t your thing, swap the coast for the laid-back city center. You’ll find Spanish colonial architecture that looks great on the ‘gram. 
Fill your feed with beaches, lush forests, and sunsets on your trip to Honolulu.

10. Experience the sights of Honolulu 

Yep, Honolulu is as incredible as it looks online. Start your visit by ticking off two Hawaiian icons, Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head. The latter has a strong claim to being one of the best hikes in the state. From its summit, you can photograph stunning panoramic shots of Honolulu and the Pacific Ocean. Waikiki needs no introduction. On this picture-perfect beach, you can swim, surf, or simply sunbathe.
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