Looking for inspiration beyond classics like Paris or London? Head further east and discover 7 of our favorite destinations in Eastern Europe. With pocket-friendly flights (and trains) available to new places every day, follow our lead and uncover another side to Europe — literally.

1. Drop by Dubrovnik

As the home to most of the action in Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik has made it through countless sieges and dragon attacks relatively unscathed. Fan of the series or not, if you’re in the mood for a slice of traditional Croatian coastal life, Dubrovnik is the place to go. Take a tour around the historical ruins or get an aerial view of things in a cable car. Even better, make your way over by water and check out the landscape from a kayak at sea level.

Head to Riga for amazing architecture and delicious local eats.

2. Ramble through Riga

Gothic architecture and an incredible art scene make Riga the perfect go-to for weekends away. Take a stroll through the palace gardens and lunch like a local at the Central Market. If you have a true foodie in tow, consider eating your way through the city (and soaking up the culture) on this tour. Design fans should make their way over to the Art Museum for a glimpse into the country’s vibrant art history.

A trip to these Macedonian gems promises old-world beauty.

3. Skip over to Skopje and Ohrid

Nestled on the banks of the scenic Lake Ohrid, a visit to Skopje is a blast to the past. We’re talking cobbled lanes, classical churches, and, of course, a medieval castle. This Macedonian gem is perfect to strolling, lakeside lounging, and of course, snacking! Grab your towel and a pastry or two and set up camp on the beach for a perfect summer day.

Belgrade’s Hapsburg-era mansions and Soviet behemoths make it a must-see city for architecture lovers.

4. Have it all in Belgrade

Although recent history has left its mark on parts of Belgrade, this city’s rebirth is something to behold. The clash of Hapsburg-era mansions against the modernist Soviet behemoths is around every street corner. Once you’ve learned about the city’s past, take a gulp (or sip, if you’re fancy) of it’s present on a day trip to Novi Sad, Serbia’s wine country. If you’d rather stay in the city, consider cruising down the Sava and Danube for an afternoon.

5. Mosey on Over to Mostar

As far as Instagram-worthy bridges go, Herzegovina’s Mostar Bridge is definitely up there. Located in the heart of Mostar, the huge limestone arch may as well have come directly from a fairytale. This social media hot spot is a must for visitors to the city, but by no means the only place you have to see. Medieval charm extends across the rest of the city, where you can buy old-school trinkets from traditional markets and enjoy evenings at one of many charming millhouse restaurants. A bonus: the Kravice waterfalls are a short car trip away and make for a perfect day trip.

Swing by the Charles Bridge and munch on a trdelnik on your stop by Prague.

6. Pop by Prague

Known for bachelor parties and wild weekends, Prague’s appeal goes far beyond amazing beer — though it’s worth the trip alone. Travelers to the Czech Republic’s capital city can choose from countless things to do. A tour along the historic Charles Bridge will teach you about Prague’s past. While you’re on the bridge, make sure you rub the bronze plaques below the statue of John Nepomuk for luck. For travelers looking to take it easy, the centralized location of Prague’s greatest hits makes seeing the major sights easy, leaving more time for trdelnik

7. Enjoy Kiev’s architecture

One of Europe’s oldest settlements, Kiev has serious street cred when it comes to historical sights. Our tip? Check out the incredible range of stunning churches and temples dotted throughout the city. As you explore (and snap amazing photos), you’ll discover how various historical contexts dictated building design. 

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